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  1. Tomorrow is July 8th 5-10pm also take careful LOOK at July 9th That is ALL DAY!
  2. Hey everyone, it is The_Xtreme and since my training days did gain some popularity for the two days I have done them (June 28th and July 5) I have decided to post it on Wotlabs for anyone who might be interested. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/370303-world-of-tanks-public-training/ What will these training days cover? In-Game Tactics Moving as a unit Focus Fire Winning! What will not be covered? Stat Padding Yolo Tactics SPGs and TDs Now here are some rules before we get into battle. Use of Illegal Mods will not be tolerated! If you are caught you will be removed from tra
  3. Super Effective is currently Recruiting players for a tourney team
  4. Yep, trying to set-up a centralized area for 7/42 team and players to get together and make it easy to find scrim partners, new players, and have a mindset driven towards the 7/42 Team battle mode. Anyone can join the teamspeak and chill out, teams that don't understand the format can come and talk and hopefully find whatever they need to.
  5. This is Area 742, this is a Top Secret training facility for new, experienced, and competitive 7/42 players. We are looking forward to the Stronghold Battle Mode that will be coming out. While you are here you will specialize in 7/42 game play, find 7/42 teams, raise awareness to the 7/42 cause, and will be a representative of Area 742. Don't have a team, we will find one for you. Have a team and no scrim partners, we will find one for you. Want to win gold and be known? We will show you how. What are the requirements to join? Clan Applications must be done on the Clan Website Have
  6. Lol Deetz that is clear I might just use that. The_Xtreme is Xtreaming right now come and watch!
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