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  1. franko

    World of Codes

    Is this thread still active? I am offering 3 steam accounts, including the email accounts too, each with a copy of Tropico 4. Looking for World of Tanks PC bonus codes.
  2. Sorry for an off topic question, but if a tank has a lot of points in this ranking, yet doesnt show up in 7/68 like ESL or WG League (for instance the Patton), why is that? What makes a tank good for 7/68 in particular? Thanks.
  3. Hi there. I am looking to recruit more players for the upcoming Open League starting March 8th and for Go4WoT ESL Cups on Sundays. If you have tier 10 Heavy and Medium tanks and would like to join our team: http://play.eslgaming.com/team/9309830/ leave a message. Wn8 in your tier 10s should be around 1k. If you dont know how to join/use ESL Wire follow my HowTo: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/556101-looking-for-go4wot-players-for-sundays-and-open-league-7vs7-starting-in-march/page__p__12167363#entry12167363 When you are done, leave a reply or text me i
  4. on the list of T28 Concept, what does the GE mean in the list of heavy tanks. Quote: "15. All GE HTs tier 9+, T57H, AMX 50B"
  5. franko

    World of Codes

    Hello. Is trading bonus codes okay? I have one Bonus code for 500gold+7day premium from Wargaming's facebook page, and another one with 500gold+3day premium from Razer. I cant use them because they only work on accounts which have never used a codes like this and I have in both cases. I am looking for maybe one of the old 750 gold bonus codes, or maybe a bonus codes for a tier 3 tank like T-15, M22 or such. Thanks.
  6. May I ask when the gold prizes will have been sent? Enjoy your prizes!
  7. Hi. I would like to ask for your opinions on my KV-1S setup and how you play or act in games in which you are low tier or have to go against tiers 8 heavies especially. For instance a T-32 in hulldown which only leaves the cupola as a target is very hard to hit. Or engaging IS-3 frontally where the D-2-5-T will not penetrate. Thanks. http://imgur.com/a/0tpyi
  8. I can answer your 1vs5 question, since I do that a lot in my IS-7. I usually get in 2 or 3 hits, do about 800 to 1200 dmg and then die. By the hands of pretty much every Tier 10 opponent, sometimes also Tier 9 E75 and others. Penetrations in lower front plate, upper front, turret front, arty hits, sides, ... armor bounces are often but unreliable I find. There are these rare games in which the other is even worse than me, in which I can manage something average, but these days I mostly wonder why I grinded the IS-7. So ... to answer your question, wait for the next test server and see if y
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