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  1. When I mention that you aren't a 6k player because you erased your history to get there, you are not providing me a counterargument by showing me a highlight reel of recent games. So far, people are getting so hung up on my pointing out that the numbers are rigged that the bigger story about reflection and transferal of skills and life lessons is being totally ignored. Holding up the authenticity of scores is not the takeaway from your game experience that you should be focused on. There is much more value to be gleaned from your history than that.
  2. You sacrificed your history for the delusion that you were ever 6k. All taken into account, you clearly never were. I, too, can manipulate my historical records to say whatever I want about my performance, but I would rather be genuine. Capping off your WoT history by calling it an addiction is the absolute wrong attitude to take. You should be looking at the process you took towards networking, study, grinding, refinement, coaching, being coached, and all other steps in your journey as tools to apply to other areas of your life. Success in one area of the game can be translated into success in other areas of the game, but should also manifest as life lessons and speak to how you can improve elsewhere. Casting it as an addiction does a massive disservice to yourself and the community as it blinds you from the opportunity to take something away from this and not just leave it as some period of your life when you got excited over pixel tanks.
  3. No matter what happens with the sandbox, the reduction on slots for equipment and consumables and changes to module and crew vulnerability for lower tiers will go live. The rest may live or die based on feedback, but I think it is unlikely when WG has an idea for making changes to lower tiers that they will not be committed to it.
  4. I feel like there's a level of nostalgia bating to this event, which suggests that WG recognizes its playerbase had an appreciation for the older days of WoT. Somehow though, their development direction seems oblivious to that.
  5. That sounds like a great idea. What makes you think these changes accomplish any of that in the lower tiers?
  6. After several days sifting through all the tanks I thought would be the strongest or most engaging, I have failed to find a single redeeming quality about the way the game plays compared to the live server. The I-Go was the closest I got to anything fun or seemingly successful, which I suspect is because its DPM is still the greatest and its low shell speed and high arcs allow it to win hull down fights, but it's still a far cry from satisfying.
  7. I'm still trying to figure out what the incentive or purpose is for any new player to buy lower tier tanks that have been removed from the list after they've moved up the tiers. If they still apply to the completion of some medals, there's that aspect, but I don't anticipate new players are coming into to complete tech trees. One of the appeals of the tank's low price is gone since all their prices have gone ~5x what they currently are for no perceivable income benefit. The tanks that have been left in the trees, at least as far as I've looked at tier 2, don't seem lacking in strong options, so it's not like you would need to grind down a line to unlock some OP tank to play. If you like the way low tiers play, you just stay there with the options available. If you don't, you keep tiering up or go into a different nation. In terms of tiering up, the process does become moderately streamlined since one line branches off into everything around tier 6 and doesn't require branching off right after tier 1. I just don't see the reason if you go up to come back down.
  8. There's zero finesse to the combat with health pools like this. Just about every game devolves into big health pools bullying small health pools, big numbers bullying small numbers, and trading alpha damage. People aren't afraid of moving out of cover because they can't be punished too much for doing so, so they quickly and easily move into positions where fights grind down to hull down and corner poke exchanges. The few maps that have hills are even more important now as to who wins the hill for the massive positional advantage, but the fights are still a crapshoot on which team commits and which team wins. Coming back from a deficit is several times harder since leftover health pools may be similar in relative terms, but massively greater in absolute numbers. It wouldn't be much different from playing higher tiers today at double game speed. It's a disaster. Again, it could be the environment, but I think it's got a lot to do with the actual changes.
  9. Critical hits are insanely common now. I'm getting one of my crew knocked out early in every game I get hit and often taking damage to engines, gas, turret, or ammo rack depending on what I play. Did they boost overall health and damage without making modules or crew any healthier?
  10. Low tiers on test server play like high tiers now. Might just be the environment, but I'm tentatively readying myself to turn my back on this game for good.
  11. Just as XVM is more than its ratings display, WoTLabs is more than its ratings tracking. You will certainly still be able to find threads of people talking about the development of WN8 and WN9. Those threads are all from 2017 and older, because everyone gave up for various reasons that you can read about from those very threads.
  12. The thread exists because one person who doesn't understand how WN8 works decided to make a thread asking about how WN8 works, which is not something that is unusual for this forum, but happens with much less frequency as the game declines in population and the public opinion towards rating systems sours. XVM exists because it is more than a tool for displaying rating systems. I am here because I am passively interested in what new changes are potentially down the line for this game, but instead of learning anything significant about those, I am answering the questions of a new poster who simultaneously asks them and wonders why anyone would bother answering.
  13. Honestly, aren't sweeping changes like these just a ploy to make the developers look like they're busy? Who are they aiming to please here? New players won't know the difference between old and new mechanics, and changing up the game this way isn't likely to draw them in if they aren't already interested. Older players that left have probably done so due to issues that have mounted up over a long period of time and have most likely moved on or at least won't trust WG to have fixed their biggest gripes to come back in any dedicated way. Current players, satisfied enough with the status quo to keep playing, risk having what they are enjoying be upended to something alien and being sent over the edge to quit. There is zero momentum behind a new player-made ranking system as far as I can tell. Current systems have been tainted greatly by historical balance, population decline, and lack of data transparency, and every major mechanical rework WG publishes is an additional gut shot to its efficacy. And, not only has it become practically impossible to derive a rating system out of publicly available stats, but the community doesn't seem to want one anyways.
  14. Good event. Didn't award enough tickets or emphasize most points, best average, or race times over a season. 285 total races and 8350 racing points in the end, averaging 29.298 per game.
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