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  1. The Day of the Jackal on telly last night - saw AMX 13/90s in Paris. And speaking of Paris - pro sniper got bad rng and did zero damage. Sound familiar?
  2. Dial the French accent up to eleven and repeat after me: "Everything tastes betterrrrr with butterrrrr and more betterrrrr with more butterrrrr."
  3. Update. I forgot to mention that as soon as the operation starts as many ships as possible should turn hard left at full speed to kill the scout aircraft that will appear very soon. The last one is the hardest as it turns away quite early and if you aren't close enough it gets away. If it gets away you will be attacked by a lot more aircraft. This may be a good thing (XP and credits) if your team has a lot of AA but it's a bad thing for most pubbie teams.
  4. Operation Hermes is the new operation that comes out with 7.2 if you didn't play it on the test server here is a quick rundown. OH is unique in two ways; - you are quite limited in what you can take, only tier 7 US, UK or French cruisers plus Lyon or Richelieu. - there is a new (and awesome) small storm which looks great and provides a lot of (new) concealment effects. Notably that you are only visible for 5 second after firing. Use the storm. The objective is to escort a Richelieu across (and off) the map while fighting off waves of German attackers including Graf Zeppelin
  5. I saw some game play footage from the upcoming 1.0 maps. Ermagawd they looked good!
  6. Bretagne doesn't really have a niche. It's slow and utterly average. Tier 7 Lyon is a quad barrelled shotgun. Tier 8 Richelieu is a fast battlecruiser.
  7. Bretagne. Apart from having different ranges for HE & AP it felt utterly bland. And slow at a max speed of 21.1 knots. Lyon: I haven't got it yet but a clannie has. The dispersion seemed to be "German" but with 16 guns - 2.6 times as many as Gneisenau - who cares. Secondaries seemed effective when he got in range. In Operation Narie he did over 250k damage. Richelieu is good. Every game I have had so far has been tier 10 and I have been in the top half of the table. I've scored a cit on a Yamato who was sitting at an angle (not bow on, not broadside) and I've dev
  8. Bretagne - the new t5 French BB - is the first ship (that I know of) to have different ranges for different ammo: 18.1km for HE and 16.1 for AP. I'm wondering if this is deliberate or a bug? In all other ways though Bretagne is utterly "meh" but Richelieu is fun.
  9. What's with Touchfluffytail negging anyone who says a ship isn't the best? Roma does have poor dispersion and a raised citadel. These are facts.
  10. I got a Mutsu in a Christmas box. It's a stock Nagato at tier 6 and still isn't impressive down there. It's been a while since I played the Nagato but I don't remember being impressed.
  11. KV-2 used to run the 107 (can it still?) KV-4 Kryslevski (spelling?) -the campaign reward tank - only runs a 107. From memory the 107s are much less derpier with higher pen (but less alpha) compared to the 122s. Historically the Russians used them when the Germans were using 75s and 88s. The 122s were preferred when they became available because of the much more effective HE round. As the Chieftain famously said in one of his videos "it doesn't matter if the round didn't penetrate the armour because the crew of any tank hit by an HE round of that size are going to have a s
  12. Circonflex posted a video of himself playing "the worst tier 8 premium" if you want to see it in action.
  13. @Delusions; My reply to Baldrick would have been along the lines of; "Only $800 an hour? You're clearly pretty low level - junior associate at best".
  14. WoWS has a concept called Damage Saturation" where once a module/component/area has taken a set amount of damage further damage is halved until a second threshold is reached and then further damage is reduced to zero. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Damage_Saturation So the mechanics and coding exist, all that remains is to decide how to implement it.
  15. You should be doing the first three stages of the Vampire grind in co-op, you'll breeze through them there in an afternoon. Only the last stage needs to be done in random battles.
  16. After an enforced 6 week holiday with two busted arms I'm almost ready to start playing casually again. What's the story with the new local server? Is it full of Kelly recruits?
  17. Newer players often do better in slower tanks because they can't yolo\overextend and the extra time they have to spend travelling will let the battle "take shape" before they get there making it easier to see where they should go.
  18. My vote for the best tier 8 for making silver goes to the Kutuzov - as long as you have a half decent RU captain. Kutuzov brings her own smoke, long range accurate guns and 8km torps. Everything you need to make money. Flamu is also a big fan of the ship and has posted enough videos to show you how to play it and how well it can do.
  19. It's still "out of cockpit" though isn't it? I flew IL2 competitively for so many years that I'm not sure I can go back to the camera behind the plane. If you are serious about planes you need to read Fighter Combat Tactics by Shaw. I paid a fortune for a copy years ago but now it's available as a PDF download. http://ebookbit.com/book?k=Fighter+Combat%3A+Tactics+and+Maneuvering&charset=utf-8&lang=en&isbn=978-0870210594&source=sites.google.com#pdf
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