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  1. I'm still waiting for the M60 code someone in a top clam promised me after the first campaign
  2. There will be a shitgifting for the Patriot version of this. Most gag reflex stimulating paint job ever.
  3. OK, closing this down so I can actually do useful things. Here are the NA entrants: Deus__Ex__Machina yoyoya2 [5LINE] Laceylace ZXrage [LABS] Archaic_One [DHO-X] 8_Hussars [ROHAN] Errants [Y0L0] KruggWulf_1v1master I have decided that @yoyoya2 had the most cancerous post, so he/she/it wins. HOWEVER...there is a twist! I have also decided that despite the fact that the T26E5 Patriot on paper looks better than the T32, it is SO FUCKING UGLY that it will be the next shitgift (random drawing). So, @yoyoya2, you have a choice. You may either accept whate
  4. Only 2 EU entries, you got bonus points for also being Finnish.
  5. @leggasiini is the EU shitter winner, and has gift shop. You are totally going to suck in this tank, because no 200mm armor and no 15cm derp gun. I'll decide on the NA winner later today.
  6. Well, looks like the Schoolhouse Rock edition of the T26e5 will not be coming out this weekend, so it won't be the NA prize. It will be the TOG or the STRV M/42-57, I haven't quite decided. The EU prize will be the STRV M/42-57. Much disappoint in the shitgift selection, back in the day Halloween was a bigger deal
  7. Well, if it drops this weekend, and you entered my Gasai Yuno shitgiftening, we'll see. The stats on it look good, but gawd is it fugly.
  8. So fucking ugly...I have never deemed a tank shitgift-worthy based on appearance, but this one may be a first. Forget camo, this thing should be visible from space.
  9. OK, I'll spell it out...we're making fun of the Nazi weeb, that's how you enter.
  10. To be entered, you must provide content that is original and contains facts. Or pictures that are "beautiful".
  11. So, as it turns out I have decided to do another shitgifting. If you are reader of the world of tanks Wotlabs forums or even player here, you most likely know who I am already. Now you can ask what is on your mind from the best shitgifter in the NA server and lowest performing player in the world. I am here to provide shitgifting content which is beautiful soon and you may neg me but my shitgifting stats speak to the fact that is correct and includes facts of high quality. On to the shitgifting! This one will be a bit different. First, there will be
  12. -G- HAX!!!!!!!! Decided to get one against my better judgement. I'm sure I will do well to get 1k in it once or twice
    1. Kitten


      Wasn't this version supposed to be free anyways for Win10 users?

    2. YesThatWasAPCR


      No idea, just saw the link and shared it in case there were any other clueless types like me out there :)

  13. Watched @AirG playing this on strim, seemed OK, a bit slowish, no armor, and the lack of gun depression depressed him on occasion, but seemed decently fun overall. Not a shitgift.
  14. Paint+vents+bia+cola+ 75% camo crew gets me 20.2 camo rating.
  15. A slower Panther 88 that gets pref mm and sees tier 7? Not a shitgift.
  16. I may need to go back to the old way of shitgifting. Asking for volunteers to be shat upon doesn't seem to work.
  17. Welp, topic seems to be dead, and given that the T14 will be off the market soon, I will go ahead and do the drawing early so that the winners have time to get me their info. Yes, winners. To make up for the early drawing, I will give one to the first AND last in the list. Plus I feel especially shitgifty today. Drawing incoming. @Purple_Prose and @SkittlesOfSteeI pm me your in-game names on NA so I can drop shit on you.
  18. Definitely shitgift-worthy, but I try to avoid gifting higher tier crap tanks since they can be sold for credits.
  19. Slow, lacking engine power, low pen gun, big flat lfp...definite shitgift potential here.
  20. When they release a nerfed premium version of the Type 95, I'll be sure to shitgift you one
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