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    French TD Thread

    Seems we have fundamental difference of results & opinions about the French tier 4 to 6 tank destroyers. You cannot make them work, and other people can. Question is why? The SAu 40 has more view range than a Hetzer does. The derp gun works fine for the battle range. Gun Depression & Camo are decent for the battle tier range: -10/+30. The relative poor vehicle turning rotation speed is offset by the driver being able to A) gain information earlier; B) invisible snipe; C) peek-a-boo derp; D) play forward bush scout, depend on team line-ups & map. ARL V3
  2. If it was a tournament series at tier 6, there can be more than lemming and focus firing. Depends on the map, mode, numbers of #, peer vehicles allowed in, time on the clock, teammates on your team, tendencies of your opponents' et al. Typically the winner in a tournament is doing something slightly to greatly different than everyone else. Sometimes its focus firing with mass, other times it can be a scouting combined with multiple series of trap games and overlapping pre-determined firing zones. Other times it might be something noticed on a map, no one else has seen before. De
  3. F.Y.I. the matchmaking status of this tank, like all the regular Czech line tanks found from tier 5 to 10, will be nerfed via the matchmaking weighting by +20% if the Test Server notes for Patch 9.14 stay the same. If you seek a slightly easier module grind for any of the Czech regular line vehicle, from tier 5 to 10, I'd suggest doing some before Patch 9.14 arrives.
  4. Since your asking for an opinion? I know some follow a strategic of placing their female crews in tanks or classes which lack premium trainers and/or tend to receive low base experience on average per match. GroundAssault007 for example, has placed multiple female crews in artillery. Why? Zero premium trainers in American, Soviet, German artillery. Low base experience per game is what artillery earns per match. Yet for organized play, Clan Wars/Strongholds/Tournament, many tactics require at least one artillery to break up hard turtles. Most Light tank trees on the other han
  5. You have a lot to learn. Even the gold league individuals can be defeated by mid-tier specialists in a given tournament who's reward was 10k gold. It has happened, and will happen.
  6. Based on the changes, I'll at least consider playing in Clan Wars. That said, will have to see if the landing times are earlier, if not then no dice. The little I saw of Clan Wars during a prior campaign with Dread clan, it bought up parallels of tournament teams I organized & called for. Mostly any tactical changes between the tiers were reflected by how things were framed by map, mode, flag placement, time allowed, and vehicles in the peer group range. How a given team deployed greatly was dependent on how a group was forged & how decisions were reached (or not).
  7. Feedback mechanisms are one reason for your 'skill-adjust results' for tier 2 artillery. The German tier 2 is subject to larger R.N.G. factors than the French tier 2 FT BS is. Additionally the smaller map sizes are rather ideal for shorter range tier 2 artillery, than what the the German tier 2 G.Pz IV was designed for. The Pit map rewards lower aim time vehicles & quicker reload cycles greatly. Bit surprised, the Lloyd GC ranks so lowly your results RichardNixon. When was your data taken from? Before or after, the mapping rotation system was altered? Many pe
  8. Handy mod, indeed. Almost looks like a copy and pasting, taken from JohnQuicksilver's creation at December 15th 2015. Europeans copying and taking credit from a Russian mod creator? One notable difference is, JohnQuicksilver's mod has multiple trees options with and without a larger selection of premiums vehicles. Ideally if you have a larger screen take the "larger selection": If a smaller screen size, if needed, take the "cut" version. JohnQuicksilver is one of a number of Russian mod creators of tech trees, over at Wargaming official Russ
  9. When one keeps on sees the same mutual friends over and over in random pub matches each day, year after year of play -- the thought does arise. Especially after going through a process of friending, unfriending, then re-friending multiple individuals over a long period of time. It's not hard proof per se. However when one considers a series questions related to why did Wargaming Developers previously 'limit' the sum of every person's Blacklist + Friend list? Suggestion being, the combination of a Blacklist + Friend list direct impacts how the matchmaking system operates. If y
  10. Cough, cough... your doing something very wrong if you think all French tier 2 vehicles are shit: Kurio's list is fine, granted it has a few blind spots or omissions on what's workable. For example, zero artillery coverage insight and artillery vehicles do vary in their outcomes even at tier two. Next no discussion of platoon vehicle combinations for the few maps given. That said, the Cruiser III, Cruiser I, Pz II, Pz II Aust D, T2 Med, M2 Light, T1E6, FT BS, Te-Ke and even the unmentioned tier two Czech tank are each excellent. Though, he seems to want to promote the use
  11. WN8 standards can and do go lower... How low can you go?
  12. Shortly after one hour of Patch 9.13 being, I noticed Fuego_ of Vilin clan was playing the Tier 8 Czech TVP VTU KONCEPT against my tier 8 premiums twice. We split the matches 1-1. He was having a very rough start with it. Separately saw a bunch of people had Free XP'd to the tier 3 Czech tank, when I played a German Pz II. On the other hand, did not see a single Czech tank between battle tiers 4 to 7 in my early morning session. As for me, I'm in no rush to grind up the Czech line. Much rather save my Free XP for modules, and for safety sake if get too busy between now
  13. Others factors to consider, regarding matchmaking on the NA server: 1. Being mutual friends or having an one way 'friend-ing' relationship, is taken into effect by the matchmaking system. If you friend a person, you will see them more frequently in random matches compared to not being a friend. 2. Blacklisting individuals, adds a layer of rules to remove individuals from your teams more frequently than not. However if and when the population is 'low', given the constraints of your server, this Blacklist layer of rules is relaxed more frequently. 3. The matchmaking battle tier
  14. Noticed this 'Developer' gem from Rita's Status Report: In other words, if one had any doubt where power to change this game exists... Russian server polls. Was any other server even asked about this topic question?
  15. Recently I came across a very popular RU Youtube streamer's video that showed two utterly broken ways up to higher elevations which unbalance the map to the advantage of the D2 spawn side. One never sees NA server pub's using these positions, however it's expected there both commonly used on the RU server. Where are they? E3/F3 --> E4 grid | Can spot and snipe. Yes it's exposed. What can get up there? ELC with a push-up. A6 --> A7 grid | Can hull-down, spot, and hit roof armor with ease. It's higher than the ridge line found on Line C. What can get up there? A KV-
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