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  1. Relic and Rel2 are always recruiting. Drop by our ts tonight and run some stronk advances with us and see if it is a good fit. If you enjoy yourself then apply. If not then no harm no foul.
  2. having fun in the Open Cup Clan League tournament. over 80 people in TS tonight. Relic Main may not be around but the Relic community is far from dead
  3. Can and will confirm that the Bimbo thing is not a troll. They have been transplanted fully intact into the Relic community. Now using Relic TS and forums. They were the last of their kind to be alive and operational from their community. Same is true for Rel2. It made since to bring the two together and repopulate ts and platoon channels for both clans. Now the Relic ts has 70+ members on in prime time each night of the week again. It helped to rekindle the TS population after the Main and Rel_3 thing. Thanks for the well wishes.
  4. Give Relic a look. I am taking guys in right now especially with the campaign coming on fast
  5. Only if I could get the title over my avatar! That would be epic
  6. Schedules change all the time depending on where we are on the map. But we have stronks going at all hours of the night. Sometimes we start them and the boys keep em going well past midnight! Best thing I can offer if you want to find out more is invite you come hang out in ts and platoon some and do some stronks with us. See if it is a good fit or not and decide from there. relicgaming.com
  7. One of our recruiters already posted here. Now let one of the CO's of relic offer the same. Come hang out with relic a day or two and see if it is a good fit. Lots of stuff going on with stronks, 12 day of tanksmas tournie, and upcoming campaign.
  8. Peeks around corner and checks for bulli. is my time out over yet? damn
  9. the most depressing recruitment thread ever. There are still hundreds of us that enjoy the game in Relic. We use this thread as a recruiting tool not as a billboard to moan. hint hint
  10. 3 active clans growing and thriving. If you are looking for an active community with a reputation for acheivement and excellence, this is the place to be. We don't just focus on clan wars anymore. Clan league, clan wars, tournaments, weekly skirmishes, strongholds, campaigns, ... we do it all.
  11. I invite you to apply to Relic. 3 active divisions. Focus ranging from Clan league, Strongholds, Clan Wars, Weekly Skirmish Tournaments, Campaigns, etc etc. Other clans may be dying off or treading water, we are thriving and growing. www.relicgaming.com
  12. Ok so here is the real answer to the question. Why is HappAuer in Rel-2 as the recruiter when he doesnt even come close to meeting the requirements?" The question itself is a testament to the success of Relic and Rel-2 specifically. When Happy got accepted to Rel-2 he was in the average percentile of rel-2. Hell, for that matter when I formed Rel-2 I was by far the best player statistically. By improving and fighting clans above our "weight class" we have gained reputation and the ability to recruit and retain players that bring up the overall average of our clan. I have several officers including myself that are baddies. Happyauer puts in more than 20 hours a week doing recruitment, spreadsheets, and clan maintenance. If he were to quit all that nonsense I have no doubt his gameplay, and gametime would skyrocket. As far as our standards and requirements, why maintain or make exceptions, when improvement is what is wanted? In other words why would I remove an inactive player in the bottom 20 of my clan and replace him with someone in the bottom 20? I do the opposite, I replace bottom 20 with top 50. And this is how Rel-2 has gotten as far as it has gotten today. And as long as Happy keeps doing this full/part time job of being a recruiting whore, then he will keep it. I just wont platoon with him
  13. Need poll to see what is the best part about the OP. 1. Subject of attempted insults in gameplay SS. 2. Application to Relic. 3. E-25 capfast replay humiliation.
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