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  1. I prefer to play attacking, yet I seem to end up defending more often than not. Kinda annoying.
  2. tbh, it's not that bad. It only took me doing about 5 evenings.
  3. TBH, your team has to be willing to rush the point if needed. As an arty, you would set up somewhat to the right side, so you can splash them when they hide behind the house.
  4. I'm running M40/43, in case I need to block multiple people at once, and I run air strike/recon plane/engineering. E is also extremely easy if you know the correct position. F is quite easy, the only one of the 6 caps I find to be even somewhat difficult to defend as arty is D, thanks to the structure creating large areas where an arty will have trouble getting hits.
  5. I was hit by no less than 4 APCR shells from a pair of scorpions in my 4202, plus a handful from a type 59 and a centurion. I actually found my most successful games were in arty...... As cancerous as it is, I'm filling a spot that pubs cannot play half decently, and most good players refuse to. An arty that can position itself to safely defend a cap is one of the most useful things to have on defense.
  6. Centurion is probably better, but I like trolling all the people who don't seem to understand it's almost all autobounce on a hill.
  7. The 4202 is ok. She does really good on certain parts of the maps and poor on others. Works better on defense, IMO.
  8. I played a couple tonight, My favorite to use was T-34-3. Oddly easy to force a brawling scenario, and there's enough thin skins running around that using HEAT is barely ever needed.
  9. Did they actually fix the engine for this? I thought it broke exceeding 70kph or so. I've been away from the game for a couple years.
  10. or WG could do things other than yet more soviet paper tanks
  11. I tried playing again after a 2 year hiatus. Everything confused me.
  12. bucket hat, cargo shorts and socks with sandals?
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