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  1. Receding hair line was getting to be too much Don't really play super conq at all man, find it way too boring. There's a few replays on my YouTube and that's about it. A 9.7k dmg game and my 3 Mark session I think. Check out decha__ on twitch, he plays it alot and much better than me.
  2. I had the same issue for the first 150 battles in my 113. Now it's my favourite tank. I'm not sure what exactly I changed, i just remember one day it just clicked. Playing aggressively is a key point while also keeping as much HP and support around you as possible. If you're too tier you can face roll any of their tier 10s easily because lul DPM and 340 HEAT. Full tier 10 games you need to stick with your super heavies and use them as shields while you work your dpm and leverage a little of your turret armour. It's a very similar playstyle to a rumed but you can be alot more aggressive in it
  3. It's 'fun' in the same way the leopard is for me. It's a personal thing. Kinda like people still playing the E100. It's the tank that I learnt how to play tanks in. It's just not good and I can't really recommend it. The k91 is surprisingly good if you're looking for a medium with with more flavour than every other Russian medium. It has armour in the form of insane DPM (4.9s reload without improved equipment,) really nice base pen and VR. It works because it can do funny camo snipe/scout shenanigans but if you need to brawl you can. Also always gonna recommend any fast heavies. I find it surprising that alot of people haven't caught onto the fact that they're easily the strongest tanks in the meta right now. If you want a "fix my shit session" tank, get a 5a/113/277 and just face roll poor pubbies who can't deal with them. I personally love the 113 more than any other tank but that's just personal enjoyment, each of them has they're strengths that will play to yours.
  4. Progetto line is meh. It's a better leopard but that doesn't mean it's good. I like how the new is3a is gonna be better as well. Polish tank line is also kinda meh from what I've seen. Tier 10 is decent I guess but the penetration gives me flash backs to the 705a and it's an instant no from me. A shame because I got a Polish female crew back when the rumour been that a polish tier 10 would be a t55 varient.
  5. Is the stats side of wotlabs going to stay as NA only?
  6. Tanks.gg is pretty decent. Doesn't support RU tho which kinda annoys me because I like checking some streamers stats out but other than that it's the best I think
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