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  1. SoliDeoGloria

    TL-1 LPC

    Also note, this package is about the same as the other tier 8 meds in terms of cost, so actually not a bad deal
  2. Why do you sometimes use 0 and sometimes leave it out
  3. here, I have an idea, he can't be rid of these 0 000000
  4. I see you still haven't fixed the 0 key. Shall I send a support ticket in for you?
  5. Sometimes I play 40/43, especially if I have a buddy playing EBR
  6. I will happily continue to play 4202 and sta-2, and perhaps T-34-3. thanks.
  7. I have had a net change of 2kg in the past 2 years. Though I like running 5km, which doesn't help.
  8. But the really important question is, do you prefer view range, or superheavies
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