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  1. Take this with a grain of salt, but Yato said the T21 was the one he learned the most from. But he played this before the T37 came out, so dunno. But the T37 is a bit slow and it primarily serves as a sniping tank with its stronk gold round and vert stabs, not the most typical light even if I do love it.
  2. GG manga is gud. The anime is bringing in a lot of anime original, at least in terms of storytelling. But episode 3 really sealed the deal, dark as fuck. You can see the second Yuki goes crazy. wait shit I quoted the wrong person, this is for Kraft.
  3. I'm pretty sure a lot of people had that as their first. My roommate watched only a few and he picked NGE. It's just slightly more complex than your average shounen
  4. 44% last 7 days pls

    1. aaveq


      pls 76% last 1k :doge: 

    2. adi


      I'm 67% last 1k, I'm not bad. Rip, it's not even a tilt literally everything is going wrong.

  5. like Ren-chon added a non at the end of everything, very cute.
  6. Gah, I wish I caught up to this current cour. I've had literally no time to work on my backlog. And Dragon Ball Super's filler is hilarious if it's just pure SoL. Screaming filler in the middle of the fight is terrible but it hasn't come to that yet.
  7. Charlotte is ok, nothing special but I guess I won't drop it.
  8. oh fuck me I laughed hard. rerorerorerorero
  9. I already saw the spoilers, it was fucking glorious. This is like Yuki Yuna levels of suffering, but with zombies.
  10. Lucky me, I was about to post the webm for that scene. It was glorious
  11. Yeah Papi is voiced by the same VA as Sakura Chiyo, but in Monmusu she sounds crazy retarded.
  12. yeesh and yeah, that's why I hate going into shows with any hype, it really clouds my perception of things, it took me a month to finish the first 7 episodes of SG
  13. Draw a girl, call it a boy. Why is this allowed
  14. GG is pretty spooky I recommend it. And I dropped God Eater and am watching Prisma Illya when it comes out. I haven't caught up with Chaos Dragon, maybe some other day.
  15. Kekkai Sensen's OST is out, pretty damn nice if you like nice jazzy beats and chill piano stuff. Keep on the sunny side and White Gloves and On My Own dayam More edits: finished it and it makes my ears go dokidoki
  16. adi

    Ask Pity!

    How's your bulk noob. Spencer is getting hyooj
  17. Non non was good Also for Kraft
  18. Just finished Black Lagoon (finally). Really nice but the ending just made me want more, I hope Gangsta can fill the void. Also starting Dragon Ball Super. Damn I miss this series, Vegeta is such a cute tsun.
  19. Judging by how some people play, it's like they are purposely throwing the game...

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      I know of at least one dude on the NA server who almost certainly purposefully throws games

  20. Well I mean, if you don't get one of your waifu you might as well not get one at all
  21. Brotherhood's story is superior, but the 2003 one has better atmosphere and less comedy (I just liked the way the story was told even if it was stupid as shit at the end). It's a tossup. Darker than black is also great and action packed, but the episodic format isn't too hot for newbies. @righty, daki of whom?
  22. Yeah, I posted the flowchart. Start with Fullmetal Alchemist, it's a good starting point for everyone as the filler is short and it's not bad in any way. Start with the first episode to see if you like it or not, no harm dropping it if you don't. Beginners tend to eat up any shit in front of them, so it's actually good to keep in mind that you can drop whenever.
  23. Only gets better my friend. I see you are pushing through episodes fast
  24. Apparently there won't be any Shirobako 2 for years. Kinda shitty for a show that sold so well.
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