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  1. Do you want to be part of one of the more elite zquadz and developed teamz on the zerver? Fruztrated with other clanz cazual approachez to clan warz and the lack of zuccezz that generatez? Do you think you have what it takez to become one of the top playerz on the NA zerver? Havok ZOUTH did not become the a clan with the mozt winz in clan warz by twiddling itz thumbz, we battle do a ton of zkirmizhez and train to be the bezt we can be to enzure our zuccezz. Havok ZOUTH iz looking for zome new blood - you know who we are, we might know who you are Hit BlackCompany DeadDotEd or Banana
  2. I play the Tier IV Ke-Ho exclusively. PM in-game.
  3. Officially bad@posting and found clan. I'm sorry to everyone who read my terrible posts. (Especially the OP)
  4. Dear Wotlabs Readers, I apologize for how i presented this recruitment thread. This was a serious recruitment page; however, i had thought that i could make it semi-entertaining by throwing some stupid jokes in there, like; 1) Calling DeadDotEd my "Girlfriend", this was to annoy him since we are friends. His Nick is DeadDotEd, i thought this was obvious. 2) Clearly, the screenshots were taken far more serious than i had expected. I apologize since it never should have been here anyways. I placed them here just to annoy my friend. 3) I want to learn how to play Clan Wars better sinc
  5. Another clarification, I am looking for a clan to train me in CW, not internet tanks. So go to OTTER? Got it. PS you get me.
  6. Not to sound like a dick to ARBOK, since i joined them when i was green, and they were my 1st clan wars participating clan. But there was a comment from a senior officer about why a "bad" player was picked over a "good" player (Off of stats) and the response was, "it was up to the caller to pick who they wanted, for whatever reason they wanted" AGAIN, I am not bad-mouthing ARBOK, I had a great time and Fatman was a great clan commander.
  7. To clarify, I meant Silver Credit but did not think that would be misunderstood. That is on me. To be fair to ARBOK, I left due a large difference in skill level and game mechanics knowledge amongst the average clan member and myself. Someone thought that camo net and camo paint were the same... DeadDotEd followed me because, i don't even know.
  8. DOS can take you but... we can't teach you two... I hardly think any clan would... regardless GL

    1. ErectBanana


      Thank you for considering me, In return i will consider you and get back to you as soon as i make a decision. Thanks again!

  9. (CLOSED) Hello Fellow Blue Ballers, Recently me and my girlfriend left our old clan, ARBOK. We left because reasons. Here are our current stats (We dropped tags, but there is a cool-down on the sig); (Yes, she isn't recently as good at pixel tanks as i am, but please look past this) Here is a screenshot of our potential in tier 10 battles; Our potential in tier 8 premiums; And our potential while seal clubbing; We are looking for some top-tier clans to accept us into their warm bosoms. Preferably a clan where the members can teach us how to play pixel tanks bet
  10. Best I can do. If not that, ARBOK is always recruiting. PM NolongerFatman if interested.
  11. Example: Porygon (Porygon is a badass with Spec. Atk.) Sig below. 155, BC, 50m, 50b, T57, E5, E100 P.S. Bump
  12. Sounds like an amazing tourney team name, and they could have the Team Rocket motto, "Prepare for trouble, Make it double, etc."
  13. We need more players to get a consistent tourney team. Plus, if we get large enough, EKANS will be a subclam.
  14. I was told that i am officially not our clan's recruiter by my CO, buuuuuuuuuuuuut, Here is the Official recruitment thread. The official seems a little cut-and-dry to me, so i figured i would make a post on Wotlabs. CLAN DETAILS Currently, we are getting some fights with a majority of Evil Gaming and sometimes Cartel Gaming. We also have been able to scrim HavoK during peacetime. SO, IF YOU WANT TO FIGHT SOME OF THE 1ST-RATE CLANS, PRACTICE WITH SOME OF THE MOST EXPERIENCED PLAYERS, AND BE APART OF ONE OF THE FEW POKEMON RELATED CLANS! (NOTE: We are not officially relate
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