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  1. Hello! I am an Asian player. Recent wn8 shows inaccurate values. I have a clue as to why. It was Rudy's recent buyback. I think the number of this multinational tank is double. I have never played with Rudy Pl. Signature .png -Google Translate Either Miros used this leet hack, or he needs to go play lottery
  2. See, this kinda shit is why you just enjoy the music of the good singers.
  3. Don't ever think about dropping vstab, the bloom is just so horrendous. I finished 3-marking it a little while ago, and I doubt I would change the equipment at all, though I haven't really looked at the new equip.
  4. A little. only saving grace IMO is the terrain resistance and tier 10 med view range, which doesn't say a whole lot. the APCR is good too, but abysmal dpm and handling
  5. I've found M60 is just kinda meh at everything. Especially since M48 gets turret armor buff, and Leo gets gun buff.
  6. What I take from this is that M60 clearly needs buffs. Weegee get on this.
  7. M62 has the speshul soviet 122mm bias. You'll still hit shots just fine, because hand of stalin
  8. Oh yeah, I don't think it'll be great, but that's healthy for the game.
  9. Want because I'm a sucker for L7, and also looks not bad
  10. I played a lot of hwk30, lt-432, t-34-3, and sta-2. The only things I really loaded prem for was defenders, sometimes 703s and the german superheavies. The only thing I really hate about the mode is arty/air strikes. Having a proper sized map is actually nice.
  11. Honestly, while the air/artillery strikes were cancer, the spotter plane was probably the healthiest consumable. Being able to dig out bushwankers is nice for being able to push.
  12. it's not that hard to play without ss, you just have a learning curve while you figure out when/if you get spotted for doing something. It's good habit to practice this even with ss
  13. 25 Lunar, 11 New Year E-75ts, Bretagne Panther, Sherman VC, AM39, ~12k gold, 35 days prem, 400k credits, 430u and E-100 skins
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