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  1. I AM NOT THE RECRUITER ANYMORE, PLEASE SEE NEW CONTACTS BELOW [FOXEY] About Us FOXEY is a casual clan wars clan that was founded in April 2013. We have grown and improved consistently in that time. We like to keep the clan environment fun and relaxed for all our members, but when the time comes for serious pixel tanking we can be a force to be reckoned with. Our Clan Current Average Clan Wars FOXEY has had a successful history playing clan wars. With our attendance levels, we have no trouble fielding two t
  2. You are welcome to come check out FOXEY! You wouldn't be in the middle but we would love to check you out! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Pbkac.ts.nfoservers.com Good Luck!
  3. If your still searching come check out FOXEY! Feel free to PM me or stop by our TS!
  4. Don't know where you heard that from but they're still in ROXY as of now. But hey if ROXY wants to keep them could care less about their reputation going downhill.
  5. Not my video but shaming Mercenaries98 and Terribly from ROXY that went on a arty teamkilling spree and screwed their team over.
  6. Check us out at Foxey! if you're interested feel free to PM me
  7. We are going to try to move back to a more friendlier time zone (EST), we have some business to take care of atm on the West side of the map
  8. Got team killed by this special snowflake in arty for over 1200 damage who decided parking ~150 meters behind me on top of the hill on himmelsdorf is a great idea. Bonus GIF of what it looked like
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