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  1. neat, more new peeps they're ded and gone
  2. don't have it mate, unless if you mean the doujin's from where they were cropped from in which go to ex
  3. Hello bois, I'm back after grad school applications and acceptances. This season is pretty good! Watching boku dake, dagashi, konosuba and Gate!
  4. Fair enough, was just banter heh I don't know if there's actually 1tb of anime worth archiving tbh. At least in BD format
  5. Why would you need to save it? If you think it has no rewatch value then just delete straight after? I have 2 TB to spare and it's not even 50% filled and I haven't even begun to clean up any space. ITT streamplebs.
  6. This season is lame. How's y'all's backlogs? I'm halfway through Yu Yu Hakusho. Kuso Baba ;_;
  7. More like write grad school apps and panic
  8. The better one :^) So, UCLA yeah
  9. This won't be helpful but I saw Yang a lot back home. We used to live in the same complex. Also whoa we are in the same school and year
  10. adi

    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Not sure but they played in a few, got to the top and kinda moved around. Definitely NA, but maybe some other ones in Asia. Terry ragequit because someone suicided his T-rex lol.
  11. adi

    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Hoho quit the game because of this game. I'm terrible at this, I keep yoloing into things and losing valuable shit
  12. DEEN F/SN was trash. and F/Z is better than UBW because you get edgy Kiritsugu. F H/A has cutie girls though but other than that no comment
  13. Whoa hibike euphonium s2 and movie announced. That was fast
  14. I miss cheap and convenient Chinese food in general :/ And don't go into Code Geass with any hype, because it's extremely entry level so just watch it.
  15. Animation is what I find the comfiest in this one. Obviously only good sol are comfy, and I hate melodrama in my sol as I have had enough of it in my lifetime. I'm trying to find some cute gifs of the serious but /a/ archive is dead and tumblr is fucking trash.
  16. Starting Love Lab. Pretty comfy for some reason.
  17. I was also hyped and disappointed. Fucking taromaru. Shitty direction in the anime was kind of annoying.
  18. The only non-sequel thing I'm watching is OPM. Rip, nothing really catches my eye but I can't even work on my backlog
  19. Everyone's waifu is sexualized m8, get used to it. You're lucky google can't search into ex anyway hehe
  20. Sharo? I'm watching it for Chino, I love the bored raspy voice on a loli
  21. Why skip it? Just watch it, it's not bad, just kinda forgettable but you do get more monkey.
  22. Kizu maybe guise http://www.kizumonogatari-movie.com/
  23. That's not even in my top 3 , although I yeah I haven't listened to any of the OPs in a while
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