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  1. It would be interesting to see data after the event on how each nation performed and how many codes were redeemed for each nation. Since it's based on averages, I'm inclined to believe the best results will come from the newest branch with an above-average tank, as that will probably have the greatest density of active players and higher-skilled players trying to perform well. USA, Germany, and USSR have zero chance at winning this.
  2. This is the first time I've returned to playing and updating my XVM config has taken less than an hour.  In fact, it didn't even take ten minutes to update all my mods and make them run together perfectly.

    1. monjardin


      I haven't used mods in a really like time and don't miss them at all. Well, I do miss the improved auto-aim and reload counters. The reload counters alone bump me from a blue to a middling-purple. It's probably best that they were banned.

  3. You're right, I'm simply drowning in Brothers in Arms and Crucial Contribution medals on all my tanks.
  4. Shitposting on forums won't stop arty from shitting on you.
  5. The competitive playerbase died to a combination of CW fuckups, dropped tournament support, overarching corridor map design, new line power creep, pervasiveness of artillery, and massive module overhauls at every level that disconnected nearly every tank from its past performance. XVM is not what killed the competitive playerbase. If anything, the kind of harassment you or anyone else perceives is being received from XVM is a consequence of the kinds of players that are left after all of the changes above washed out those disgruntled enough by the game's direction over the past two to three years to bail, and of those changes themselves. Removing XVM will not restore any kind of competitive atmosphere. nor will any whinging about how other players are using it, as you should know well enough that those are not the caliber of player to ever feel shame for their manner of play, and it will do nothing to resolve the current mechanics and history of changes that has eviscerated the top end community and narrative. If you believe XVM is the issue to take with the game right now, you have completely lost sight of the problems and accepted a far more mediocre vision of the game whose competitive community, if it did exist, would be completely irrelevant.
  6. Oh. I suppose my question about its release still somewhat applies though. But if we are talking about the tier 1, it looks really bad to me on paper due to low penetration, lack of armor, and crew size. The Hotchkiss family and French tanks at least have some saving grace in their heavy armor protecting their crew, but this tank doesn't have that luxury. Of course, it will be easy enough to just kill this tank with most autocannons in the tier and tier above, so the crew vulnerability is just one more issue on top of a trash heap. Plus, the stock autocannon looks like the better option over the second gun just because the second gun has about 500 less DPM, putting it at one of the lowest values of the tier. Then again, the values altogether look very similar to the long-respected T1, so I could be completely off base, but I figure that enough crucial aspects of it are worse by comparison to the T1 that it will not stand out as anything special.
  7. I don't have this. Did I miss the event where they gave it out? I couldn't find an announcement for it anywhere. I know I'm not missing out on much, at least, since this is effectively a TD and tier 2 TDs are garbage on principle.
  8. just stop fucking talking about it in status updates and actually make a thread about it already, goddamn https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/preferential-premiums-perfection/ I wonder if they're going to start with all tier 8s and work their way down. Tier 2 has a few preferential premiums, and even one tech tree tank that only sees one tier.
  9. How much does streaming impact your ping?
  10. I just got the Ace in this myself off 752 base XP. Nice to see that the requirement for Ace in this is finally reasonable. I just wish I didn't have to sink 900 battles into the tank to prove a fucking point. All the caveats I mentioned above about this tank and my stats with it still apply. Abbey is fine in tiers 1 and 2 and a huge step up from Shittentard. The base camping is a bit lame, but par for the course, and the bush camping just means view range is somewhat relevant again, and that's great. It's no sniper's paradise, but that's fine. Italian low tiers are all pretty good. L6/40 has been giving me huge problems though - ~50% win rate over the first 50 or so games despite having best DPM I've seen in it. Will write more on them later once I've finished hitting 150 in the tier 2s.
  11. Actually kind of excited. Both new tier 2 tanks look pretty decent. One is like a Pz II, but with a much slower clip, and the other is its own unique thing, but sort of like if you gave the Chi-Ni an actual gun and some frontal armor. I'm predicting solid 6's or better for each of them, which will be a breath of fresh air to play compared to the 4's and below I've restricted myself to over the past year plus. On another note, the autoreloader mechanic is going to be stupid as hell to ever play against. Counting shells left in an opponent's clip or how long they have to reload against tanks with those guns will be somewhere in the range of requiring full attention or being thrown out the window.
  12. Abbey showed up in a tier 2 match. That was weird. Tier 1 mastery medals are probably still bugged. Koloho is still, at least.
  13. What a fucking joke by Quicky. Any selective outrage you may express towards this topic is immediately made irrelevant if you go on to buy the product in any capacity. It also makes it rather obvious why WG would be willing to sell these products - despite people complaining about the practice or the rates, people will still shovel cash at WG to get them, rendering their complaining pointless.
  14. Played some games on my alt today.  Low tier population and tier distribution is actually pretty good.  Possible return to game incoming?

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      Tier 3s are playable for the first time in years without seeing 5s.

  15. Given that that was the same update that removed Province and completely changed the map pool at all tiers, I would be up for that.
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