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  1. I think that a good CV will be able to do a lot damage, but it won't be the diametric loss if there's a good CV/bad CV issue. Essentially, CVs won't be the only defense against CVs.
  2. I usually do the 10k credit option for new captains. Those first few skills go very, very quickly. Another reason you'll want to focus on a single captain for a line is that when they reach 19 points, any further XP they earn becomes "Free Captain XP", and can be applied to any captain (including for retraining use).
  3. They also have a mobile game version, (with manually aiming secondaries).
  4. Someone did the math. Essentially you stay on one side until you hit maximum rewards, then switch.
  5. So, I took a three/four month break from the game, but have been back for three or so, and I just can't get a handle on the new meta. Heck, I'm in "easy" ships like the Lion and just struggling. How the hell to do you still affect winning while not just lurking in the 0 line?
  6. The move to tier 6 has just moved this beauty up in my estimation. Yeah, it's still made of paper, but at tier 6 that's less of an issue. And the guns are still those amazing Indie guns. Load AP, point at someone, get them to cease to be. I just did for a full health Fiji and Algerie with four volleys. Sure they showed too much angle, but almost any angle is too much against these guns. The main reason I post is to point out the 190k free captain xp you get for playing one game in the 'Cola. So do it.
  7. I've played a whole two games in the Richelieu, and it might be just because I was expecting it, but the guns are damn shotguns. That said, for now, the speed boost is fun. Especially when you notice planes coming towards your stationary ass and need to be moving now. Then again, a 40% torp reduction makes air-launched torpedoes deeply unthreatening.
  8. I haven't played any of these ships, but I have gotten so used to "poor performing" AP shells that I have to actively consider where I'm aiming when I play the Roma or Yamato. My default target is now the upper belt.
  9. The Roma guns suffer from Bayernitis. Their incredible speed and penetration retention over range mean they want to snipe. But the dispersion means they can't... not really. (The range doesn't really have much to do with this.) At close range, your shells are fast enough that you can be in and out of a thin ship's citadel before the fuse triggers. Hence the overpens. Personally, I'm in a weird middle ground regarding the range. On the one hand, the short range makes me want to take a spotter plane. The problem is: not only can you not really take advantage of the extra range, you can
  10. I'm also going for the Nelson. Even though I have the Hood. And the Scharnhorst. And soon to the DoY. I think I may have a problem. Help.
  11. Montana is better at destroying cruisers. She's also better at punishing lazy broadsides. She's also better at taking pot shots at DDs. All these things make her guns, largely, better for the CA heavy CW meta. Though I will say that I've seen a lot of Yamato sneaking into the Meta. I don't completely agree with it, but I understand the logic, I think. Also, accuracy module Montana is, I think, more accurate than the Yamato. Or somewhere on par.
  12. And yet, before the Conqueror appeared, the Montana had taken the spot of "best BB", and is absolutely the number one choice in clan wars even with the Conq. So, what I'm saying is: it's you, not the ship.
  13. For Tier 8 dubloons there really aren't that many choices. Alabama, Tirpitz, Atago, Prince Eugen and Enterprise. Oooh, Lo Yang. Now, there's one indifferent ship and some good ones in that bunch, but I'd suggest none of them. From your commentary, the Tirpitz is what one would suggest. Except you've got a Scharnhorst, so don't really need the doubling up. Don't get me wrong, Tirpitz is fun and good. But it's not as fun or good as the Scharnhorst. This isn't World of tanks, and tier 8 isn't the magic tier where all the fun and happiness exists. In WoWS that tier is currently
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