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  1. 3 Questions 1. Will deleting res_mods/8.11/vehicles get rid of the white corpses? 2. Any way to add the dynamic camera back? The shake when firing? 3. Is there any way for me to change the crosshair to vanilla? Thanks for the help! (im not asking someone to do these for me, just to tell me how if its possible)
  2. Thanks sela, hope to see you back in action sooner rather than later.
  3. So is v9 safe? ive been playing without mods in case since this morning.
  4. I wouldnt consider him cheating since there is no list of banned mods and he was given no warning, and stated he would remove them if needed but until someone told him they were banned, they were used.
  5. I play the 360 version. Its hard to learn the controls after playing so much on pc, but once i did its pretty fun. I only play it when i am out of town when i cant bring my pc but can bring my xbox.
  6. Nice, just got mine as well. Been teetering back and forth ever since ha!
  7. So your saying i shouldn't be able to track someone with 8k battles, a 41% overall win rate, who is deliberately staying in front of me to keep me in spawn?
  8. Will shooting someones tracks and causing no damage count towards the auto tk ban system?
  9. Ive literally played 8 battles and have already completed the mission for today. This is nowhere near the IS6 Mission.
  10. is it a total of 15k a day, or 5+10+15=30k a day? Either way im sure i will get that just by playing. *did my own test, it is 15k in total a day. I should get this just by playing like normal
  11. Same! and good because ive run out of things to spend money on...
  12. Do you already have the 62a and 140? if not then it would be a very efficient use of free xp since it leads to 3 tier ten mediums.
  13. Oh god i was in a clan with that guy at the time lol. Tooned with him once.
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