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  1. So friend's list and black list are gone. Guess that's just what happens when you play an early alpha game.

    1. Assassin7


      Oh, another friend had that happen yesterday as well.

      Damn I should check mine

  2. Mahou's C2A bracket tonight includes 5 teams from the following clans. MAHOU, MAHOU, YOUJO, YOUJO, and then _BR_.....

    1. Wanderjar


      one of these things is not like the other...

  3. Any session programs working right now? I'm looking for wins/losses, credits, and dpg etc. Was using wotnumbers but its just completely not tracking anything this patch. 

    1. Marty


      vBAddict kinda works (with ADU - active uploader). It doesn't update everything, but Quick Summary is working ( http://www.vbaddict.net/quick/marty-eu-7ab7d8d49cfcb6e27373cdef777fa45d/silver/3h ) and per tank stats too.

    2. SkittlesOfSteeI



      It's what I've been using. It says it's for 9.17 but I've been using it and it still works just fine for me.

  4. strongholds on west is such a fucking joke.

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    2. CenturionofRome72


      It's not even the ping, im just getting shit packet loss.

    3. Luna


      Ya'll need to fix ur net. West strongs are the best idea ever. East was a disaster tonight, both in pubs and tourney stuff. West is legit the stablest server of all time. 

    4. CenturionofRome72


      I've got 70 down 90 up according to a test i ran while playing tonight. I don't think it is the problem.

      http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/6096377090 as of this morning


  5. Have to keep reminding myself i dont NEED to buy a defender. I am strong, i can do it.

    1. Marver95


      Be weak. Farm ez creds. Praise Serb.

    2. CenturionofRome72
  6. Confirmation bias but lmao. Didnt play since christmas. Played this morning and had fun. Buy a month of prem tonight and start playing, fucked every single game. Glad it wasnt real money.

  7. Went from a GT 630 to a 1060 after almost 3 full years of playing wot and every other game on absolute minimum graphics. I feel like i have been reborn.

  8. Anyone have a link to the NA war video that used the charge of the rohirrim? Been looking for a while. Havok vs Burning legion i think.

    1. Kitten


      havok vs... burning legion? :look:

    2. CenturionofRome72


      rip my bad :) Relic i think it was.

  9. Would I enjoy the Division as a solo player once the price drops. Idk how similar they are storywise (Missions?) but i play Destiny solo and enjoy it.

    1. Assassin7


      I played through 90% of the story missions solo.

      its boring after that though. 

    2. CenturionofRome72


      Its 20 dollars used here. I'll probably pick it up.

    3. Assassin7


      may as well. it was fun for what I played of it. 

  10. You know its a good community when you get reported because a pubby tked your platoonmate.....

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      I'm doing my part to make the community better also. 

      Loaded an HE clip in my T57 and one shot 3 allied arty. I'll take my ban thanks.

    2. Shifty_101st


      Well I bet it was lethal who was tked, and nobody likes him ;) 

      jk we like him


  11. The clan league rule where we can't rage in chat will force me to replace my headset and my mouse.

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    2. nemlengyel
    3. Spartan96


      Have you tried not being a raging mongoloid ? :^)

    4. CenturionofRome72


      @DeltaVolt For clan league apparently. @Shifty_101st You left me. @all im turning off chat when pubbing.

  12. Done with class for the day by 10am. Mondays arent so bad eh.

    1. Siimcy


      Woke up, realized I start at 12 and end at 2pm, said fuck it and went back to sleep :serb:

  13. Tier 4 tournaments are fucking cancer, Widepark is fucking cancer, Fighting shitters in tier 4s who camp with 4 hetzers on widepark south is giving me fucking cancer.

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    2. Assassin7


      I actually like widepark. 

    3. CenturionofRome72


      widepark is ok, when its not tier 4s and the other teams are all camping behind their spawn with hetzers


    4. leggasiini


      Agreed that Widepark is godawful, in fact its probably overall my very least favorite map in the game (unless i get a chance to yolo at southern base :P) expect some obvious cases like Kharkov/Himmel/Ensk when playing LTs/skycancer or malinovka/phrohkorovka + cancer when playing HTs. Its just awful. Thank god its now limited to tier 4-6. I still remember the days when tier X Widepark was possible... :eww:

  14. My parents switched internet providers to save some money per month. We went from 30-40 mps down to now 6 mps down when noone else is on. We had .6 down about an hour ago....

    1. Medjed


      Sorry for asking, but was it justified? Is the price difference between the two significant

    2. CenturionofRome72


      by switching back to att for internet and phone we saved like 15 bucks a month due to it being a bundle with out tv but we are not anywhere near even needing to save money.

    3. Siimcy


      15 difference? Top kek, I'd fucking pay 15$ more personally if I'd get that kind of internet. How much does it cost in total per month now?

  15. Anyone having trouble with Wotnumbers? It will no longer launch for me after many reinstalls.

  16. Does anyone have a vid or mp3 clip of QB yelling "hes so bad"

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    2. Fulvin
    3. hayhay58c
    4. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      I juxtaposed every single time he said "so bad" in his vod, on top of each other, and it's as bad as it sounds lol

  17. Averaging almost 50 battles/day these past few days. Someone help me.

  18. Got to love the two tier ten arties shooting the platoon of 8s because xvm...

  19. Did wotscout die? I was using it for skirmish six but the past few days it won't load.

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    2. CenturionofRome72


      Thanks for that but i doubt that is the problem. It was working earlier this week.

    3. no_name_cro


      Don't know then, most likely monjardin is very busy or something.

    4. zippy_the_cat


      Lot of people are using gosutactics.com

  20. American Truck Simulator Hype Boizzz

  21. Taking classes over the summer because i cant work with one arm being completely disabled for 3 months, dad tells me to find one of those online jobs where you just type stuff. Sends me an article today that claims to allow you to make 90k a year working 13 hours/week from home. I have never laughed harder.

    1. Flaksmith


      Bwahahahaha, my dad loses a few IQ points around computers too. A few months back he got a call from one of those "microsoft computer error plz give me your credit card and soul" shitskin scam artists. little panjeet started telling him what to do, and every time I tried to interrupt him to tell him it's a scam he basically went like "shh I'm trying to hear this". It took me yanking the fucking phone out of his hand, hanging up, and screaming at him that he's a friggin idiot for him to finally realize what he was doing and go "oh... whoops".

  22. Whats the difference between the KV-220 and this KV-220-2 they have?

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    2. CenturionofRome72


      Oh so i have one then. I havent looked at my low tiers in a while.

      Is it a pref five? I thought the original 220 wasnt.

    3. Deus__Ex__Machina


      yes it is a pref premium.

    4. CenturionofRome72


      damn, i might have to reinstall here and do some clubbing.

  23. 1600 fucking hp in one shot, go fuck yourself wargaming,

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