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  1. Done with WOT, for good this time. До свидания!

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    2. Rexxie
    3. ZXrage


      Is this the one with the E5?


    4. Kitten


      You said that last time, and did that last time too :doge: that being said I always need moar socks. Gibs steam name in PM?

  2. TFW you shitgift 2x T26e5s but accidentally get the ones without the patriotic vomit :feelsbad:

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    2. Medjed


      i want one with patriotic vomit

    3. Hellsfog


      Only the naked one comes as just the tank. The Trumpwagen only comes in a more expensive bundle. 

    4. Strigonx


      I want the Trumpwagen.....

  3. Is there any reason I should not sell the KV5? Seems like a tier 8 heavy with 167 pen is kinda useless these days.

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    2. CarbonWard



      Done with only AP while half my face is numb from dentist visit, Don't play like a heavy, play it like an 113, an anti-medium.

      Don't go off against IS3s or try duke it out with Ferdis, use your speed(which surprisingly, it probably has the fastest speed in its weight class) to go into medium lines and basically rip a new one into T-44-100s and Pershings.


      Point is, you are not gonna have a good time against anything with higher than 220 pen, but you absolutely destroy everything with less than 170.

    3. PrinzEugen478


      You could shitgift us one :doge: 

    4. yoyoya2


      Also Dank DPM with great ramming potential

  4. That weeb @yoyoya2 won the first Patriot in the shitgifting. I'm lazy so I'll likely do a drawing for #2 instead of thinking of something creative.

    1. Kitten


      Wasn't this version supposed to be free anyways for Win10 users?

    2. YesThatWasAPCR


      No idea, just saw the link and shared it in case there were any other clueless types like me out there :)

  5. Welp, despite my badness, bought back the 110E5, IS7, and AMX50b. Only one way to get better I guess :feelsbad:

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    2. ZXrage


      lend me your account so I can half-pad your stats :serb:

    3. leggasiini


      So you just sold E5 few days ago and then bought it back?


    4. Kitten


      NA ticket system op :doge:

  6. OK, you have shitgift, get to work!

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    2. ZXrage


      what the fuck did you give him haha

    3. YesThatWasAPCR


      M4 "Improved"

    4. ZXrage


      oh my junior is that a shitgift

  7. I am so awful at this game I can't even make the E5 work. I think I need to stick to tiers 6&8 so I sold all my non-prem tanks that aren't 6/8 except my T30.

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    2. ZXrage


      Dang. Grats on the 3m credits.

    3. hallo1994
    4. leggasiini


      Why sell it? Just dont play it until you feel like you are ready to play it again lol

  8. So, have you 3-marked the M4 "Improved"? Asking for a friend...

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    2. Assassin7


      Now the question is, is the Chi-Nu-Kai bad enough to be considered shit. 

    3. Medjed


      Yes, i'd say so

    4. YesThatWasAPCR


      Chi-Nu-Krap is most definitely shit.

  9. WG selling lots of shitty rare premiums in Sept, but no Sexton :(

    1. dualmaster333


      The M4 thing is pretty shitty.

    2. YesThatWasAPCR


      Yeah, I gave that a look, seems rather awful. 92 pen with no pref mm? Definitely shitgift material if it's priced like a tier 5 and not in a bundle with anything useful like gold or premium time.

    3. FavreFan4ever


      I've got one, it could be *decent* with pref MM or a blistering RoF but it gets worse RoF than the Lee and it sees tier 7.

      I still kinda like it for some reason.

    1. YesThatWasAPCR


      And another derptastic loss:


      On those rare occasions that I have a good game, I lose. #sadbecausebad

    2. ZXrage



      >still playing the Hellcat

  10. Can anyone tell me what it would take to 3 mark a MatildaBP? Asking for a friend :)

    1. leggasiini


      Considering its tier 5 and shitty one, i would expect it to be tbh only 1k - 1,2k combined.

    2. Joyrider216


      I would suspect that it requires 500 ml of a first born's blood sprinkled on an altar to Serb while you and 5 others perform chants to RNG.

      or 1,064 damage if you wanted to be specific 

  11. Yeah, something tells me that this whole "coming back" thing isn't going to last.

  12. Well, I elited my ARL44, which I suppose is kind of like saying "Great, I now have all 8 strains of herpes"

    1. Marko9


      U can now proced to elite the t43, pzjg4, or cqc td :)

  13. I'm reminded that lower tiers (5) aren't good for learning/getting reacquainted with the game, but great for inducing rage. 

    1. TheMostComfortableTanker


      But according to WG, those tiers don't need much attention because no one likes them.  Who needs proper balance or new players :wut:

    2. kreigermann


      ... anything under tier 6 is unbearably chaotic. 

  14. Not quite ready for this much aggravation so soon after coming back.

    Sold: 'Jagdpanzer IV' successfully sold. Received credits:  567,699. Spent gold:  10. 


    1. Jesse_the_Scout



    2. YesThatWasAPCR


      Yup. Starting the Obj263 line instead.

  15. Dear PermaBad!

    Thank you for purchasing a gift in the Wargaming.net Premium Shop. Your payment was received. Gift "Pz. III K(rap)" sent to Solono account.

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    2. Flametz


      oh lawdy, how many more of dem shitgifts are ya gonna throw out there?

    3. YesThatWasAPCR


      Not as many this time. But I just can't help myself. Thread incoming.

    4. Fabunil


      I´ve never recieved a shitgift.

      I guess I´m not shitty enough for that:feelsbad:

  16. Just passing through, deciding if I should shitgift one of you f*ckers...

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    2. Fulcrous


      I don't know why but why did this initially show as Kewei o_o

    3. YesThatWasAPCR


      Because I was Kewei that was not Kewei.

    4. Kitten


      make sure to gibs me some contact info this time lol

  17. After playing this weekend I'm starting to wish I stayed gone.

  18. 644 dpg in my Church3, bitches!

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina
    2. SoliDeoGloria


      Wow, hat's like 643 dpg higher than my church 3.

  19. Someone give me things please?

  20. The reason your dog thinks he runs the house is because by his reasoning, the only thing you own is the toilet.

    1. Kitten


      Pls, felines run the house and you know it

  21. I may not play like it, but I do in fact have a brain. Proof:


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    2. Medjed


      so, everything ok?

    3. YesThatWasAPCR


      Won't know for sure until a neuro-radiologist type looks it over, but I'm going with all is well until I hear otherwise. Probably won't hear until next week.

    4. yoyoya2


      As someone who worked in the ER for a few months with doctors Ive seen many radio's and the only thing different from a perfectly normal radio is the little circular brain tissue above the cerebellum I want to add that it is normal to have a little hole but yours is pretty different. So I wouldnt worry usually if theres something severe you can notice it pretty easily.

  22. Saw a doctor today for weakness in my left hand (I know, I know, fap moar) and he wants me to get MRIs.

    "Hand, arm?" I ask. His response, "No, brain and upper spine."


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    2. monkey10120


      I did when I broke my right wrist. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    3. Sabocat


      Hopefully, it's nothing serious. Get better dude.

    4. MagentaPanda


      broke my left wrist thank god :doge:

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