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  1. I guess I don't need to explain my point if you're going to make it for me. I don't think you or the rest of the crew have a proper concept of who's responsible for that situation though.
  2. What kind of stance is this?? Posters have to explain themselves against harassment because mods don't want to do their job of stopping the harassment? This is bait anyways - if he explains why he has a certain way of posting, people will just rail into him for that in addition to the root issue, and it won't stop until they get bored with it or, in this case, the poster quits. Mod crew looking super on-point, managing this forum with less than 20 average posts per day. Did Never remove the active users list from the bottom of the main page too? Beautiful.
  3. WoT has been bungled so hard that it's now just a test bed for WG to explore other game ideas for them to develop into the future.
  4. Remember when I won the grand prize for the Medium Tank Marathon and got 15 years of premium account?

    Remember when I threw it all away?

    It's back.



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    2. Wanderjar


      well isnt that something.
      Burn it all again? or just let them faff about with Prem time because they feel better about it? literally no idea why its back

    3. LamaLeif


      Do it again, make a post of it, and then also link the first time you did it, see how many jimmies you can rustle this time.

    4. Kuroialty


      Probably will get rid of it again, since tests show that it still affects XP stats.  I don't know though... I might sit on it for a bit and see if anything changes.

  5. Population collapse was the most impactful change to low tier play to-date, and was the result of several changes aimed towards reducing the effect of clubbing that actually ruined the experience for everyone. A massive HP boost across the board is going to make hardly any difference in restoring the population, but is going to cause even greater stat swings than what the population collapse or map pool changes have brought. If you're not looking at player stats, it's not a big deal at all. If you do, it becomes apparent that everything new will eclipse everything old in terms of performance except maybe in a few cases where tanks were overpowered or owned the meta. Relearning a simple stat change as this should be a lot easier and more straightforward than the map pool change, not merely because the change is simple, but because it is a change which creates more wiggle room for players to make mistakes or be stupid. Regardless, the extra availability of damage is going to push averages up so high that beating old records will be common for merely above-average players and effortless for veterans.
  6. Boosting low tier health values by that much will push the DPM-to-health ratio somewhere around where tier 5 currently is, except with a ±1 tier spread instead of ±2. Tier 2 games will feel like current tier 5, except much more fair with regards to team makeup. Any tank which relies on clipping out their opponent to be useful (i.e. most autocannon tanks, Pom-Pom users, and select TDs/arty) is going to face a rude awakening with their enemies surviving against their attacks more often, which will lead to them being retaliated against more often, which defeats the purpose of running that kind of weaponry. Sure, they will have their own boosted health pools, but a lesser portion of retaliation damage is more than nothing at all, so these tanks will be even worse in an attrition scenario, which is exactly where this change pushes things. If ammo capacity is not boosted to compensate, then tanks with lower damage capacities will also be worse off in the long run, as the overall available health pool effectively doubles. Napkin math and memory puts overall available health under the 10-5 matchmaking system at an average of 2k and 2.8k for 1/2 and 2/3 respectively, which most tanks are able to cover. Of course, they don't ever hit that potential because of inaccuracy and team contribution. Doubling those values puts them well out of reach for most tanks. This will probably only become an issue if you are playing very efficiently, or at a high level. The biggest losers of this change would be either these tanks or the burst tanks, depending on your skill level, which means it will be the burst tanks for most players. Even then, again, whether this is an issue or not depends on whether capacity is boosted to compensate. If battles go longer and get more scrappy, more crits will be sustained, which hits the tanks with minimal crew members the most. It is somewhat of a trade-off that some of the most heavily armored tanks are also the least crewed, so these tanks can expect to see themselves lose to more crew knockouts than before. Big loser, but not as big as the previous two categories. Bush camping and sniping become much more difficult since everyone has twice as much health to pad their bad decision making. The punishment of failing the lesson "don't get hit" and reward for mastering the lesson "don't be seen" are both heavily curbed, to be replaced with effectively nothing, except perhaps "safety in numbers", which is a braindead lesson. There is zero chance this wouldn't fuck up historical stats for playing in lower tiers. Overall awful idea, the biggest glaring issues being the total upheaval of historical statistical precedence, the inevitable shockwave in balance from not compensating properly in certain stats, and the degeneration of meaningful decision-making.
  7. Things I miss: Old maps Old music Old minimap ping sounds Old garage Old team kill mechanics Tracers Population Lightning-fast load times Map pool Playing my T2 MT Tier IX radio on my T2 MT Lack of any artillery whatsoever in tier 2 Being the only brand of medium tank on the field in tier 2 Things I don't miss: No autofire on holding down mouse Camera locked to track motion in sniper mode No mods Overall, it was a massive improvement, and the only real thing holding me back has been the latency. The nostalgia high is crazy. ---- Yup, seems good to me. Only played a single game against tier 3s, which makes me wonder how laughably bad their MM must be right now.
  8. It would be interesting to see data after the event on how each nation performed and how many codes were redeemed for each nation. Since it's based on averages, I'm inclined to believe the best results will come from the newest branch with an above-average tank, as that will probably have the greatest density of active players and higher-skilled players trying to perform well. USA, Germany, and USSR have zero chance at winning this.
  9. This is the first time I've returned to playing and updating my XVM config has taken less than an hour.  In fact, it didn't even take ten minutes to update all my mods and make them run together perfectly.

    1. monjardin


      I haven't used mods in a really like time and don't miss them at all. Well, I do miss the improved auto-aim and reload counters. The reload counters alone bump me from a blue to a middling-purple. It's probably best that they were banned.

  10. You're right, I'm simply drowning in Brothers in Arms and Crucial Contribution medals on all my tanks.
  11. Shitposting on forums won't stop arty from shitting on you.
  12. The competitive playerbase died to a combination of CW fuckups, dropped tournament support, overarching corridor map design, new line power creep, pervasiveness of artillery, and massive module overhauls at every level that disconnected nearly every tank from its past performance. XVM is not what killed the competitive playerbase. If anything, the kind of harassment you or anyone else perceives is being received from XVM is a consequence of the kinds of players that are left after all of the changes above washed out those disgruntled enough by the game's direction over the past two to three years to bail, and of those changes themselves. Removing XVM will not restore any kind of competitive atmosphere. nor will any whinging about how other players are using it, as you should know well enough that those are not the caliber of player to ever feel shame for their manner of play, and it will do nothing to resolve the current mechanics and history of changes that has eviscerated the top end community and narrative. If you believe XVM is the issue to take with the game right now, you have completely lost sight of the problems and accepted a far more mediocre vision of the game whose competitive community, if it did exist, would be completely irrelevant.
  13. Oh. I suppose my question about its release still somewhat applies though. But if we are talking about the tier 1, it looks really bad to me on paper due to low penetration, lack of armor, and crew size. The Hotchkiss family and French tanks at least have some saving grace in their heavy armor protecting their crew, but this tank doesn't have that luxury. Of course, it will be easy enough to just kill this tank with most autocannons in the tier and tier above, so the crew vulnerability is just one more issue on top of a trash heap. Plus, the stock autocannon looks like the better option over the second gun just because the second gun has about 500 less DPM, putting it at one of the lowest values of the tier. Then again, the values altogether look very similar to the long-respected T1, so I could be completely off base, but I figure that enough crucial aspects of it are worse by comparison to the T1 that it will not stand out as anything special.
  14. I don't have this. Did I miss the event where they gave it out? I couldn't find an announcement for it anywhere. I know I'm not missing out on much, at least, since this is effectively a TD and tier 2 TDs are garbage on principle.
  15. just stop fucking talking about it in status updates and actually make a thread about it already, goddamn https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/preferential-premiums-perfection/ I wonder if they're going to start with all tier 8s and work their way down. Tier 2 has a few preferential premiums, and even one tech tree tank that only sees one tier.
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