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  1. Gakkou Gurashi (HS calling it School-live rip) hype
  2. I'm not a bad cook but so many ingredients ugh
  3. Monmusu is very lewd. Gonna watch Overlord later tonight, pretty hyped. Overlord was good but they fucked up the frame rate. Non-HS subs from now on
  4. You're lucky you didn't drop it. There's one semi-recap episode later on which kinda doesn't feel like a recap until it ends. It's only getting better. And lol 8/10 being a bad rating
  5. That Haute Couture part was too random haha. It's yuribait not actual yuri damn son, you dun goofed
  6. NNBR is too comfy, 20 minutes went by too quickly. R E N G E - D O N O
  7. Yeah, I liked the shota but it seemed like mishmash nonsense. Urobuchi was involved so it should be entertaining at least And the red dragon thing is hilariously shit haha
  8. It's ok, the best Kyoani product is Full Metal Panic. I miss edgy kyoani ;_;
  9. Man, Gundam looks awesome and my friend recommends me to start at unicorn. The Gunpla looks sweet as well at the Anime Expo, gah not enough time. And I watched Chaos Dragon finally, pretty ok won't drop as of now
  10. I hope Gakkou Gurashi isn't shit Also related to Working OP:
  11. The OP isn't as good as panpanpan and wanwanwan
  12. For the lulz? It also has a nice design. I would ironically wear it! And does anyone know when the Chaos Dragon subs come out? I think raws are out already
  13. They are irritating because they are chuuni as fuck. Ugh.
  14. OK, so I got back from anime expo and shit was intense. Overall it was great, but missed out on little witch academia premiere and late night recommendations for hentai. Saw a billion shounen characters, bought a fakku shirt, got a hentai poster, and some pokemon pins. Was fun but being out for 14 hours is tiring as shit, I can't do this for 4 days without better prep.
  15. F O X L O L I. I think Nasu is involved in this again but whatever, waiting for subs
  16. They fucked up DtB and Chaika season 2. Still pisses me off, more so DtB because it is one of my favorite.
  17. I was waiting for the good subs, watching it later today, looks pretty hype. There's also a new show called Gakkou Gurashi! about lolis in a post-apocalyptic world or something like that and there's a lot of suffering which I like, should be fun. Jeez there's a lot of shit to watch this summer NNB2 hype
  18. Oh true! Hahaha, I totally forgot. There are so many "2nd seasons" I just kept going with it. hahah Good taste! God Eater and Chaos Dragon might be alright as well, maybe Gate. 3 episode rule boii
  19. The first 20 episodes were kinda weak. Nearly dropped it. Just keep trucking along, it took me 3 months to watch all of it. Hi Tom. What you watching?
  20. They look pretty sweet but I don't watch Gundam so that's just my view lol
  21. Holy shit that was good HibiEuph is probably KyoAni's best work to date, better than Afterstory, Hyouka, and Disappearance. New top 5: 5cm/sShirobakoef: A Tale of MemoriesFMA: BrotherhoodHibike! Euphonium (replacing Death Note)GodAni did it again, Season 2 when. That handholding was very lewd as well damn, on par with the new Amagi OVA
  22. If you play an insane amount of SH and bored of the other tier 8s sure, it earns more than the IS-6 because it doesn't need prem rounds and is significantly faster
  23. Pico being a slut is pretty funny. And milky holmes being a semen demon is also hilarious
  24. Some shitters made a clan called CHAI1, not affiliated in any way to us. gg http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000003459/?utm_campaign=wot-portal&utm_medium=link&utm_source=user-profile 

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