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    Italian CA's

    There is a T6 premium Italian CA being readied for release. It looks interesting in that it has reasonable torps, 37.5 knot speed, plus speed boost. The are good too.
  2. Jarkorsis

    Italian CA's

    Just Russian sledgehammer balancing.
  3. Jarkorsis

    Italian CA's

    I am not sure on speedboost. But flaming has a YouTube video on it.
  4. Jarkorsis

    USS Alabama

    On NA CVs are slightly more popular. Maybe 1 in 6 or 7.
  5. Jarkorsis

    USS Alabama

    Early in games with T8+ CVs they will try and see who is going to be a problem as far as AA goes. If they determine that you may only kill a few planes they will cripple you or delete you. So, a US AA build is like insect repellent, in that the CVs that you run into will leave you alone. An example from last night where I was trailing a CA group since they are faster than I am, and a CV went after me with 2 DB groups, 2 torp bomber groups and a fighter group for distraction. 9 of the Torp bombers died and one wimpy torp went off not near anything. I got 2 fires from the DB's. But he never came back. I had 18 planes kills in the first minute. (standard US AA spec 19 point captain). I ended up with 28, but those were fighters scouting and trying to mess with our carrier. (The flew over me to get to the CV). Short version. It is worth it because T8+ CVs generally are pretty good and will delete you since you tend to fall behind the CA and DD's groups since you are 27.5 knots versus 34 knots plus for all the other non BB's.
  6. Jarkorsis

    Itchy Zucchini revamp 2.0

    The range increase to the Arkansas Beta possibly better than the Nikolai. I have been having some insane games with it. SInce you can only get into T5 match at worst, lot of HP to farm.
  7. Jarkorsis

    USS Alabama

    The citadel armor hole in the rear (16mm cit protection still exists) will make the pussy BB players than run away cry much when they get wrecked trying to run away.and not support their team. This one ship will make T8 battles somewhat less predictable since T5-T6 captains will either hide most of the game, or be aggressive. Overall the Alabama is more maneuverable and that will reward the better players. I saw a lot of Alabamas this weekend trying to learn how to bow tank. A lot of side shots were there for the taking.
  8. Jarkorsis

    HMS Hood coming

    I still play it at least 1 or 2 battles a day. I do usually 65k to 120k damage most games. (last 100 games or so) You just have to learn how to shoot with it and use islands to limit your exposier. Use a secondary spec so you can keep all the roaches, I means DDs at bay.
  9. Jarkorsis

    How can I be successful with the Cleveland?

    It allows you to pen bow on BBs conning tower and decks. (sometimes)
  10. Jarkorsis

    Patch 6.3 leaked changes

    I think this is data mined from SEA server. Looks like IJN DD's and many other ships are having the base gun ranges increased. (This is a leak, but could change) I saw this on facebook. As an example Shima goes up to 11.9 km base gun range. A bunch of low tier ships including premiums are having their gun ranges buffed. (T3-T5). I think the only Nerf is Negato which will drop to 18.5 km.
  11. Jarkorsis

    USSR DD post split.

    I have played the T6 Grevny and is was kind of fun. Works well at or near max range. The new T7 was below average. I prefer the Leningrad because of better Torps. The T8 Ogrevoi was a pleasant surprise. The upgraded guns are nice. The 10 km Torps are pretty stealthy. The T9 Udaloi is the same ship once fully upgraded. I enjoyed it. The gun upgrade was nice. The T9 Trashkent is still below average. It's turning circle is still 730 meters. It has real problems on a lot of the new maps that lots of islands. The turning circle is to big and the boat is huge and an easy target. On my old Tradhkent I had both ruddershift modules installed so the slightly better ruddershift makes it still painful for me to play. I sold it. The T8 Kiev is the Kiev of old with about 1k more hit points than the pre nerf Kiev. So the Kiev is back!!!
  12. Missouri using radar is a great counter to smoke. Rush in with HE loaded and pop radar. Then one shot DD. 2 shots at most. Eating 1 or 2 Torps not a problem. It's staying power makes its radar very useful.
  13. Jarkorsis

    KM battleships

    At 14 points I would have AFT and Manual Secondaries. At 17 points BFT. At 19 Adrenaline Rush.
  14. Jarkorsis

    USSR DD post split.

    Kiev and Ogrevoi have 1.1 km detection so fantasy Torps for fantasy ships. =)
  15. My stats say BB's. My DD and CA/CL stats are somewhat lower. BB's are the easiest to play match by match.
  16. It seems to have an abnormally high credit modifier. The thing makes tons of credits.
  17. Jarkorsis

    USS Alabama

    Fiji has a 2 percent higher win rate. I guess smoke plus torps trumps HE. The Alabama is more maneuverable and has a better torpedo belt than NC. I am interested in seeing how it looks with final stats. I am approaching a 19 point BB captain on the US line. The more premiums, the faster you accumulate elite captains XP. That is very useful. You will never have to pay money to retrain your captain again.
  18. Jarkorsis

    Oui, Oui, Henri'

    I have chased a BB all over the map and eventually sunk with my Blys and he never saw me. I did the same thing for an entire match multiple times in my Gremyache. It is really needed to go. I have on the receiving end from a Zao, and it was annoying. I eventually got lucky and killed him with a blind fire cit. The smoke mechanic needs work too. Well the vision system needs work. There are a lot of issues with how siting it is implemented.
  19. All tier 9's can engage tier 8's and not be shot back at. If an edinbourg goes toe to toe vs a Neptune (7.5 to 5 rounds a minute, plus twice the torps and longer range, same smoke and heal) the Edinbourgh driver needs to be a lot better to beat the Neptune. The kudizov has 19.9 km range and smoke, so is competitive. Most of the T8's have 15.8 km range give or take. the T9's have 18km + range. A T8 can win on skill but the difference has to be significant. (Like Me v Onboardg1 or yoyoya2 with Me having the T9 and Oboard and yoyo the T8) The DD and BB ship to ship matchup is much closer. An Amagi, and NC will hold up well v any T9 BB. The power jump between a t8 and T9 CA is much bigger.
  20. T9 CA's make an enormous jump in power because the get a heal, longer range module upgrade and a Rate of Fire bump. T8 CA's are very underpowered compared to t9-10 on a balance verus tier basis. They have buffed the New Orleans ROF, but all of the T8's need more than that.
  21. Jarkorsis

    IJN Kaga

    Love DD's trying to use guns on it with 10x200 mm. Looks like fun.
  22. Jarkorsis

    Oui, Oui, Henri'

    The turret rotation is faster than the cleveland. That will be a pretty nice Premium if they don't change to much.
  23. Jarkorsis

    USSR DD post split.

    I played the Ogrevoi again last night and I think it must have stealth torps. I am getting as many torp hits with it as my pre-nerfed Shima.
  24. Jarkorsis

    Onboard Reviews the T8s

    I did the same thing to an Atago with the Roon. Switched to AP and killed him in to Broadsides. (5 cits) There is a huge jump in power on the German T9-T10 CA's vs all the T8's. They can shred the Kudizov as well because of their 20 km range.
  25. I think the Fiji is better than the Belfast. Torps plus heal plus smaller turn radius trumps radar. Also the Fiji's win rate is 2 percent higher as well on NA at least.