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  1. Hey guys are any of the new premiums worth getting?

  2. (°ㅂ° ╬) LETS GO SOUTH (°ㅂ° ╬)

    1. PityFool


      This is going to be pretty one-sided

    2. #Lunaughty
  3. tonight was a hilarious night

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    2. vonluckner


      I had to protect our boxes.

    3. PityFool


      i was like "yea muthafukas gonna clip someone" got a single shot off.. RIP me

    4. PityFool


      OTL: CRD died a long time ago

  4. Some big pickups in OTTER today! Looking forward to working with my new counterpart and drafting fresh anime-alliances!!

    1. tom12126


      I too am intrigued as to what the newest OTTER diplo will bring to the table, no doubt this is a great pickup for OTTER as you stated!

  5. Is the 50b as fun as the 50 120?

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    2. tom12126


      Hi Vonluckner

      Yes, the 50b is just as fun as the 50 120, or even more so in my opinion

    3. ArrogantWorms


      You don't have 3.33 second inter drum firing. That's a win

    4. A_Hardy_Buck


      You also get workable gun elevation , that's what really fucked over the 50 120 in my experience

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