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  1. So I just read this comparison thread: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/408540-tanking-w-science-gld-vs-vents/ and it seems that GLD benefit is outweighted by Vent. I have always prefer GLD over Vent, but now I think Im gonna make a change to most of my tanks.
  2. I solo all the time so I guess full apcr would be a waste then. But is it true that spaming gold on T54E1 cost less than on T69?
  3. My T69 crew skills are: Commander: BIA / 6th sense / camo Gunner: BIA / camo / repair Driver: BIA / camo / repair Loader: BIA / safe stowage / camo I read Garbad review that T54E1 is a pure fire support tank, so should I drop camo for other skills? Also, should I load full APCR? currently mine is 28/8, but I had got into a situation where I only had 2 rounds in a clip and almost lost the end game for that.
  4. Yeah. I think its because of the fact that many goods players are grinding for the tier X in the hope of a free tier 8 prem, so the bar got raised a lot higher.
  5. Almost died at the end though, a bit arrogant. http://wotreplays.eu/site/1435912#cliff-hamsterkun-comet I'm not sure if this is a carry or simply leeching; nevertheless, I felt good!
  6. Especially when you are top tier in a sea of red/ low yellow
  7. Just wanna say that my account is actually on SEA server named cfsf2, cant verify that account on this 4rum..... Okay, got the address, give me my prizes now
  8. Seriously these are the answer i want, i put WoTLabs in the title for a reason. I have never bought shirt online so i wanna know about the quality and shit, not some sarcasm about it.
  9. Are WoTLabs's shirts good? have u guys ever bought them?
  10. Can food really gives you 1-2 more % WR? Also how do you counter vision-controlling tank? (high view range+sit behind a bush med or TD)
  11. If not then should the 3rd slot be Vent or Gun laying drive?
  12. Its armor is actually good But yeah its boring
  13. cfsf1

    T28 Prototype.

    Not many tanks are willing to spam gold on this though, if T28P is on top tier, its armor is extremly useful.
  14. http://wotreplays.com/site/1010259#komarin-hamsterkun-t30 nothing epic actually but I was suprised that RNGesus was on my side
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