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    Va1heru reacted to kolni in Why the heck is valley push on Lakeville so popular now? It's still a low-percentage   
    The play is actually better than people give it credit for. It's the signature retard play according to the old days, but consider that the city doesn't give any valuable map control in reality and that the middle road is a huge risk in vision if there's even a single light tank on the enemy team who knows the good bushes to lock it down. 
    The city area is decent, easy to fight on and micromanage but it's riddled with crossfires that you simply have to cross so with big TDs in base that gets very risky, along with the chance of your team just getting steamrolled in the city too. 
    What the real problem is that the city is only valuable as map control if you have the middle too. Crossing from city into the enemy base is a long and open road where you easily get put at a disadvantage, and the middle road is the only way to keep them away from peeking on you safely. This where the valley comes in. It's a direct base to base play. If you actually push the valley early, it relieves all the pressure everywhere else on the map. Lake road crossfires disappear and the city now has even better crossfires for your own team. Especially with the mini-mountain on south spawn you can take from north at the very redline or the arty spot on north that basically locks any basecamp down entirely. 
    TLDR; Valley is good for actually controlling the rest of the map, but that's assuming that you push it all the way through early, if you're just peeking the ridge it gives nothing and is pointless. It's probably the best commitment play on the map outside of taking middle rock from south, but probably one of the least useful passive ones on almost every single map
    There's a reason why X3N4 went valley almost every time when he was in anything armoured, you win the map through it
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    Va1heru reacted to kolni in HE ammo best ammo   
    It took me about 150 games to really get the hang of the gameplay, 50 more to master it. 250 games in and 4k is easy, 4,5k is manageable and 5k sessions are doable as long as you get maps that work on lanes or crossfire rather than simple pushes and counterpushes (like Fjords, Sand River and Highway). The req for the shitbarn for 3MoE is about 5K combined. I spammed 52 games at 4,6k DPG and 600 assist today and currently sitting on 94% at the mark. 
    You don't really have to camp in this most of the time, but aggression is non-existent. The tank is mobile enough to work any spot a medium tank normally would, with the drawback of its size and gun handling that needs to be taken into consideration. You also have to consider that while constant firing in this is really good for racking up damage if you actively try to find HESH pens then 3 shots is all it'll take for a good game so being out of the fight searching for something better is a very valid option. AP is also totally worthless, with the gun handling it's just so much better to go for center mass and actually hit your targets. E 100 turrets and Types are the only thing AP is good for, other tanks like Maus and JGPZ with their turret and superstructure respectively are really hard to hit and pen unless really up close so just HESHing the turret for a reliable 700 is much better option. 
    You can basically play the bush in mid from south on Fjords, the pocket from north on Mines, the city in Ruinberg and all that stuff just as well as any other tank would. The difference is that you will always run a higher risk and always get shot at first but you need to expose much less and can be much more picky about when to poke. If you can't stand camping or don't know stuff about lanes then go somewhere where you can poke for shots but where they can't push you. Mobility plays a big role as you can actually take some decent positions early for shots. It's also perfectly fine to trade in the tank, as long as it isn't Types or other FVs you're almost always going to win the trade anyway, and if not then just give it some time and they will start to shift their focus eventually. 
    The key to the tank personally for me was to be patient. There's no need to camp, but also no need to rush things. 
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    Va1heru reacted to Never in Holy fuck, @Never is alive!   
    Something with those XVM values thingies
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    Va1heru reacted to Never in Holy fuck, @Never is alive!   
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    Va1heru reacted to monjardin in So is there a quick way to sell all the Camo's Ive built up (9.21 patch 1 week late b   
    There's a mod that will sell a whole stack of emblems. Let me find it...
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    Va1heru reacted to CarbonWard in Fuck me this is the hardest mark i've ever had to do. it took me 62 games to just get   
    Dpg wise it really doesn't matter as long as its 4700+, once you get to around 90% its just pure RNG(assuming you avg 5500 combined) for that 4-5 consecutive good games. I could of gotten this anywhere from 110th game and up but RNG and my own fuck ups prevented it.
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    Va1heru got a reaction from Rspctd in So what are you guys using as / repair & med kit in keyboard? My old setup was al   
    My rep and med kits are bound to the 2 mouse keys next to my thumb. Much easier than reaching for 4 or 5
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    Va1heru reacted to MissNurki in I've quit WOT for good, and getting rid of my acc. Deleting friends list as we speak,   
    User Xensation [IDEAL] has been removed from your Friends list.

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    Va1heru got a reaction from Medjed in – “Arty is a perfectly fine tank class for autists, what do you dislike?” – Slava Mak   
    Every new QnA with devs keeps hinting at them wanting to remove it. I don't want to get ahead of myself but I'm so keen 
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    Va1heru got a reaction from BlackAdder in – “Arty is a perfectly fine tank class for autists, what do you dislike?” – Slava Mak   
    Every new QnA with devs keeps hinting at them wanting to remove it. I don't want to get ahead of myself but I'm so keen 
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    Va1heru reacted to An_Arty_Player_Hits_You in C A L C U L A T E D https://clips.twitch.tv/ResilientAbstruseParrotBudStar?tt_medium=   
    calculated jump, calculated shot, calculated DROP
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    Va1heru reacted to HemanathanRX7 in Tfw you play the best game of your life and win a 1v9 kolobanovs   
    GG what a carry
    2 more for a raseiniai though  
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    Va1heru reacted to sohojacques in Tfw you play the best game of your life and win a 1v9 kolobanovs   
    Shit yeah. GG is an understatement.
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    Va1heru got a reaction from HemanathanRX7 in Ranked is hard with 400ms   
    MM was just 15v15 tier 10's, it was test server, so low pop meant you played against everyone really. No rewards until the end of a season. new equipment is good but not OP from what i saw (could only mount 1 piece, thats all the bonds I had enough for.)
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    Va1heru got a reaction from nabucodonsor in What happened between Lemmingrush and QB?   
    If you haven't already, read his comment on lemming's video, that was probably the funniest thing I've seen for a while 
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    Va1heru reacted to Graf-Eisen in What happened between Lemmingrush and QB?   
    the madman did it again!
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    Va1heru got a reaction from RC_Tank in didn't think it was possible but now artillery is even easier to play, even someone w   
    20 games in my WZ 1-4 and Ive been arty penned 6 times, ASIA says hey
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    Va1heru reacted to leggasiini in Hmm, I kinda want to stream now that I'm not a ball of rage even tho this game has wa   
    Fap cam pls so we can watch your fabulous hair all day long  
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    Va1heru reacted to WhatTheSkara in Anyone know how muxh free xp is required to get the tier 10 Chinese LT on patch day?   
    Tanks gg says 209k for the elite t9 + 244k for the t10.
    Do you get the elite t9?
    Being the only one that stays at tier 8 I guess you'll have to unlock the t9 and grind it.
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    Va1heru reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Everyone I know is going somewhere or doing something for spring break, meanwhile I'm   
    UPDATE: I have run out of muffins and am down to 1 tub of ice cream

    Unrelated, almost at 100,000 profile views.
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    Va1heru reacted to Nisa in   
    We're in a better place, been playing world of warships and dota recently.
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    Va1heru reacted to BedakCoa in Tfw no more blue   
    True that @Va1heru, I hope I can git gud  at least somewhat consistent 2500rwn8 when I am not tilted is allright for casual player
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    Va1heru reacted to TAdoo87 in Tfw no more blue   
    dat avg tier <3
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