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  2. Whenever I platoon with my boi @mereelskirata and we run into a herd of stupid troglodyte blues that can't play heavies or their tanks properly, one of us switches to heavies or we just duo heavies. Feels pretty darn good man handling meds or other heavies
  3. pretty dope game. used to play it with mereel except school is shitting on my chest and i rather play other non-buggy games
  4. you forgot about the great mereelskirata. The holiest of all PLSGO
  5. If you look carefully, Luna plays with blues most of the time since they go eat shots like dopey idiots so he can farm off them.
  6. remember assad, the fatman said "fixer is the weakest link in his team" so in all his infinite wisdom of placing below 1st you should listen to him and not pick me.
  7. I missed you crab, let's play again some day so I can still learn from you.
  8. Whenever we win in gold league, I dedicate the wins to the fairest blue of all; Tomhwk
  9. you get to see me play a t7 with kewei the deaf shitlord, then wonder how he coaxed me into it.
  10. Welcome back my guy. Started working out recently and I'm really liking it so far.
  11. hahahaha you actually did it last night hahahaha
  12. did....did he really... threaten to kill himself? what fucking edge man
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