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  1. Wotlabs is neither clean nor elegant. It's cluttered with information that is essentially white noise detracting from overall design unity. 1/7/30 day stats have never been a metric for assessing any sort of skill and they never will be. Simply filling the page with "more information" means nothing if that information is irrelevant or detracts from the overall purpose of whatever it is you are presenting. But even to that point, T10 MOEs, PR, avg. xp ranking are all interesting data points that people do look at, and tioga.moe sigs present them in a relatively sublime way without detractin
  2. Gun handling buffs on the Leopard 1 take away the only real advantage of the 30b.
  3. In unorganized pub play I slice the pie around the corner. Work from the target the furthest to the outside of the corner to the target on the inside. This should be common sense but some people seem to enjoy poking into 3 tanks to kill some guy with 50hp that isn't capable of doing anything offensively anyways. Just poke out so you're only trading with one tank at a time. If I'm in a corridor situation outnumbered and I have deathstar backup, I'll try to spread damage so that if they commit to pushing, one of them dies instantly- after that I work individual tanks down. Otherwise I don't
  4. 268- It was my first tier 10. Like my highschool sweetheart I can only clutch onto the dear memories and try to forget the fact that she's put on 40lbs and has an illegitimate child. We had some fun times. 215b- My second tier 10. I didn't like it at first but I now idolize the gun handling/dpm/HP combo in spite of the faults of the tank. 113- Good gun and mobility with a good health pool but I mostly like how it looks. Like how a cartoon T-54 would look after getting stomped on by Godzilla. This would be my command tank in World of Tanks: The Animated Series. The only low tier tan
  5. Personally I'm really impressed by players that can manage ultra-high DPG in slow/low DPM tanks like the IS-4. That level of play is really just beyond my understanding of the game. On a different level, I'm impressed by people that can play at even a semi-high level without verbally tilting or sperging out when they get hit hit by arty or have a bad game. People that can calmly say "I'm just not playing well, I'm going to turn the game off" rather than ragetanking and yelling or blogging in TS causing people to mute/leave channel. I don't really care about this game competitively so those
  6. The discrepancy should not be that large. What heavies tend to do is have a lower ceiling on high-end WN8 since they struggle to clean up damage in blowout games vice meds. Statistically what you see is just far fewer HT players pushing their per-tank stats above 4k WN8. At a unicum or blue level it should have no effect whatsoever. When I see someone with a higher WR color than WN8 I just assume the same as everyone else, big platooner or they play low tiers.
  7. If people are just going to let you farm them then, at the worst, you're at least getting a game where you put out some decent damage. The IS-7 seems natural to me for HT-12 just because it has such a low health pool for tier 10. I've never played the VK but it seems like a great choice as well. You do bring up a good point though, but I think it mostly applies to sidescrapers, but possible the IS-7 as well. Heavies people will actually sit and shoot at like the IS-4, 215b or E5 just need really strong wiggle game to bounce 3-4000dmg hull down at close/mid range without taking too much
  8. HT-15 is honestly really easy. I periodically do 12k combined in the 215b which isn't even a particularly good tank for the job. It's should be easily doable in any HT that isn't like the 50B or something. 3x your HP is a much harder mission imo, but I think the IS-7 is a natural candidate for it if you stick to tier 10s. Just go ham down Himmelsdorf tank alley and hull down behind the rubble.
  9. True heavies? 5: KV-1 6: M6 7: T29/Tiger 1/IS 8: IS-3/T32/110 9: E75/VK/ST-I 10: E100/IS-7/215b
  10. Great but I'm mostly doing printmaking now!
  11. Yeah but I suspect they're conscious about how much gold has been stockpiled by skirmish players. The conversion on credits and xp is also worse if anyone else has noticed (with ships being more expensive in terms of both).
  12. Gold probably isn't going to carry over anyways. Piasters, bro.
  13. Hey guys are any of the new premiums worth getting?

  14. (°ㅂ° ╬) LETS GO SOUTH (°ㅂ° ╬)

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      This is going to be pretty one-sided

    2. #Lunaughty
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