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  1. Very well put, Deus. My sentiments exactly. I'd like to see this put back the way it was.
  2. Love the new color scale. Also glad to hear it's made to be permanent. One little niggle though... I despise the rounding down of WR. After 16k games, it takes a long time to build that up.
  3. Will all the games I played today in my bulldog update once wn8 stays are loaded for it on wotlabs and noobmeter?
  4. What is the tier spread on this one?
  5. Hey folks, So the economy is taking it's toll and I need to sell my gaming rig. I don't want to post things here unless I'm allowed. Can anyone make any suggestions as to the best places to put it up for sale? Thanks
  6. It is very much affecting them. The original numbers on the STB were just estimates. And, because the 1%ers had it first (and most), the numbers went up once this update happened (based on the hard numbers established by the purples since the original estimate). As more and more of the 99%ers get the tank and begin to pull down the averages, the expected stats for the STB will also begin to fall in subsequent updates. Much to the chagrin of the purples, WN8 wasn't designed to measure purples against purples. It was designed as a basic OVERALL SNAPSHOT for the masses. To that end, it do
  7. Because 99% is, has always been and will always be greater than 1%. In WN8, its the 99% that sets the metrics. And they (we) suck in the 62a.
  8. Same question asked for the 100th time in the 100th different WN8 thread...
  9. Simply put, because that's what the numbers called for. It was pretty heavily discussed in the WN8 update thread. The obvious answer is that the masses of bads keep this tanks #'s at bay in spite of the super-uni's padding in it.
  10. That is a very rough estimate, yes. Keep in mind that there are other items in the formula besides dmg. But it's pretty safe to say that if you do 1.5x the expected dmg with a kill or two, you'll be purple.
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