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  1. Good event. Didn't award enough tickets or emphasize most points, best average, or race times over a season. 285 total races and 8350 racing points in the end, averaging 29.298 per game.
  2. 2420 points in 80 races yesterday, averaging 30.25. I guess it's possible if I try. I've done my time one season and had enough, so I'll let someone else on the team bear the torch for the tournament. It's not that simple when it comes to the races anyways. If you want to get the damage medals, you're better off letting enemies cross the finish line rather than killing them so that they heal up and leave more available damage. Once on cap, then it's about focusing down the low target, but you also don't want to kill all your opponents off before capping the base. There's a delicate balance of damaging the enemy enough to get 1k, but not so much that they die before you can cap. 1k damage is more valued at 10 points than capping at 5, so it's more valuable to go for the damage, but if your teammates are doing that too, you might screw yourself out of both if the enemy doesn't have enough health overall. I've seen worse behavior though. Won a game where my allies had under 100 damage each. Couldn't believe it when I saw the results screen for that.
  3. Ended the day only 1990 points up, 70 shy of yesterday. Brought my average down to 28.9-ish. Still think I'm pretty good, but there's apparently a guy on the red team doing an average just under 31, so they must have some miracle drug I don't.
  4. Find one of the Sport vehicles in your garage and select it. Use the racing flag icon in the filter to find them.
  5. Good stopping point for now. Averaging 29.43 points per race. Only one other person in the top 14 that is getting at least 29 points per race. I feel pretty dominant in this format.
  6. There are no crews associated with these vehicles.
  7. I'm pretty sure not signing up for a team only disqualifies you from the leaderboards or the team rewards. You can still play and get the individual rewards.
  8. This game is very poorly made. Shots and tanks can start moving at different speeds and register differently if your machine starts performing differently, which often happens as you move the camera side-to-side. I can consistently get max points in this, but it frustrates me how it is probably physically impossible to speed run this. I can't move my camera to intercept the light tank when it turns around, because then my shot will miss.
  9. Most fun I've had in WoT since whatever that escort event was two or so years ago. T-50 Sport is king with superior DPM and reload, and it drives pretty easy too after you get the hang of it. I haven't even bothered touching the other cars. This is like the Mammoth all over again. Chaffee is garbage, Leopard is acceptable. Physics is a little wonky and will sometimes throw your back end up and twist you. Has happened to me most around teammates, but I've seen it once or twice up ramps while in overdrive. I need a good damage log mod that can help me keep track of which enemies I've hit. XVM's isn't working, and I'm losing out on some of my Rapid Fire racing points because of that.
  10. I guess I don't need to explain my point if you're going to make it for me. I don't think you or the rest of the crew have a proper concept of who's responsible for that situation though.
  11. What kind of stance is this?? Posters have to explain themselves against harassment because mods don't want to do their job of stopping the harassment? This is bait anyways - if he explains why he has a certain way of posting, people will just rail into him for that in addition to the root issue, and it won't stop until they get bored with it or, in this case, the poster quits. Mod crew looking super on-point, managing this forum with less than 20 average posts per day. Did Never remove the active users list from the bottom of the main page too? Beautiful.
  12. WoT has been bungled so hard that it's now just a test bed for WG to explore other game ideas for them to develop into the future.
  13. Remember when I won the grand prize for the Medium Tank Marathon and got 15 years of premium account?

    Remember when I threw it all away?

    It's back.



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    2. LamaLeif


      Do it again, make a post of it, and then also link the first time you did it, see how many jimmies you can rustle this time.

    3. Kuroialty


      Probably will get rid of it again, since tests show that it still affects XP stats.  I don't know though... I might sit on it for a bit and see if anything changes.

    4. Kuroialty


      Update: I logged in again about a couple weeks back and found all the premium time was removed, because support thought someone suddenly being given 3,339 days of premium was probably a mistake.  I actually spent the last ten days or so arguing with support to get it back, which they finally obliged yesterday.  Going to look extremely weird to them if I get back to them in the future actually asking for it to be removed.

  14. Population collapse was the most impactful change to low tier play to-date, and was the result of several changes aimed towards reducing the effect of clubbing that actually ruined the experience for everyone. A massive HP boost across the board is going to make hardly any difference in restoring the population, but is going to cause even greater stat swings than what the population collapse or map pool changes have brought. If you're not looking at player stats, it's not a big deal at all. If you do, it becomes apparent that everything new will eclipse everything old in terms of performance except maybe in a few cases where tanks were overpowered or owned the meta. Relearning a simple stat change as this should be a lot easier and more straightforward than the map pool change, not merely because the change is simple, but because it is a change which creates more wiggle room for players to make mistakes or be stupid. Regardless, the extra availability of damage is going to push averages up so high that beating old records will be common for merely above-average players and effortless for veterans.
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