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  1. Well seeing as the t-54 leads to 2 excellent t10s, while the 430 v2 leads to the meh 430, that's not surprising at all.
  2. I think a status update would be better for this
  3. This year's specials seems really lacklustre compared to last year's anniversary sale. This year there's no sale on crew re-training, consumables, equipment, etc.
  4. You need to watch every episode of Cory in the House before you can join bulba
  5. This tank is giving me cancer. you can't even chaisnipe with this tank because it has terrible camo and with 235 pen apcr and .37, its very hard to pen tanks from a distance. Thinking back, i'd rather play the t34/100 over it, it wasn't great, but it at least had a decent boomstick, and the pen meant i didnt have the waste credits on spamming gold, like i have to do here.
  6. I really cant seem to find anything redeemable about this tank, besides the alpha. The armor is pathetic, and you have to constantly expose yourself because of the gun handling and depression.
  7. im down, feel free to invite spam me
  8. Dont bother with HE spam, 217 apcr is more than enough to deal with t8s
  9. Lol i wouldn't call my tank stats amazing, but thanks for the kind words . Probably one of my biggest problems right now is being too aggressive for my own good, especially since I solo so much, thinking teammates will back me up. That probably contributes to the lower than expected WR i would say.
  10. Hello friends, My premium account is running dry, and so i'm looking for a decent clan that earns and pays pretty good gold, preferably one that can keep my premium account topped up. Used to be in IOC, but that clan is prettty much dead now, so i've been almost exclusively soloing for a very long time now, and i'm looking for platoons as well. Comms and TS: yes Availability: Typically 3+ nights a week T10s currently owned: e5, t57, e3, 140, batchat, 50b, e100 T10s researched but sold/too poor to buy back: e4, m48, 268, 62a, is7, waffle, leo 1
  11. If the KV-4 wasn't in the way, i would totally get one. Too bad im so poor.
  12. Researched:
    Bat.-Châtillon 25 t researched. Undistributed experience spent: 200000. Free Experience spent: 0.

  13. Isn't it also against TOS to openly declare you have 2 accounts on the same server?
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