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  1. You can always hold J to self-destruct and respawn somewhere else when playing as a defender.
  2. ck84

    Hidden tech tree jewels?

    I like the chinese T-34-1. Turret is miniature, tough and the tank has more camo than some lights. Gun is derpy, but hits hard for the class.
  3. ck84

    M46 Patton KR

    I really want to like this tank but it just seems to be mediocre. Super P. is more capable when it comes to winning games and more wins = more crew XP. STA-2 is a more capable support premium with 10 deg of gun dep and HE resistant armour.
  4. ck84

    m4 improved

    Limited MM or regular MM? That would be the deciding point for me.
  5. ck84

    2 months without Wot: a reflection

    Glad to have you back.
  6. As close as Putins election.
  7. Namely depression and dispersion upon moving and traversing the tank. Depression: Before -10 deg all around , now -7 at best. Dispersion bumped to 0.2 from 0.18. Sources: edit: Probably a WG f*ckup, the gun on test version is reported to be a 37mm variant.
  8. ck84

    Panther/M10: The Clearance-Aisle Comet

    I have to say that the HD remodeling brought in some decent turret armor. Its not uniform, but 1/3 is 110 (hole behind the mantlet), 1/3 is 170, and 1/3 is 250+
  9. Love greeting the BT-7A hordes with my B2.

  10. ck84

    O-I 120 - Japanese tier 8 heavy

    Two radio operators?
  11. ck84

    Stick vs Auto

    Electric direct-drive Auto for diesels, stick for gasoline engines.
  12. ck84

    Individual Missions: A How-To Guide

    Can confirm, VK-B best bet for HT-12. Met O704, ferdinand, T32, T34 and borsig in the himmelsderp alley. Walked (crawled?) out alive with 6k blocked, 4k done.
  13. ck84

    M46 DPM/aimtime buff

    Need to install Autoaim mod ASAP.
  14. Great M46 Buff on Supertest!

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    2. Tutik


      Have to start grind T20 moaar!

    3. X3N4



    4. Flametz


      I should get around to buying one... already have it unlocked off Pershing.

  15. ck84

    IS2, Berlin cromwell etc.

    Lets not forget there are no fun brit med premiums atm. Another point for the Cromwell B. Rudy and IS-2 at least have alternatives (T54-1st and whole bunch of USSR heavies).