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  1. sounds good. If I catch up with this season ima watch it. I heard Kogami is pretty cool in it.
  2. implying... I was doing problem sets (and I lost track of time ;_;)
  3. Which one from Genki has the best taste in animu. I bet Tom does.
  4. So... What is this thing? Thanks though, will check later when I get home
  5. My QQ account got banned again. Please let someone know so they can let my new account in

    1. #Lunaughty


      Lol did Jackie ban you?
      Rekt nigga

    2. #Lunaughty


      Oh at least post decent shit.
      Also, WoTlabs probably allows that even less ayy lmao.

    3. adi


      hehe yeah deleted

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  6. It's pedo isn't it. Fug I suck Solo is derailing this thread, time to post pics.
  7. Didn't watch shirayuki but all so good jeez. Kobayashi for the ass, Kurumi for the Chiyo voice and shovel, and Ren-chon for the :◁ moe
  8. neatorino. I'm going to start it after I marathon everything for FMP after my exams.
  9. Why is chiyo so good And who has heard of Minami ke? I got it as a rec for a comedy, looks promising
  10. I don't think any person ever thinks rail wars is good. I wanted to see multi-track drifting, not big tittied bimbos prancing about. I second YuYuYu but I think it's a bit heavy, I definitely enjoyed the hell out of it though. I also have yet to watch chu2 but it I might get around it, the designs are cute. Backlog hasn't been touched in 2 cours...
  11. I thought my high school was easy. Damn guy. Well you're still a freshman I think, just take it easy and watch animu. What I would do to go back to a life where I could just dick about in school.
  12. Lol such a common trope. Which ones have you watched
  13. They might care if you like dick or 2D more than a nice chinese waifu. But you're still a baby, it's fine.
  14. Get good grades, join a sports team and get a pretend girlfriend (3DPD anyway) so she doesn't beat you. That's what I did in high school
  15. I wish I have the balls to get a clock waifu. Good on you. no qt yandere demon underling ;_;
  16. Teru teru bozu part made me laugh really hard. it was a bit predictable but still so good. :<
  17. What did Dia recommend. Did it make you hold your wiener again
  18. Cory in the House is my favorite annie may And @righty what tanks are you playing to grind the xp out. Edit: nvm I'm retarded, when you're online poke me because I'm grinding out 3 marks in type 64
  19. Not watching it til the BDs, should be fun. Hana is cute. Apparently Kekkai's last episode should be soon, but fuck this is stupid.
  20. Playing fun tanks is fun, also strongholds sometimes with no shitters are great. Trying to get a tank takes a ton of enjoyment out of the game
  21. Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. Marathon everything up to this point. It should be fun , this is basically a continuation of season 2. And it has the best fight scenes of all fate works, if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And all you not picking up GG from the beginning smh, but it's hard to recommend without spoiling it so whatever
  22. AOTS is finally here bois. Too lewd
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