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  1. What is this WoT you speak of? Sounds like a shit game if you ask me.
  2. Done with WOT, for good this time. До свидания!

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    2. Rexxie
    3. ZXrage


      Is this the one with the E5?


    4. Kitten


      You said that last time, and did that last time too :doge: that being said I always need moar socks. Gibs steam name in PM?

  3. I love how wotlabs can turn any thread into an XVM saltfest
  4. You had me at "shitpoaster", you lost me at "help carry"
  5. I hate being nobody I do have an STA-2 though, so the speed buff will be nice. So everyone thinks the Panther 88 will be better than the Mutz now?
  6. Welp, time to stick a fork in this thread.
  7. So shoot the IS3 hatch or Obj140 turret roof with HE, got it.
  8. Yeah, it does have a high ROF...I have burned 3 times in 2 battles in it. Of course, I also suck, so there's that.
  9. If the black paint gave an XP bonus, maybe an IS6 or Mutz, but NA gets the T34 (turd edition) so pass
  10. Wait, you mean you *DON'T* want a black T34 for $70????? Would be an amazing shitgift for half the price, maybe...looks like a big turd.
  11. TFW you shitgift 2x T26e5s but accidentally get the ones without the patriotic vomit :feelsbad:

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    2. Medjed


      i want one with patriotic vomit

    3. Hellsfog


      Only the naked one comes as just the tank. The Trumpwagen only comes in a more expensive bundle. 

    4. Strigonx


      I want the Trumpwagen.....

  12. Is there any reason I should not sell the KV5? Seems like a tier 8 heavy with 167 pen is kinda useless these days.

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    2. CarbonWard



      Done with only AP while half my face is numb from dentist visit, Don't play like a heavy, play it like an 113, an anti-medium.

      Don't go off against IS3s or try duke it out with Ferdis, use your speed(which surprisingly, it probably has the fastest speed in its weight class) to go into medium lines and basically rip a new one into T-44-100s and Pershings.


      Point is, you are not gonna have a good time against anything with higher than 220 pen, but you absolutely destroy everything with less than 170.

    3. PrinzEugen478


      You could shitgift us one :doge: 

    4. yoyoya2


      Also Dank DPM with great ramming potential

  13. I was thinking about a "Give me 50 upvotes and I give ZXRage's tank to someone else" kind of thing, but that would just be too mean
  14. That weeb @yoyoya2 won the first Patriot in the shitgifting. I'm lazy so I'll likely do a drawing for #2 instead of thinking of something creative.

  15. Oh, and one other thing...I'm gifting TWO of these, for two reasons: 1. By gifting a good tank I have broken the tradition of shitgifting, so... 2. This will be the last contest for shitgifting. Any future shitgifting will be arbitrary. Well, it looks like those extra entries came in handy. And no, you don't win twice...I'l need to either draw again or figure something out for winner #2.
  16. Well, it looks like interest in this contest has ebbed, so I am going to start gathering names and pick a winner... Here are all the entries: kreigermann GunnSm0ke TreeBearHunter yoyoya2 yoyoya2 yoyoya2 yoyoya2 yoyoya2 yoyoya2 Kitten flare_phoenix ZXrage Strigonx SoliDeoGloria Fulcrous RC_Tank Hellsfog SkittlesOfSteeI M4A3E8sherman Archaic_One Sgt. Pepper FavreFan4ever cavman276 Tedster59 Inciatus Fianii Tunnel_Snakes_Rule Purple_Prose PrinzEugen478 WorldConqueror neziho waga100 monty50k Joyrider216 RunninKurt MAJEST1C hayhay58c 8_Hussars SmirkingGerbil 8at_eNTrOpY graukatze NightmareMk9 hallo1994 snowdude21325 dualmaster333 hammer90 Flametz Shifty_101st Shade421 DerWeasel7 An_Arty_Player_Hits_You mostlyhybrid yoseogre Devo GazT4R SynapticSqueeze monjardin diesel_clatter avandelay TheSovereign Errants Tigeh Mnemon Thundercrack lt_lolcat corranhynes saru_richard @yoyoya2 gets extras for winning the last contest, who chose extra entries in lieu of a TOG.
  17. I almost don't see the point in the FCM for the reasons Marine mentioned. Also seems like the IS6 and KV5 are becoming less useful without goldspam. RIP pref8s.
  18. PZ IIIK second best shigift ever! You're welcome, @zapyoug
  19. Unless you are a shitgifter, then Group 4 becomes BUY BUY BUY!
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