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  1. Ugh. I can't/won't marathon Aria before the new season comes out so I'm just gonna go at my pace. So far I'm just watching: Rabbit house, Single hit dude, slideshow the anime, lesbian lilies. Perfect on working on my backlog finally.
  2. I wish I put Aria into my backlog, I need a comfy show every cour ;_;
  3. is5 is actually pretty fun if you don't give a shit about hitting shots reliably that is.

    1. PityFool


      You still play? :kjugh:

    2. adi


      Just yoloing with purples. No other motivation really:ohno:

  4. The only good thing out of that show is a cross-dressing shota and his ass. jk I haven't watched it yet, but now you've said that, nevermind.
  5. It's rare that a series gets better in its 3rd season. I'm gonna miss it just like NNB2 ;_; last music game I've played is djmax so I can't really comment on it
  6. For your next project, redesign the website to make it billy themed please
  7. 15% winrate in ships this week pls kami-sama

    1. MrsmilieyfaceC8


      should reroll 





  8. OK starting Nadia: The secret of blue water because my friend wants me to marathon it with him. And halfway through Hajime no Ippo. This is the best sports anime I've ever watched, and it actually makes me a bit introspective. I did not expect to like it that much ;_; ALSO I fucking love moeshit too:
  9. Depends if you live in a shitty country or not ʅ(◔౪◔)∫ http://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1442260604578.webm
  10. 5'10" and I'm the tallest on my Dad's side (very very large extended family). My female cousin is 4'9" and she doesn't look ridiculously out of place, but the northern Chinese people are taller than the southern ones. So, about 6'1" is considered tall for me, or at least ideal height until I can't buy clothes in Asian countries heh (I also have a very large frame)
  11. I just finished Katanagatari. Why this ending, last 3 minutes were stupid. Watching Hajime no Ippo now during lunch breaks. Whoa this is amazing
  12. Cute pic but there are thousands of better DnB songs out there... This sounds like bastardized eurobeat (which, the genre, I actually like)
  13. Anime didn't make people socially retarded, they were already like this and used anime as their medium of autism
  14. I just realized wotlabs has the same layout as thegradcafe...

  15. They already had established character design and personalities, all they had to do was write something like GuP and make it super fun. But it turned out dogshit, save like 2 episodes.
  16. where the fuck is ufotable's touhou anime. It's the biggest cash cow there is. Fucking Zun
  17. The lottery system is gone. You can join any new server with space. And there's no point in playing the game. It's more RNG than wot, and less artwork than exhentai ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o).
  18. https://d.maxfile.ro/zdnyrbddrt.webm Charlotte spoilers sort of. Key does it again with its stupid twists.
  19. nope, it was on my ptw list for ages, I've only finished 3 shows in my backlog since maybe summer of 2014. I don't mind the talking, its just the action is hyped up for a really long time and it's over pretty quickly. The characters are chill and fun, and it doesn't take itself too seriously so I like that. And holy shit this week's Shokugeki. The pacing is on point.
  20. OK, since I have to watch something during lunch break until school starts, I started my backlog and Katanagatari is pretty hype. They talk a shit ton though, and this is coming from someone who enjoyed monogatari.
  21. Damn. I need to rewatch CCS. It's been like 13 years since I've watched that, and it was the shitty random dub. Oh that glorious OP. And NGE bluray release was today. Kind of disappointing that the TV series lost the original film and it's just an up-convert from SD.
  22. fullmetal alchemist and Samurai Champloo are great for beginners. You can watch the dub for those they are adequate. Also I haven't paid a cent for my viewing experience yet but yeah those 2 are on netflix I think.
  23. I haven't watched Rokka but the soft chick with bunny ears makes my dick go doki doki. C89 pls
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