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  1. Oh, and one other thing...I'm gifting TWO of these, for two reasons: 1. By gifting a good tank I have broken the tradition of shitgifting, so... 2. This will be the last contest for shitgifting. Any future shitgifting will be arbitrary. Well, it looks like those extra entries came in handy. And no, you don't win twice...I'l need to either draw again or figure something out for winner #2.
  2. Well, it looks like interest in this contest has ebbed, so I am going to start gathering names and pick a winner... Here are all the entries: kreigermann GunnSm0ke TreeBearHunter yoyoya2 yoyoya2 yoyoya2 yoyoya2 yoyoya2 yoyoya2 Kitten flare_phoenix ZXrage Strigonx SoliDeoGloria Fulcrous RC_Tank Hellsfog SkittlesOfSteeI M4A3E8sherman Archaic_One Sgt. Pepper FavreFan4ever cavman276 Tedster59 Inciatus Fianii Tunnel_Snakes_Rule Purple_Prose PrinzEugen478 WorldConqueror neziho waga100 monty50k Joyrider216 RunninKurt MAJES
  3. I almost don't see the point in the FCM for the reasons Marine mentioned. Also seems like the IS6 and KV5 are becoming less useful without goldspam. RIP pref8s.
  4. PZ IIIK second best shigift ever! You're welcome, @zapyoug
  5. Unless you are a shitgifter, then Group 4 becomes BUY BUY BUY!
  6. Dunno man...with all these tier 8s coming out frontally immune to 200mm pen, not sure the 167 pen on the KV5 will suffice for much longer
  7. With each new tier 8 premium tank released, my KV5 is becoming more irrelevant
  8. Mastery in a T10 game? Definitely not a shitgift. Considering gifting the FV201 instead. People may not like it, but I have a reputation to maintain.
  9. Now not only do I have to cull the EU people from the entrants, I have to figure out a way to determine who the try-hards are that got the tank free from WG so they don't win twice.
  10. Sigh... Apparently @TheMarine0341 has jizzed all over himself playing this thing, thinks it is very gud, not at all a shitgift. Given the choice of cancelling a contest 60+ people entered or renaming the thread, I have reluctantly decided to do the latter. Can't believe I'm going to be giving away something nice to you shitters!
  11. So basically what you guys are saying is that I should cancel the shitgifting for this tank...
  12. The IIIK and M4i are both amazing tanks, if you like shitgifts.
  13. I can only play with the aid of alcohol. If U get too drunk I bring out the LeFH clicker. If Trump wins I may be hanging off of a shower rod, thus unable to shitgift. So fast it will make your head spin, that I can tell you! He won the Gasai Yuno shitgifting comp, and I gave him a choice between a crap tank and a 5x chances for this drawing. He chose the 5x chances.
  14. Looks like this shitgifting is more popular than the last one, so I'll be wrapping this up on the 9th, and awarding the prize on the following day.
  15. My poor shitgift thread is metastasizing. Also, looking at those who entered, I feel compelled to repeat that this shitgifting is for NA only.
  16. Giving opponents that look at this tank cancer is pretty good camo. My account? I know not what you speak of
  17. Another shitgiting so soon? I was going to wait until Christmas, but then I got ocular cancer from this: You've all seen it, The T26E5 Expectorant Patriot. Red, white, and barf. My reaction: Yeah, I get that on paper it may be better than the T32 in many respects, but goddamn! The rules are simple enough that hopefully even you can understand: Vote yes in the poll to enter in the drawing, vote no to not be considered, or just be contrarian. There will be NO "extra" drawing for the "No" votes. As the winner of the Gasai Yuno shitgifting, @yoyoya2 gets
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