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  1. Ones that work. I personally prefer silicone, foam I find tends to unseat itself from jaw movements, and doesn't expand back fast enough to stay in place. If you aren't talking, they're fine otherwise.
  2. 25 Lunar, 11 New Year E-75ts, Bretagne Panther, Sherman VC, AM39, ~12k gold, 35 days prem, 400k credits, 430u and E-100 skins
  3. Man, I didn't even know a lot of these maps were removed. Swamp and South Coast were actually some of my favorites to play.
  4. With current HE damage mechanics, just shoot the prem HE. not much reason to fire AP, and how many randoms can actually capitalize on stuns.
  5. M60 is just a worse M48 now, don't bother.
  6. SoliDeoGloria

    TL-1 LPC

    Also note, this package is about the same as the other tier 8 meds in terms of cost, so actually not a bad deal
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