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  1. the whole point to those casual (non-CW) training clans.. including KIMBO is that you usually get to platoon with better players. during the matches you can ask them questions, for tips, etc.. after the match the best question you can ask is "what could I have done better?" LIMBO and JIMBO players are usually more than happy to answer those questions, or at least give you some type of input.. the "training" is the experience, the input, and to be able to self-analyze the match in retrospect, look at what you did compared to the blue/purple.. and see what you can do that they did to impro
  2. just remember, we are always watching (points to the laser dot on juris's forehead)
  3. JIMBO's stat requirements require blue now, the green version is BIMBO. more or less the same as KIMBO is for LIMBO. training players new to clan wars, and those who do not meet the stat requirements for JIMBO. our requirements are the same as KIMBO, 60 day 1600 WN8, 1 tier X
  4. i turn my back for 30 seconds and there are nipples on my thread... oh boy
  5. i been sick and working.. which is never a good mix.. will improve upon the future
  6. New to clan wars? Got decent stats, looking to get better? Don't want the hardcore, in your face nature of big clans? BIMBO.......
  7. he meets the requirements for JIMBO as well. could always try them.
  8. It’s finally here…. BIMBO First there was LIMBO…. then came JIMBO…… then came KIMBO…. The people have spoken and we delivered…. BIMBO is here. The newest member of the JKL mafia, BIMBO is just like it's brother clan JIMBO, but with a minimum WN8 of 1700 to qualify. Minimum Requirements: 1700 WN8 30/60 day 51% 30/60 day win rate At least 3 Tier 10's Minimum 2 Days participation per week Teamspeak 3 Participation while in-game No posting in CR/D Exceptions can be made for exceptional tankers BIMBO will be training with and following in the footsteps of JIMBO. All 4 clans in th
  9. a clan mate on Mechwarrior 4 Mercs told me about it.. kept pestering me to play. After several weeks I finally caved. Unfortunately that friend taught me some terrible habits on here.. habits it took a long time to break. haven't seen him in 2 years.
  10. official forums CR/D.. is that you? seriously..... last i checked this was supposed to be commenting on the OP's question, not a thread for taking shots at people. NUKED disbanded, Sean no longer wanted to run the clan. no different than what happened to multiple other main clans from the old days... and from what i remember.. PBKAC was a rather new clan then. now if we are done bickering and acting immature, how about we get back on topic and continue a constructive thread. leave the shit posting for CR/D. i apologize to sulomon for direction the thread has taken, this was not
  11. oh, you mean land holding like this? or would you like me to reference Clam Wars back during the giant free for all between NUKED, PBKAC, _BAD_, VOLT, and a bunch of others? Of which I was a member of NUKED, holding the entirety of Spain at the time. I would expect a more mature response than the one given. I gave simple opinions.. of which you are more than free to debate. Which would probably be preferred over taking a cheap shot at my clan because of some chip you may or may not have.
  12. not a unicum, but plenty enough clan wars battles under the belt to at least adequately answer some of the questions.
  13. any TD not named the Waffle (clip down a Maus anyone?), FV 183 (this only for 1 shot lulz), e3 (armor front), or e4 (turret) will be a waste of time to be honest after the patch. I don't know what they did (beyond supposedly 'just' removing the camo bonus after a shot) but every TD I have played on test has worse camo after firing than most heavies. With the map changes leaning more and more to brawling with almost no sniping avenues.. what point to grinding a TD line is there? This new WoT is World of (Heavy) tanks.. looks like (to me) we are seeing the days of pre-tier 10 mediums rise a
  14. i say the best way to deal with the bot problem, ban the 44% bads over 5k games. that will get rid of most of them, or at least slow them down.
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