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  1. Your recent is a wn8 calculation using your last 1000 battles. That means having a really good session of say 20 games puts 20 new games into that 1000 battle window but it also pushes out 20 games at the end of that window. So having an awesome 20 game session could push out a really bad 20 game session causing your average to go up by 10 points or it could push out a similar 20 game session causing the recent to not change or it can push out an even better 20 game session causing the wn8 to drop.

  2. 3 hours ago, EndlessAgony said:

    So yeah, Forza can run at 60FPS at 1080p, but my question is - what resolution are the shadows, what is the post processing, particle effects, etc etc? I watched some videos of Forza 6 (if that's not the one you are talking about, tell me which one you meant) and right of the bat, I could see a lot of sacrifices to achieve that 1080p at 60fps - low poly models of pretty much anything aside from the cars, the lighting was really simplified, the textures of anything that was not the cars were low res, particle effects were at best 2010 level, the cars themselves weren't that well detailed, etcetera. Looking at the Forza forums, a lot of people even admit that the game sacrificed some graphical detail which was present even in previous games in order to run at 60fps in native 1080p.

    I believe he was referencing Forza Motorsport 7 which launches this fall right before the new console. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2EEkhYcvvk

  3. I can tell you the price is because microsoft is selling the console at a loss per unit. They will make their profits in the long run. Sony did the same thing with the original ps4 to have a lower launch price than original xbox one. I believe they make their profits through first party games, xbox live and other peripherals to make up the difference.

    *Edit* and i'm not a big spec guy but i know the processor (i think) is one that Microsoft owns in some form and has basically continued to develop it under its same name. There were tons of articles trying to figure out early when they released specs on how this certain chip could perform at this level until people realized it was just using the same name for licensing purposes if i recall.

  4. My school IT sent this email to us all.


    ITS is actively responding to the email attack seen earlier today.  


    This attack was made against all Google Docs users and was massive in scale.


    We have been working with Google, UNC peers, and other higher education partners to rapidly address this issue.


    If you did click on the link, you do not need to take any additional actions. Google has taken steps to revoke any illicit account access and ITS is verifying that these actions have secured campus accounts.

    Thanks to everyone who reported this!

    Sounds like google fixed it even if you did click on it.

  5. 2 hours ago, Sylvansight said:

    Does mentality change if you have 50k+ battles and already own all/most of the tier X you want?  At that point, less pressure to accumulate credits so can be more liberal with premium ammo? (hopefully somewhat balanced by better judgement on where prem ammo is appropriate?)

    Honestly the mentality changed for me when tier 8 strongholds with credit boosts made it possible to make millions a night.

  6. 1 minute ago, OOPMan said:

    Well, they have had 3 open-world FC games to tune the driving and flying :-)

    FC4 has a pretty interesting MP mode as well. Pity no one plays it.

    And they have to relearn how to make good driving mechanics because the game has a different name?

  7. Just now, OOPMan said:

    How similar is this to Far Cry 4?

    I played the beta for a very short time and got a pretty FC4 feel from it, although the graphics engine seemed worse with lots of chunky, square rocks everywhere...

    Im actually playing far cry 4 for the first time right now and it confuses the hell out of me how flying and driving feel so much better in far cry than in this brand new game. As for missions and gameplay, feels like far cry kind of missions in a ghost recon engine.

  8. I've got the same idea as you. Its a game i will play and enjoy, however it won't be a game where im sitting in class or at work going "God damn i really need this game" like fallout 4 was for the first month(lol). Im definitely waiting on a price drop though, or at least until i finish a few other games i have waiting to be played.

  9. I still play but i have cut my amount of pub play in more than half recently. My games include Farming Simulator 2017 and really a variety of single player story games that i am playing right now. Just finished Red Dead Redemption. About to start Watch Dogs since i own it but never finished it. I've gotten back into Destiny (My secret is out, I'm an xbox fanboy on the side) as well.

  10. 3 hours ago, A_Chodeful said:

    Trying to get into the thousand pound club:

    250~ one-time bench press 

    350~ one-time deadlift 

    350~ one-time squat

    subtract 20~ pounds for reps for all of dem 

    I've only been training deadlift/squat for a few months though - I'll probably be able to up those to 400~ soon enough.

    Bench press I feel like I've capped. 


    also started working out backs - realized my lats were non-existent sometime this summer - now they spread like marmoset wings 

    Good luck man, my total was 975 when i dislocated my knee(not lifting) and stopped pushing for it.

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