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  1. Not to mention that the TOG mission was easy. This one, well, we don't know, but not being able to miss a day is a very bad sign.
  2. Someone should make a Fury skin for the E8, but misspell the name on the barrel and watch to see how many people notice.
  3. So . . . dynamic shows view range and includes anything over the 445m limit, but blindarea maxes at 445?
  4. I'm trying to set up my old XVM config again after a long time of not using it, and I'm having trouble figuring out what the new automatic minimap circles do. I see "dynamic", "motion", "standing", "blindarea", and a couple more that go with blindarea that I haven't been able to figure out. I can't find any decent descriptions in English, and Google Translate Russian isn't quite good enough for this. Has anyone here figured out what they do?
  5. My preferred solution would be to hide it and any other non-wiki guides we find in a collapsible section at the bottom of player opinion. That way it's somewhere more obvious but it's also not taking up tons of space on the page.
  6. OOPMan already mentioned Tank Inspector, which is a program and not a site, but it's my preferred source. wot-news.com is another, gamemodels3d.com has it, and I think there's another big one I'm forgetting. We had that long ago, but then the guy who coded it left (long story) and no one else knows how to do it. The widgets we have now scrape the data (or are otherwise updated), but they have pretty strict limitations in what they can display.
  7. Like I said, I'm working on the editing guidelines, but since they have to be comprehensive it'll take me a while. As for the good candidates for editing, we have a To-Do List on the wiki that anyone can update, so feel free to use that unless you want it to be WoTLabs-based for some reason.
  8. That's the way the wiki crumbles. (I do the same thing).
  9. On a second read, I was the one who misinterpreted it, not you. You were responding to Forcestorm's post about the current state of the section, I responded like we were talking about the ideal system rather than the one we have. Speaking of that, I did throw together some (still a little rough) guidelines, which I might as well post here since it seems relevant:
  10. That's not a problem with the system, that's a problem with the people using it incorrectly. If you see something like that, remove it.
  11. I'm working on that. Not very quickly, but I'm working on it. As for the edit wars, baddies typically just make a hit-and-run edit. More determined ones, while they do exist, are rare. I'd say that's right. Definitely nothing that's just "decent", because that isn't really a pro or a con.
  12. To elaborate on this a little bit, Echelon, you're right that the absolute tomatoes are irredeemable and the best of the baddies will come to WoTLabs and (hopefully) get better. What I think you're missing is a fairly large group of midrange baddies, for lack of a better term, who might bother looking at the official wiki or forums but nothing else. Right now there are 351 users on the WoTLabs forums. The official NA forum alone has 1143. EU adds another 1634, and SEA would probably bring the official forums' audience to roughly 10 times that of WoTLabs. That's not what you'd call a precise estimate, and it doesn't take users coming in and out over the course of the day, but since all those numbers were at the same time it should be enough to tell you the official forums have a lot more reach. I don't think it's a stretch to say that 90% of players on the official forums at least know about the wiki, and I'll cut that down to something like 50% who actually use it. Even if all WoTLabs forum users used your wiki, that would still mean the official wiki reached five times as many players as yours does. That's pretty significant, especially since it will reach players who would never think of coming to WoTLabs or a WoTLabs wiki. Even if you think my numbers are crap, it still seems pretty clear that far more players use the official forums and would use the official wiki. If you ask the average pubbie where to get WoT info, I have a feeling they'll either tell you they don't know or the official forum/wiki. TL;DR: There are pubbies who aren't irredeemable potatoes but who also wouldn't look at WoTLabs. That's who the wiki needs to reach. Gun handling is the second pro mentioned in the M26's Player Opinion section, actually. We can and do add information about hidden stats, we just can't add the stats themselves at this point. I don't entirely disagree. Which is something we have, assuming WG doesn't break it. The ultimate goal for us as far as hidden stats go would be to get WG to add it to that, but I'm not holding my breath. As Haswell said, it doesn't. I don't know why those descriptions were even there, but they aren't now. As for my skill and writing style, I know both are passable at best. That's why I don't write guides and mostly do grammar/spelling fixes and administrative stuff. That said, I'm not one of the irredeemable potatoes. I can at least win more than half my games, and I'm smart enough to know that if someone like Echelon or Rexxie adds information about how a tank plays, they're almost always right.
  13. Yes, suggested crew skills are a good thing. No, it's there now. It was only removed once (that I know of). As for it being a rant, it's at least better than nothing. If someone who's played it can improve the page, please do.
  14. I prefer to just avoid the issue and not directly mention them. Yes, they're pubbie zombie tomatoes, but we can't say that, so . . . If not that, than call them "less skilled players" or something like that. It's not technically insulting and doesn't necessarily apply to a given player (if they're the ones reading it), but it's still clear what it means. The waffletractors are proving to be quite the vandalism magnets. It's fixed now and if the guy who did that repeats it he'll have a nice vacation to look forward to. (I suspect he and another were attracted by this, so it should subside soon: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/46/update-wot-wiki-available/)
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