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  1. The 20km DW torps will end up on Shima, so you can get your revenge in a few patches.
  2. Normandie is great at T6. The guns at 15km really tear up T8 BB's with either AP or HE. The 19.1 Km range is very usable. It also has decent armor.
  3. I am doing well in it. I average 1750 xp a game. I also have an 80 percent win rate. The reason for this is partially luck and the fact that I have finished all the other DD lines. So any DD line I start now (Unless it is horrible) I will have a leg up. This is probably a factor in its performance since only early adopters have it.
  4. They want you to buy a T7 version of the Crispy Cream. It isn't good and not worth buying. If I don't get the DOY, it isnt a loss. I am going to purchase the premium camo on the Yamato. It is more cost effective for me than getting the Musashi which will be a bad earner on top of its other faults.
  5. The Sims is almost the most maneuverable DD in the game. You can also use the short range torps which give meh damage, but are good fighting a DD. People throw OP around if they really like a boat and they play better at it, than most other ships. It does not mean it is op. The Deep water torps on the Gadjah are slowish and I generally have a hard time hitting anything unless they get close. There is a lot of hydro around even when you are top tier. What makes all the PA DD's is their continuous smoke. Having 6 smoke charges and only 10 seconds downtime between smokes makes the line. From T8 u
  6. The sims with its 3.3 second reload has same DPS as the T7 at 5 seconds. So the T7 is not as op as everyone says.
  7. They require a different play style. The T7 is godly. What I do is I get into position and stay invisible then I make a long smoke trail. (This is usually in the path of BB's) then start shooting. I stay bow on and look for torps. When ther are about 15 seconds left I bail out the back. Rinse repeat. All you need is guns to beat the Kagero if he reveals himself.
  8. I had a really lucky loot box experience. I spent all of $12 and got a DeGrasse, KII, 20 winter camo and 100 50% xp flags. I am happy.
  9. This is T8, so you mean Benson. I like the French CA. It has speed, def fire, plane. It can get Hydro. Kutozov os good too.
  10. The biggest issue with all RN CL's if you dont have smoke is the lack of armor and the relatively high freeboard. Early game a DD smoking you would work, but by tier 8 a lot of players are good at shooting into smoke. Also, if you are forced to engage anything at or near full health, you are at a disadvantage. The AA on the Edinburgh is very good however, so it is worth a try.
  11. You have to tab out to use it, so I don't normally except in high tier CV games. If the enemy CV has a lot of battles with good win rate, then I know I have to really pay attention to where his planes are. If he has a 43 percent winrate with 150 battles, I can pay more attention to the battle and not worry about the planes so much.
  12. Dont load MM monitor. It will cause you to uninstall. (Half of both teams have a sub 45 percent win rate)
  13. You might want to look at dreadnought. It is similar kind of game, but with giant space ships. There are a lot of youtubes about it, so you can take a look.
  14. The Martel is the most enjoyable T8 CA I have played. I can move around and chew up almost everything. Lots of fires, good ap pen on flat sides, fast reload to punish DD's. It has defensive fire or Hydro. It really fits by play style. Even the 9 km torps have very useful firing arcs. Overdrive gives 4 minutes of 38 knots I think. Fun boat.
  15. The only non premium T8 CA's that are fun for me were the Chappy and the new french T8. Chappy standard ussr 152 rail guns, high fire chance, good range and accuracy. The T8 French has ROF of 8.8 seconds on 203s, high velocity, good fire chance and good ap. It is fast and reasonably agile. It is kind of soft, but what T8 CA isn't.
  16. HSF Harekaze is probably the best T8 earner if you have a 10 IJN captain laying around. You have to learn to play without smoke and torp reload booster. It is fun and kind of crazy.
  17. I did not see a huge difference between T7 to T8 US gun handling. As far as earning goes, if you are a BB baby, then get one of the BB's.
  18. What about the french T8 CA with the Mummy Halloween camo.
  19. We were seeing 3 DDs, 3 CAs, and 1 BB mostly. Gearing, Shima, and a few Z52. The triangular cap setup on most maps seems to make 3 DDs very useful.
  20. Also, all 4 ship classes are so different and have different roles. There also different sub roles with each class. (khab is gunboat dd, shima torps, and the the various hybrids in the other lines). So a one size fits all equations is not really a good idea.
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