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  1. Yep, it's a great tank. Enjoyed it in pubs and have run it numerous times in tourneys. Even against tier 8 lights like the RU-251, the Chaffee went unnoticed until I took most of the RUs health by myself. Some people don't like the gun, but I think it's pretty good for tier 5.
  2. GhostOps21


    Used G2A once, wasn't bad, but it does feel somewhat sketchy. I've also used GreenManGaming for a large amount now, just because it usually has good sales and 20-25% off vouchers almost always.
  3. Add meh if you want. Like running my Bromwell in pubs recently, as well as other tier 7/8 medium grinds.
  4. Add me if you're still interested. Need to get some MOEs on my CromB.
  5. I've not been on too much other than for tourneys, but I'm back to pubbing. Always looking for more platoon buddies.
  6. Various times of day 1pm-2am MST. Tiers 5-10, no arty. East or West. 1K+ overall preferred at the very least. Can be on TS or silent. Just need some peeps to play with.
  7. I have all three, just a scrub who earned them in Novac (or its descendents). Haven't played them a whole lot, but I do have them.
  8. Posted on the official, figured my try here as well. IGN: GhostOps21 Age: 21 Country: United States Time Zone: GMT -7 ,(MST (mountain time is best time)) CW Availability: 3-4+ Days a Week (depends on my work schedule) Win Rate: 55.6% Recent Win Rate: 59% WN8: 1925 Overall WN8 60-Day: 1712, Bad I admit, bad playing from me combined with campaign, RIP. Starting to turn it around. WN8 Recent 1k: 2351 Tanks: Mediums: T-62A, Obj 140, M60, Obj 907 Heavys: IS-7, IS-4, T110E5, VK 72.01 TDs: Object 268 Experienced in CW and skirmishes, use TS3, like MapTactic. Previous clans: T
  9. Definitely huge props to Android, helpful like crazy for those of us too lazy/unable to calculate the math. Didn't have to worry too much once I broke 90k thanks to you.
  10. Hit me up anytime I'm on. Can't promise I'm available during CW.
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