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  1. That moment when you knew you were on track to casually hit 3500 wn8 overall, and you check back a couple weeks later to find you are down ~430 points.
  2. Interesting tool, never. Is there a way for usage of the stats lookup function to be restricted to moderators and subscribers, only? Cheers.
  3. Unfortunately, past a point and for several reasons, the better you get, the harder it is to play and enjoy the game. Real shame, lots of good people and players leave because of it. esports with 25% rng and CW 2.0 doesn't help, either...
  4. Cheers, buddy. It was an exhilerating match.
  5. To be fair, if your fps is 10, XVM is not the cause. Even developer versions of the mod are not going to significantly decrease fps unless you have it configured poorly, or flat out incorrectly. I have heard multiple complains of fps drops for 9.10, usually from people not running any mods at all. Pretty curious, considering there were not any graphical overhauls for this patch...
  6. Clam rebuild half complete.  Will recruit 4 evals.

    1. KruggWulf


      Until they taste the bluesalt, then they'll run away.

  7. Not many clans have "A" teams, to be honest. Top 5 are otter, bulba, G, chai, and [insert your clan here], in roughly that order. Maybe my expectations for an "A" team are too high, not sure...
  8. When your "friends" try to tell you not to join a clan with good standing in the community, they are trying to poach. Ignore them, and join whichever clan you feel at home in. Clan wars is in limbo at the moment, might as well enjoy where you end up.
  9. I have not played the 907 extensively, but my general feeling is that the leo's rack is moderately less sturdy.
  10. For what it's worth, you aren't the only one going through this. I have been losing enjoyment from WoT gradually over the past 2 months, and the past 2 weeks have been inexplicably tedious and painful for me. Every third day I login this month I cannot drag my winrate above 35-40% (i solo mostly), and I can't recall the last time I had a good week where I played at the level I am capable of. Lately I cannot even maintain my overalls because I have such a hard time giving a shit about a game that has not only stopped rewarding me for my effort and skill, but appears to be punishing me for it. As pathetic as it is, I end some of my streams in tears because WoT was pretty much the last thing I could clutch any happiness and enjoyment from. That feeling is pretty much numbed over, and I thank the stars if I have 1 good day each week. I am doing my utmost to hold out for 9.10 or labor day, grasping onto a tiny piece of hope that the game will improve in some way, on some level...I want to offer some advice that would help, but I am in no position to do so. I play my fucking heart out and give back to the community every day, just to be 1-shotted by another SPG, lose another steamroll match over in 3 minutes, be told my clan is dead, or be lectured on how much of a shit player I am by the playerbase. For my time i get diminishing returns and end up asking the same questions you have.
  11. Had to stop it early due to internet issues. Finished it on Wednesday, congratulations to the winners of the giveaway!
  12. That was essentially my thinking after I had fallen back from hill. At that point I had genuinely tried to vie for map control on the hill (as you recalled), and I had given my teammates every opportunity to help. Unfortunately there are just teams that decide as the countdown timer ends, they want to lose. Once a team has reached this decision, usually by ignoring map control absolutely and utterly, there is nothing you can do to reverse it. Your best and only hope in these situations is to hope that the enemy team makes a mistake as they push. You have to hope that their summation of mistakes outweighs that of your allies. I tried to tip the scales in my team's favor by attempting to control hill for as long as I was able, and it had a null effect. The outcome was some meager damage on my part, and the loss of a tier X TD. If I had kept trying at that rate, the game would have been over much sooner, especially if I had died prematurely trying to do things like spot for TD's. Now, the reason for me being so pessimistic about my teammates (even the JPZ near the end) was that the past two weeks have been one soul-crushing day after another. I am at the point where I have the mental and emotional energy to provide my team with one chance to win. If they squander it or throw it back in my face, I say **** em and move on. Probably sounds harsh to most, but I put in an incredible amount of effort into trying to win matches; my reward is usually a mountain of ineptitude on my teams and abuse towards me from said teams.
  13. only when you need additional grousing can't recall ever being tempted to use it
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