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  1. NeverRetreat

    Mouse sensitivity and FOV

    For both Arcade and Sniper?
  2. I read Valachio started new video series, he eats my lunch last night on Abbey...hoping he leaves that one out. :) 

    1. Shifty_101st


      IDK if a super unicum who is better than me posts a game where I get my ass handed to me, I would like to know what I could have done just by watching what happened.

    2. Folterknecht


      ^something to learn from - I agree

  3. NeverRetreat

    NA Legionnaire Pool

    I'm down 6-8
  4. Test server match-maker is seeing <2000 and sets teams almost perfect by Tier/Type.  NA server is so damn retarded with no rational 

  5. Thanks Patient0, looking forward to seeing these.
  6. Half decent weekend of battles totally offset by Monday implosion...Grrrr!

  7. NeverRetreat


  8. NeverRetreat

    Short and Sweet Pro Tips

    Might have to try this!
  9. Looking for/ need more platoonies, I typically run 8 - 10 but I'm also grinding tier 7 lights. Playing on NA East server Weekdays: 7PM - 9PM Weekends: morning, noon, night I have TS and server or can join another, like the social side of platooning but silent platooning (some). Thanks in advance for the consideration, NR
  10. Tribes 1, 2, Vengeance RVS COD4 (others after but not competitively BF2
  11. I'm NeverRetreat, I've been enjoying this game since Beta days and recently came back online from a very long break. I've missed so many changes (good and bad) and the rust is very evident in my gaming. I was fortunate enough to find this place and many thanks to the players for giving back to others. I've enjoyed reading the threads, the questions, the responses. It is nice to see and hear that some of what I learned playing this game is spot on but I'm relearning how to play from so many great players I cannot take it all in fast enough. J Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to get to know a few of you and run some platoons. Thanks, NR