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    French TD Thread

    Seems we have fundamental difference of results & opinions about the French tier 4 to 6 tank destroyers. You cannot make them work, and other people can. Question is why? The SAu 40 has more view range than a Hetzer does. The derp gun works fine for the battle range. Gun Depression & Camo are decent for the battle tier range: -10/+30. The relative poor vehicle turning rotation speed is offset by the driver being able to A) gain information earlier; B) invisible snipe; C) peek-a-boo derp; D) play forward bush scout, depend on team line-ups & map. ARL V39 has better gun handling & mobility than the ARL 44 does. It can spam a 330 damage ACPR shell alpha or a workable HE shell from the 105 mm gun. Gun Depression is similar enough to SAu 40, their play styles are somewhat related: -6/+18. Camo values are slightly better on the ARL V39 than the SAu 40 has. View Range can be maxed out easily on the ARL V39. What's a noticeable change, is the power-to-weight ratio is 17.83. The ARL V39 can flex & flow around the map more like a medium can. A person can work a greater portion of a map, depending on a situation. It's a less passive TD than the SAu 40 can be. If your stinking it up in either the SAu 40 or the ARL V39, then your doing something wrong.
  2. If it was a tournament series at tier 6, there can be more than lemming and focus firing. Depends on the map, mode, numbers of #, peer vehicles allowed in, time on the clock, teammates on your team, tendencies of your opponents' et al. Typically the winner in a tournament is doing something slightly to greatly different than everyone else. Sometimes its focus firing with mass, other times it can be a scouting combined with multiple series of trap games and overlapping pre-determined firing zones. Other times it might be something noticed on a map, no one else has seen before. Depends how much a tournament is worth to the caller(s) in question. Some individuals will spend the time necessary to get it right, if 30k to 100k gold is on the line per individual.
  3. F.Y.I. the matchmaking status of this tank, like all the regular Czech line tanks found from tier 5 to 10, will be nerfed via the matchmaking weighting by +20% if the Test Server notes for Patch 9.14 stay the same. If you seek a slightly easier module grind for any of the Czech regular line vehicle, from tier 5 to 10, I'd suggest doing some before Patch 9.14 arrives.
  4. Since your asking for an opinion? I know some follow a strategic of placing their female crews in tanks or classes which lack premium trainers and/or tend to receive low base experience on average per match. GroundAssault007 for example, has placed multiple female crews in artillery. Why? Zero premium trainers in American, Soviet, German artillery. Low base experience per game is what artillery earns per match. Yet for organized play, Clan Wars/Strongholds/Tournament, many tactics require at least one artillery to break up hard turtles. Most Light tank trees on the other hand frequently have trainers and earn a lot of experience on a per minute basis compared to other classes. That said, a few tier 8+ tiers have crews with a number of three... so you might just have an odd number of female crew left over, and an AMX 13 90 can fit them all in, unlike most mediums/heavies/tank destroyers at the same tier range. In my own case, I wanted a Chinese Heavy female crew for my 110. Presently slow grinding out their 3rd set of skills/perks now in the WZ-111. Supposedly the tier 9 Chinese heavy is rather good for its relative battle tier range. I didn't want to have to retrained a second Chinese heavy crew in the IS-2, so a fresh female crew is working out fine. Separately their been recent talk from Minsk that the Chinese tank tree is awkward to play, and needs something to improve it. Expecting future buffs in the Chinese tree. Also if one glances at average tank win rate statistics at WoT-News.com or any website, mediums are winning above 50% too much. Expecting future nerfs to many tier 8 to 10 mediums vehicles, by December 2016, when Sweden's tree is released.
  5. You have a lot to learn. Even the gold league individuals can be defeated by mid-tier specialists in a given tournament who's reward was 10k gold. It has happened, and will happen.
  6. Based on the changes, I'll at least consider playing in Clan Wars. That said, will have to see if the landing times are earlier, if not then no dice. The little I saw of Clan Wars during a prior campaign with Dread clan, it bought up parallels of tournament teams I organized & called for. Mostly any tactical changes between the tiers were reflected by how things were framed by map, mode, flag placement, time allowed, and vehicles in the peer group range. How a given team deployed greatly was dependent on how a group was forged & how decisions were reached (or not). In some clans no one has calls, its a basically a bob & weave formation. In others, a map & tank peer group are reviewed ahead of time in depth, and only then are vehicles selected whom tankers are attached too. In still other clans, the decision makers set out statistical markers for everyone to meet, and pre-select select a broad group of vehicles almost everyone is expected to own. Like most things in life, social groups can and do vary. In the Tournament scene, tank locking isn't a factor. In Clan Wars, its the opposite. Tournaments, Team Battles modes tend to allow for more scheduling freedom, from the always on feeling which Clan Wars mode tends to demand. Finally recollect, what tier 10 game play means to Wargaming's bottom line: Premium accounts de facto required -- or expect a great amount of net credits losses on average per match over what Premium account holders have. Inferior credit resources at tier 10, lead to more defeats on average over time, compared to average # individuals whom spend $ at some point to play at tier 10. Not to mention inferior crew experience gains, free experience gains, and longer 'grinds'. Tier 6 & 8 Clan Wars modes exist to allow freemium accounts access to organize game play. If World of Tanks is going to continue to stay in business, it needs a healthy amount of freemium players. Otherwise, it'll have $ troubles when the whales move on to other entertainment activities.
  7. Feedback mechanisms are one reason for your 'skill-adjust results' for tier 2 artillery. The German tier 2 is subject to larger R.N.G. factors than the French tier 2 FT BS is. Additionally the smaller map sizes are rather ideal for shorter range tier 2 artillery, than what the the German tier 2 G.Pz IV was designed for. The Pit map rewards lower aim time vehicles & quicker reload cycles greatly. Bit surprised, the Lloyd GC ranks so lowly your results RichardNixon. When was your data taken from? Before or after, the mapping rotation system was altered? Many people have complained about various bottlenecks found on maps used for battle tiers 8 to 11, and yet the very same map situation is perhaps worst at battle tiers 1 to 3 currently. It's a structural weakness by design, which seeks to impose limits upon more mobile vehicles -- I'm argue. Nerf by mapping department. Remember what once was found, on many of the lower battle tier maps? Oh, yes... trees! Where are the trees, on the newest map in the game? Anti-tree-ism appears to be in full swing, for Wargaming Inc. Tree, tree, oh where are you hiding dear tree?
  8. Handy mod, indeed. Almost looks like a copy and pasting, taken from JohnQuicksilver's creation at December 15th 2015. Europeans copying and taking credit from a Russian mod creator? One notable difference is, JohnQuicksilver's mod has multiple trees options with and without a larger selection of premiums vehicles. Ideally if you have a larger screen take the "larger selection": If a smaller screen size, if needed, take the "cut" version. JohnQuicksilver is one of a number of Russian mod creators of tech trees, over at Wargaming official Russian forum. Byka_kg, GrishaVin, DrLivesey each have released similar versions of a horzontal tech tree.
  9. When one keeps on sees the same mutual friends over and over in random pub matches each day, year after year of play -- the thought does arise. Especially after going through a process of friending, unfriending, then re-friending multiple individuals over a long period of time. It's not hard proof per se. However when one considers a series questions related to why did Wargaming Developers previously 'limit' the sum of every person's Blacklist + Friend list? Suggestion being, the combination of a Blacklist + Friend list direct impacts how the matchmaking system operates. If you want to learn how to improve your game, you want to play with better individuals' than you current are. Additionally you seek to avoid playing with individuals who deal team damage and/or actively harm your team systematically. Thus it's a pushing away of those whom actively harm, and pulling in those who active aid or help a team winning. If you care about learning, doing better in terms of winning, there's no foul in acknowledging some individuals are better at things that you yourself are -- yes? In conclusion it's the very opposite, seek out those who have better overall skills & judgment at the battle tier range in question. You'll still have bottom tier matchmaking status as much, however they will be more frequently in your games because Wargaming Inc seeks to promote the social element of this game. Why? Friends tend to keep individuals playing this game longer. It's no accident Wargaming Inc promotes 'Clan' formation, it costs gold recall. What new feature arrived with Patch 9.13? Answer: View Player's Clan profile (e.g. right click a friend list name to see it pop up). It shows all clan members names, a few statistics, plus Stronghold map & times of play. Overall it's an user interface improvement, long overdue. Why does seeing the same people over and over matter in the end? It ends up effecting the a person's feedback cycle, which impacts ones learning curve rate. It's somewhat like a difference between a low alpha shell rapid D.P.M gun hitting a tank, versus a high alpha shell with a long reload cycle hitting the same tank. Point being a many small hits tell a clueless newbie where the enemy is at, more easily than an one time shot does. Its more predictable, for both. What is one measure of how to determine whom is actively harming a team consistently? Or is a very poor learner? (#1) [Individual Personal Rating] minus [1000 * Average Tier played]. That's one measure of how. Definder does rather poorly on this measure. Bot like individuals, and beginners who try to learn this game with tier eight premium vehicles to start with, will do badly on this measurement commonly. (#2) Individuals who deal team damage actively, to anyone on either team. If team mate begins a match by killing a team mate. That's absolutely horrible. (#3) Individuals who causes chaos in the team chat. There's only so much bad mouthing one can take. Point being, is it constructive criticism or is seeking to destroy one's emotional state? If team mates are being supportive. Giving constructive criticism. Great. If team mates are instead actively seeking to destroy their own team's enjoyment of this game. That's where I draw a line in the sand, and Blacklist them for life. Things become more 'gray' when its one of the best of best, having an emotional breakdown and trash talking to harm of their own team. Question is, is it worth it? Fingers giveth, Tongue taketh. Everyone has their own lines in the sand, so to speak. Yeah, I'm not sure if Valan was saying that is a possible WG tweak of MM or something he thinks is in the game, but I haven't heard anything about it, nor seen anything to indicate it's true. To to clear, yes I strongly suspect Blacklist and Friends List are part of the matchmaking system. It'll effect the frequently at which one will or will not, see certain individuals in so-called 'random battles'. Meaning if you do not want to fight your unicum friends' platoon in a random match, check to confirm they are on a different server and/or in a match already BEFORE clicking the 'battle' button. It's no accident many of the top individuals in terms of win rate in the Hall of Fame have done this for years.
  10. Cough, cough... your doing something very wrong if you think all French tier 2 vehicles are shit: Kurio's list is fine, granted it has a few blind spots or omissions on what's workable. For example, zero artillery coverage insight and artillery vehicles do vary in their outcomes even at tier two. Next no discussion of platoon vehicle combinations for the few maps given. That said, the Cruiser III, Cruiser I, Pz II, Pz II Aust D, T2 Med, M2 Light, T1E6, FT BS, Te-Ke and even the unmentioned tier two Czech tank are each excellent. Though, he seems to want to promote the use of low penetration value auto-cannons, auto-loaders a bit too much in my view, given many vehicles have fine alternative guns choices. Nor does he directly discussion the impact of relative 'aim times' for given situations. Yes, armor can and does matter at tier two. But so does vision, camo values, gun depression/elevation, vehicle mobility, a given team's relative deployment, a team's firing angles, alpha per shell et la. Point being Kurio has a preferred playing style, and his given rankings for tier two vehicles reflect those preferences. Did I have any deeds similar to Kurio? Occasionally I'll enter a tier two tournament and do okay calling it. Bit of a time sink herding everyone up, meanwhile preparing for a competition. If your going to do it, make it worth everyone's time. Though granted I was carried a bit further in my stock crew's Japanese Te-Ke win rate than Kurio has in a British Cruiser III. Damage output isn't everything, at the end of the day.
  11. WN8 standards can and do go lower... How low can you go?
  12. Shortly after one hour of Patch 9.13 being, I noticed Fuego_ of Vilin clan was playing the Tier 8 Czech TVP VTU KONCEPT against my tier 8 premiums twice. We split the matches 1-1. He was having a very rough start with it. Separately saw a bunch of people had Free XP'd to the tier 3 Czech tank, when I played a German Pz II. On the other hand, did not see a single Czech tank between battle tiers 4 to 7 in my early morning session. As for me, I'm in no rush to grind up the Czech line. Much rather save my Free XP for modules, and for safety sake if get too busy between now and January 17th deadline to have the British Tier ten medium in my hanger. Basically sick and tired of the Matilda Black Prince and the FV4202P will be a decent replacement premium vehicle to play. The Czech tree has no similar premium medium vehicle up for grabs at the moment, at tier eight.
  13. Others factors to consider, regarding matchmaking on the NA server: 1. Being mutual friends or having an one way 'friend-ing' relationship, is taken into effect by the matchmaking system. If you friend a person, you will see them more frequently in random matches compared to not being a friend. 2. Blacklisting individuals, adds a layer of rules to remove individuals from your teams more frequently than not. However if and when the population is 'low', given the constraints of your server, this Blacklist layer of rules is relaxed more frequently. 3. The matchmaking battle tier range of your vehicle selection does matter, whether you've see less than 15 individuals on a given team. For example, playing in American T34 at 11pm PST on the NA Server can sometimes return teams with only 7 people per team. I had that occur yesterday in fact, on NA West server on Mountain Pass map. Granted it did feel more like a tournament match-up, than a regular random pub match because of the limited numbers of players. Fewer ones teammates, the more teamwork matters. 4. For random matches, the modes you have selected limit or enlarge the population pool whom you queried with, when forming a match. If you have Encounter and Assault modes turned on, you should have a great pool of individuals to pull from and see in a given random match. Whereas if you only have Standard mode enabled, your limited your pool of possible opponents & teammates from a given total population. All this factors are subject to manipulation, by individuals, clans, Wargaming Inc, bots, and various domestic-foreign government agencies. Point being, what you see is not necessarily a random outcome in terms of matchmaking. This is not a good outcome in my point of view. Its too easy to rig things, whatever their various individual and/or group motives maybe. When a competition is seen as rigged by the greater public, little good will come for any gaming companies' product & services. Customers can and do walk away. If you doubt this claim, take a look at various professional sports' associations records, before and after, when 'rigging' becomes known to their audiences. Majority of customers, fans seek and hope for an honest sporting event -- an so called level playing field. Why play or watch if it's a predetermined outcome? Why support that? Data isn't that difficult to find, when one has a personal archive of over 31000+ battle replays on file. There's a good chance, if a person has played random matches on the NA server at some point in time, I've come across them in-game at least once. Granted my sample has a bias of battle tiers 1 to 10, which means it has a blind spot for small amount of people who only play battle tier 10 & 11 vehicles always (e.g. AbsoluteBum et la.) Of course, Wargaming has altered their matchmaking system over time: vehicle battle tier system (e.g. artillery, scouts et la); supposedly sought to stop creating limited premium vehicles. World of Tanks has changed, as we all have changed over time too. A long time ago, when I was a total newbie at the game there was an infamous 'clubber' who drove a T-26 around far too much. What did he suggest doing to avoid some of the faults of the Matchmaking System? Play limited matchmaking vehicle MORE when the low population. Why? To seek to avoid the far too common problem of bottom tier matchmaking status many times in a row. Point being if and when a Server population becomes too low, individuals tend to chose what vehicle to play differently. The traits of a vehicle sought become different, than if a Server population is much higher.
  14. Noticed this 'Developer' gem from Rita's Status Report: In other words, if one had any doubt where power to change this game exists... Russian server polls. Was any other server even asked about this topic question?
  15. Recently I came across a very popular RU Youtube streamer's video that showed two utterly broken ways up to higher elevations which unbalance the map to the advantage of the D2 spawn side. One never sees NA server pub's using these positions, however it's expected there both commonly used on the RU server. Where are they? E3/F3 --> E4 grid | Can spot and snipe. Yes it's exposed. What can get up there? ELC with a push-up. A6 --> A7 grid | Can hull-down, spot, and hit roof armor with ease. It's higher than the ridge line found on Line C. What can get up there? A KV-1 can. Simply put there's almost no where on Line 6 to 7 which will remain unspotted for the team beginning at the D2 spawn. The other team starting at the F9 spawn on Fjords has no positions of similar equal value. Wargaming's map department gave the scouting, sniping edge to the D2 spawn team big time. Fjords map is bad, and has been bad for a long time. Previously Wargaming's map department tried to alter this map by creating a ridge line on Line C to break of some of the effects of invisible sniping. Trouble is it's a corridor map that gives an enemy caller at D2 start all the advantages for attacking & clearing out the North & middle. Which leaves the F9 spawn team left with a choice of: hard camping Lines 9 to 0; lemming blindly to the southern flank as quick possible. If a F9 spawn team rotated to Line A, their screwed. If a F9 spawn team rotated to Line F, their screwed. If a F9 spawn team rotated to North center areas, they'd get picked apart from at least six different positions concurrently. Why? Time moving problem, plus a team spotting differential. Fjords map remains bad.
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