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  1. Finally something in the game for weeaboos, if they can tear themselves away from their waifu body pillows long enough to buy this abomination.

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      The modest interest I would have in a premium version of a Pz IV with the 75mm is wiped away by the nauseating thought of having squeaky anime girls stuffed in a box back in the darkest corner of my garage.

  2. Done with WOT, for good this time. До свидания!

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    2. Rexxie
    3. ZXrage


      Is this the one with the E5?


    4. Kitten


      You said that last time, and did that last time too :doge: that being said I always need moar socks. Gibs steam name in PM?

  3. I love how wotlabs can turn any thread into an XVM saltfest
  4. You had me at "shitpoaster", you lost me at "help carry"
  5. I hate being nobody I do have an STA-2 though, so the speed buff will be nice. So everyone thinks the Panther 88 will be better than the Mutz now?
  6. So shoot the IS3 hatch or Obj140 turret roof with HE, got it.
  7. Yeah, it does have a high ROF...I have burned 3 times in 2 battles in it. Of course, I also suck, so there's that.
  8. If the black paint gave an XP bonus, maybe an IS6 or Mutz, but NA gets the T34 (turd edition) so pass
  9. Wait, you mean you *DON'T* want a black T34 for $70????? Would be an amazing shitgift for half the price, maybe...looks like a big turd.
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