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    What am I doing wrong in the 113?

    I had the same issue for the first 150 battles in my 113. Now it's my favourite tank. I'm not sure what exactly I changed, i just remember one day it just clicked. Playing aggressively is a key point while also keeping as much HP and support around you as possible. If you're too tier you can face roll any of their tier 10s easily because lul DPM and 340 HEAT. Full tier 10 games you need to stick with your super heavies and use them as shields while you work your dpm and leverage a little of your turret armour. It's a very similar playstyle to a rumed but you can be alot more aggressive in it
  2. It's 'fun' in the same way the leopard is for me. It's a personal thing. Kinda like people still playing the E100. It's the tank that I learnt how to play tanks in. It's just not good and I can't really recommend it. The k91 is surprisingly good if you're looking for a medium with with more flavour than every other Russian medium. It has armour in the form of insane DPM (4.9s reload without improved equipment,) really nice base pen and VR. It works because it can do funny camo snipe/scout shenanigans but if you need to brawl you can. Also always gonna recommend any fast heavies. I find it surprising that alot of people haven't caught onto the fact that they're easily the strongest tanks in the meta right now. If you want a "fix my shit session" tank, get a 5a/113/277 and just face roll poor pubbies who can't deal with them. I personally love the 113 more than any other tank but that's just personal enjoyment, each of them has they're strengths that will play to yours.
  3. Progetto line is meh. It's a better leopard but that doesn't mean it's good. I like how the new is3a is gonna be better as well. Polish tank line is also kinda meh from what I've seen. Tier 10 is decent I guess but the penetration gives me flash backs to the 705a and it's an instant no from me. A shame because I got a Polish female crew back when the rumour been that a polish tier 10 would be a t55 varient.
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    Major Server Migration Completed

    Is the stats side of wotlabs going to stay as NA only?
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    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    K91 GET
  6. Va1heru

    Best stat sites at the moment? is pretty decent. Doesn't support RU tho which kinda annoys me because I like checking some streamers stats out but other than that it's the best I think
  7. Hi, my name is Va1heru (Val works fine but,) this is my now one and only replay thread where you can see me play like complete trash for days on end and then run 60 games at 4k WN8 (Thanks @Kitten and @ForkUrEyes <3) And yes, it is possible to be good at tanks and be attractive :^) I am one of a few high level Australian players on the ASIA/SEA server I play a mix of solo and platoons, I will pretty much plat with anyone just like send me a PM and say you're from WoTLabs <3 You will typically find me playing mediums or fast heavies (the RhM is the exception,) I despise slow tanks that cant make an impact on the battle I stream all my games on Twitch and upload nice games and sessions to Youtube! I should also like to extend a invitation to any NA/EU WoTLabs friends who would like to brave SEA, I have an alt account here with an IS 7, E4, CAX and assorted 8/9's, it has terrible stats so the camo will be real, PM me if interested! Now enough shenanigans
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    Obj 277 - Just a worse 5A?

    It keeps up with a 907, has really good gun handling and has workable armour. Its just a different flavour of 5a/113/IS 7/260. There's good and bad aspects of all of them. Worth getting cuz its really nice in CW and Advances but any of the other tanks achieve pretty much the same thing it does.
  9. Va1heru

    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

  10. I get 140-160ms on HK from Darwin. Noticeable packet loss at times but I think that has to do with my routing not been optimised just yet. Same shit teams and meta so I'll stick to my 20 minute queue times on ANZ
  11. Yeah it died a while back, I've been using tanks GG for stats, mainly because it's flatout wrong and I like having 7k recents
  12. Yeah like I said in the video, right place, right time. Ive had alot of games "like" that pacing wise, just lucky with the teams hahahah
  13. Man the looking for sea unicum thread is interesting. Why do people go on the official forums again? Also @spacewolf I only just saw your post in my thread about the 268 v4. I don't actually run into them very often in pubmatches tbh, but if I do I'm usually in a 113 which means 340 HEAT into the ufp or the cupola shuts them down fairly quickly. They have shit gun handling, shit dpm and they're horrible to play on hills and corners, which Actually makes them very easy to avoid. Generally I just avoid them as best I can because it's a super frustrating tank to face and I haven't found a way to effectively deal with them yet. Your best bet is playing high calibre guns (TD'S like the E4 fuck them so hard) or high pen HEAT (Chinese heavies, 430u etc,) they're great at bullying mediums but not so good at dealing with good heavy players.
  14. I saw a screenshot of the arty post by that guy. Interesting opinions, well worth a character study