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  1. Monkey island 2 had a wheel.
  2. i think he said something like that when it was the only thing he had watched.
  3. they allowed as noone know what they are from probaly. Also the thread like needs discussions not just pictures.
  4. I think hes question would have been better if he hadn't named the work, and just talked about the artist. Though unless they did non h works it wouldn't really be worth bringing up as there would not be much to discus.
  5. No ones being butthurt just advising you to avoid the topic. And as lordsilen said we got place for it on the patron section. though more people need to post shit in it. >.>
  6. I want to get the mechanical pig.
  7. thats pretty cool, no money though.
  8. I have some stuffed pigs.
  9. Like playing the vn would probably be good for you as its probably kinda like how the books are always better than the movies. Also why doesn't saber have a saber?
  10. methebest

    Dwarf Fortress

    That wont stop the cats.
  11. Well yeah. But all in all I prefer my girls being able to pee standing up.
  12. Sora does good traps when shes not doing shity to love ru stuff. So does Shimaji but that might just be gateway drug nostalgia. And like i haven't even heard of Makuro until, probably because he seems to mostly do bara. Also being male would be enough to turn a generic female character into something not generic. I think most people would want something that isn't generic and it is doable, doesnt have to be a trap.
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