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  1. just had a nice 7v7 tier 10 pub match. lol http://imgur.com/FSrBep0

  2. Yeah i joined to try to help the rebuild, but after the last 3 months it just time for me to find a new home
  3. Best of luck man, i just droped tags a few nights ago also.
  4. http://imgur.com/a/r3kh4 This Fucking team. I just do not know what the fuck they were thinking.
  5. Well just had a 7v7 pub match, first time that has happened to me in years

  6. Looking for a team, I can get most heavies and td's with retrained crews for them and also have 34-85.
  7. I want to Create an experiment, The Current goal im thinking of is to create a new account and see what i have to do to make a sub 40% Win Rate.

  8. i have a 3 tanks i could bring T29 with 1 and a half skill crew IS with 2 skill crew SU-100M1 with 75% on 3rd skill
  9. i dont feel like there is any difference. its just people being able to make more excuses for them self's playing poorly.
  10. i feel like this is way to much of a nerf and will make the more campy maps worse though.
  11. need more beer, fireworks, and flying Abe Lincolns
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