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  1. WARNING: Massive Theorycrafting ahead. For things like the Kranvagn (and autoloaders in general) the optimal field mod is the one that reduces firing bloom. Everything else is personal preference but there's a heavy lean towards the accuracy field mod. As an example, when fully gearing up a Kranvagn at full field mods, you'll find that the combination players use will be Parallax Adjustment (FM4) and Heavyweight Gun (FM8). Parallax: +5% aim time -3% aiming circle Heavyweight: +6% aim time -15% firing bloom/penalty +2% health pool Wh
  2. I don't think game knowledge has gone down. The resources are still there for the relevant game mechanics. However, these resources are so spread apart that you can never find everything you want at one location. This leads to fractured knowledge on high depth subjects. It's a major point for why I even put this together. Overmatch is broken into two different components. I call them Partial Overmatch (>2x armor thickness) and True Overmatch (>3x armor thickness). Partial overmatch increases your normalization by 40%, this means 5 degree normalization AP rounds become 7 degrees
  3. Hello, Many of you already know who I am. Some of you may know me from my WGLNA days, others may recall I'm one of the sponsored streamers, and some may remember that I was the creator of the Equipment 2.0 document. I have recently finished a guide for gun mechanics for World of Tanks. I figured I'd share it with this community as I was once as fairly active reader. Click the text to access the Ultimate Gun Mechanics Guide. If it doesn't work from being overloaded, feel free to read the Google published version (poor formatting warning). Warning: it is a massive
  4. I think I already touched up on this a few pages back. LNES is significantly better than CVS when it comes to view range control in open spotting scenarios. There was supposed to be a section in my document about using LNES to counter CVS but I scrapped it after realizing it would add another 2~3 pages. The gist is that you're able to use LNES to reach a critical camo value to render CVS useless for bush spotters because you reach the critical camo value of ~42%. The reasoning why it's bad though is you're wasting an equipment slot when there are already other vehicles in the game capable o
  5. In maps with little to no foliage, LNES > CVS. LNES is applied first into the total tank camo and then CVS works against that new value. So when CVS is fighting against a LNES user and assuming that both users have them in the bonus slot in open spotting scenarios - a 12.5% reduction to moving camo vs +8% camo. You can do the calculations directly and find that the LNES user has a 7% camo advantage (0.875*8 = 7). This translates to anywhere between 30~40m of spotting advantage for the LNES user. This works differently when foliage is taken into account because you need to know the tot
  6. No offense of course, but you do spew a lot of stuff with no deeper interpretation or understanding for how the mechanics works. As for how IRM and VStab works or any dispersion decreasing equipment/skill: If you simplify it just a single dispersion value for explanation's sake: If you include dispersion reducing equipment with x%, it decreases dispersion by the listed value or (1-x) in calculations: If you have Vertical Stabilizer or IRM in this case it would decrease the dispersion for any type by 10% or in this case 90% of the original value before doing the calculati
  7. The only update the document has received was an entire rewrite to CVS and the theorycrafting behind it which was completed 2~3 weeks ago. It is the most comprehensive and in-depth analysis for CVS in the world at the moment. As far as I'm aware there is no other resource that has correctly explained CVS and its interactions with in-game bush mechanics correctly. The vast majority of the document needed no revisions as it was almost entirely correct. There are some reservations as to how grousers truly work but that's for another time. The only thing I can think of is further analysis us
  8. Hello, it is I, the writer of the massive document. Surprised to see that it was posted here of all places. And not surprised to see that I got actual brain damage reading Wanderjar's comments.
  9. You have good touhou girl tastes. :)

    1. Fulvin


      You and I both. Best sub notification NA

  10. I can't help but notice that the female crew you receive from the missions don't quite fill in any of the tanks you get through the line. Commander, Driver, Radio Op., and Loader are the female crew members you get. The tier 6 to 8s have all of that including a gunner that you don't get a crew member for and the tier 9+ have 4 crew members that don't include a radio op. Looks like gold retraining is what you're going to have to do unless it's an oversight. Otherwise, RIP 200 gold.
  11. Overlord_Prime


    Those VODs don't really have many games of the SU-100M1 in it, it does have skill selection in the beginning though. I recently just got the tank but I figured I would play the 13 57 GF instead during the weekend for players to see if they really wanted to buy one for the short time it was on sale. I'll probably be playing the tank more and can send you a replay pack of it if you'd like. So far really liking the tank (not so much the matches I've played in it). It basically plays as one of those tier 5 mediums on steroids. It gets the same insane DPM but also has a decent chunk of alpha to
  12. I would recommend dropping the Kingston V300 SSD and put in the 850 EVO. It costs a little more but it's worth the money. The V300 was known for being in a bait-and-switch where it now operates at a much slower speed than most SSDs of its generation.
  13. Definitely fuel tank fires. There are perks to address engine fires (preventative maintenance) which are nice because eventually you hit enough skills where it becomes viable (5~6). Meanwhile fuel tank fires are just based on the module which is problematic because a ton of chinese + russian tanks have fuel tanks in the front and engines in the back. It's annoying because you can stop getting hit in the engine and decrease the fire chance there but you can't stop random fuel tank damage.
  14. -3 degrees of depression on hilly map? No problem. http://i.imgur.com/6qAk2UY.jpg

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    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      is the WZ similar to the T-34-3 in playstyle?

    3. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      Does it have any big issues compared to it? It looks like it fixes the pen issue, easily the 34's biggest

    4. Overlord_Prime


      The WZ-120 is easily described as a T-34-3 v2. It's basically the same exact tank scaled up to tier 9. If you like the prem 8, you'll like the 9. Only downside is playing against tier 10s (WZ-120) is different than fighting tier 9s (T-34-3).

  15. You played way too passive in that match to have any sort of impact on the outcome. All of your damage was at the very end when your team was already dead. In order to win those games as bottom tier, you need to be at the front line or close to it to sway the movement of enemies and deter/counter or punish pushes. Within the first few minutes of the match you spot all of their top tier tanks in city, including their tier 10 mediums. You also get lit from field when trying to go down the 5/6 line. This tells you several things: None of their top tier tanks are on field (including m
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