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  1. anyone who wants to play arty in a platoon with me on EU? i need to get LT-11 done

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    2. _deathadder_


      if you can do 1500 dmg im happy :)

    3. _deathadder_
    4. breeeze


      avg damage is 1400 so shouldnt be too hard as long as the map isnt complete shit. Client should be updated in 5-10mins so just hit me up when you see me online (same IGN)

  2. anyone who has arty and wants to platoon with me? on EU

  3. When you claim a reward for IM´s, do you have to choose a tank for female crew member immediately?

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    2. Xen


      but you can choose tanks you havent even researched yet

    3. _deathadder_
    4. _deathadder_


      im first going to finish the other missions then

  4. Anyone on EU who wants to do 1500 DMG platooned with my elc or 13 90? none of my friends play arty. Pm me please
  5. Not knowing what tanks you re facing (especially not knowing if there is arty or not) will fuck up your game. There will be even more camping. The importance of lights will be increased, but since pubs dont know how to reliably spot or do damage if you re lighting up targets this would be a miserable change
  6. WG doesn't want my money. trying to buy gold but iDeal window doesn't pop up

  7. Purchased: 'T-54' sucessfully purchased. Spent credits: 2.932.500.

    1. _deathadder_


      IM's are easy money

    2. Shade421


      ....should have got a WZ-120 :P

  8. Researched: T-54 researched. Undistributed experience spent: 150249. Free Experience spent: 251.

  9. Defeat Battle: Lakeville Vehicle: T-34 Experience received: 612 Credits received: 27.064 Battle achievements: 3 Marks of Excellence, Mastery Badge: "II Class"

    1. _deathadder_


      sniping from middle road, did 2,3k dmg. Still not enough to carry tier 7s

    2. favorius


      Sometimes even 10k damage will not be enough to carry tomatoes :(

  10. Is there a working servercross2 version for 9.5? im having problems leading targets lately thanks to lag

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    2. Rexxie


      essentially servercross2.

    3. _deathadder_
    4. _deathadder_


      cant get it to work. Wot doesn't even start. will use standard server reticle for now

  11. just bought FCM. 2k average dmg en 27%wr :S

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    2. Nekommando


      platoon with other pref8s. They tank, you shoot, no one has to lose credits, profit.

    3. _deathadder_


      my buddy bought is6 so i played half of those games platooned. but there is only so much carrying you can do

    4. Nekommando


      Get another buddy, 3some_best_orgy

  12. Just got my first triple gunmark. ELC is love ELC is life

    1. Sidus_Preclarum


      Got mine on the ELC yesterday.

    2. TriggrHPY


      <3 ELC (I got my tripple mark about a week ago.)

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