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  1. With my few years of experience in labs... I doubt it, unless if it's not his fault
  2. haha the Bonta-kun episode was so good. But to reply to righty, I don't really read manga so meh. I remember I still have an ova to watch, gotta get on that.
  3. Finished all FMP stuff except the OVA. Season 3 when. TSR was really good and action packed. ;_; What to watch next during my lunch breaks...
  4. Is there no wn8 stat for the BT7a on wotlabs page? I had a good game in it and was wondering

  5. Carbon I saw your DL account. Not everyone has your madskillz for 6k wn8 m8. But he's got a point, no point using 2. Switch up comps for something faster.
  6. I'm waiting for the BDs. I can't post the webms of them here, but it's worth it if you know what I mean And yeah when the fuck is Kekkai being released stupid Japanese TV scheduling people. The last episode is probably lackluster (I didn't enjoy the anime original stuff that much honestly)
  7. Yeah his fucking Hamsuke can kill her. The levels on the right are projected because there aren't levels hovering on their heads any more but yeah, I'm not spoiled yet for what happened in the LN so I can't comment on future fights. But I'm hoping for season 2 (please no log horizon syndrome)
  8. The reason Ains doesn't wreck everything is that he's extremely cautious. If he fucks up the world (because he can, as no one is even half his level, and he has a ton of OP servants) and there happened to be people just as powerful he would be in trouble. The LN apparently describes everything better, and the anime won't cover enough of it so meh. I like it though, it's quite fun Nabe a cute
  9. That was tongue in cheek m8 I don't judge. Watch Darker than Black, it's pretty actiony And lol this week's Charlotte.
  10. The SoL parts still feel a bit odd. But the mindbroken faces are just too good. Welcome and wow pleb taste
  11. What are you busy with Mr Ward. I miss your screaming
  12. PS mate. I know amateur and pro photographers for this kinda stuff. It's a hilarious amount of processing. And I like the post-season 1 outfit more. Nice find though I like this pic
  13. crunchy roll :/ Also Kraft doesn't consider the stylistic changes in the last 10 years, look at Kyoani in between FMP and K-ON. You can't say stuff looks objectively better, it literally makes no sense in this case. I haven't watched much old anime but having started from post 2000, I do have a preference but lol at Kancolle looking good. The CGI is so much worse than if it were to be hand drawn.
  14. Sorry, if it sounded like I thought this season was shit. I thought some surefire awesome ones were just alright. I expected a 9/10 season but it slightly undershot that, which is still damn enjoyable. And Kiritsugu and Kirei ship is officia l
  15. Shit, I was about to set myself the challenge of grinding that to 3 marks. I mean the mt25, 12t is easy mode
  16. It's a shounen on cooking, it's fun. I don't think I've ever ranked something as 10/10, so that's not what I would go into a series for anyway This season ain't as good as I thought. GATE is also nice, but don't take it too seriously.
  17. tfw too broke to buy figs, and too cramped so there's nowhere to store them @constar you don't like overlord? Or the second cour of Shokugeki?
  18. This is actually my first Key and Maeda work, so yeah. I thought it would be stupid (not)lelouch hijinks but it's just not very good.
  19. I regret picking up Charlotte. It's gonna turn into forced drama tear jerker shit but I don't like dropping things. Fug
  20. Season 2 is a train wreck but it's bizarrely entertaining. You should watch it if you're still craving some of that stuff. Yeah I heard the Engrish is hilarious, and it takes up a sizable portion of the movie as well. Apparently the subbers have to re-interpret the english because it's so incomprehensible haha
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