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  1. Maybe i missed it being shown, but how many crew? From the pics, am guessing only 3-4. Visually not bad, but stats wise on paper right now would hard to justify. Will hold judgement for when it comes out.
  2. Russia has 3, all viable in game. Germany has 3, all pretty good. France has 1, seems ok. UK has 1, seems ok. China and Japan currently don't matter with no TD's anyway. From a credits point of view, credits can be made with pretty much any tank. Any premium even more so. However, from a crew training standpoint, Germany and Russia have a HUGE advantage. If someone owns them all, then that crew could potentially get 20x crew training per day with 4 games. For weekends or special days when its 5x for the first game. Even on normal days, its 8x for price of 4 games. Granted, thats not for the entire crew. For the Germans, a couple would get less due to not fitting into the lower tier premiums. Close enough to the same for the Russians. But, all xp would go towards those crew members with less xp when in the tier 10's. Giving the 268, 263, Waffle and Jpze100 a better crew with less effort than the US TD would need. France and the UK are not much better off and could likely do with another premium TD as well. So, anything in the works for something along these lines? I know it would have to be something made up or dug up from the expirimental files more than likely, even more so maybe than what some of the others are. Then again, kinda think each line for each country needs at least 1 premium crew trainer.
  3. Good article. On mine I run the Rammer, Vent and Toolkit. For consumables runnning the Large Repair Kit, Coke (or small repair if running low on supplies) and Large First Aid kit. I do have a spall liner in place of the toolkit on those days when arty is particularly irritatating. The stack of the toolkit, large repair, vent, coke and bia makes for repair times so fast I don't need to use a repair kit. It takes an autoloader to keep it tracked (till it runs out of ammo anyway) or multiple tanks at the same time. Only if multiple modules are damaged or the gun do i bother to repair. The lg first aid helps keep crew a bit safer, except commanders for some reason..... The stack of bia, coke and vent helps others things even if in small ways, it adds up. Run the same set up on the T95.
  4. IS7 was my first 10, maybe a lot of folks first as the line is a solid one from top to bottom. Pretty sure I was orange then, 700-800 ish. Liked it then because its a very forgiving tank, which in T10's is hard to find. For a bad player, ussually a mistake is a death sentence. Often not so with the IS7, its armor and angles will save you from your own stupidity. And for someone who understands those angles, its becomes a solid heavy. Nowadays, I only load APCR and 8-10 HE rounds on it, along w prem repair, auto fire (or rations as the mood strikes) and prem band aids. HE on this is nice as it does enough damage opfor tanks have to pay attention and pisses off side grinders and hull down tanks your having trouble with. An often overlooked factor with many only concerned with damage, and thats potential damage recieved. Every time I am shot while facing the enemy means they are not shooting my teammates and I am keeping them occupied. Had more than my share of 10k+ potential recieved games, while still doing 2k damage. Not much by some standards, but doing whats needed to win. And, my taking the hits allowed the guys behind me to get high damage and "carry" the team. I have no problem with it, its my job, its what I do.
  5. Edited Mt Pass and added Airfield. Some old spots are accessible again. Adding Northwest and maybe others later.
  6. your welcome, thanks to those who showed me the ones I didnt know. some possible routes, just have not explored them lately. recently discovered the pushing ability of a maus, though I expect others w 1k+ hp would do ok, had a maus push my e3 up a hill (unwillingly) that I didn't think it could. which might open up some previously unreachable places that were just out of reach. been busy w CW and life stuff, but ill post up any findings in a few days when I get some time.
  7. For some of a team not to know if a player is doing something they shouldn't I find hard to believe. I knew the mods our player was using, and am guilty of not saying anything, not that they would listen anyway. But there is a certain amount of team responsiblity for each other. I have called out my own team mates for behavior issues, and been put in my place when I was being a jackass. However, for the sake of the discussion, what if one were caught? It could be argued more than one direction. If a pro athlete is caught doping, they alone are punished. But, if a team is doing something (Saints bounties), the team is punished. If it was player only, did the team still profit by it? Or was the team complicit? But yeah, its probably moot until WG has a clear policy and comes out with a punk buster type of program. Without that, the shadow of a doubt will always be there. As to touraments, I kinda consider CW as a long term one as gold is on the line there as well. Not in the amounts of the larger tournaments but its still gold. And this isn't about Sela or -G-, but all clans and all players.
  8. When in my sophmore year in high school, we were having an undefeated season. Halfway in, one of our starters was discovered to be inelgible due to grades and had been the whole season. No idea why it wasn't noticed sooner or if it was covered up till they got caught. All of the wins were wiped, and pretty much killed our season. Of course, in this case it was clearly defined by the rules and they were enforced. WoT is a bit different. There are rules, except the rules provide enouigh grey area to allow questionable mods. And some that seem to be clearly against the rules are seemingly condoned on WoT's own forums. Most clans seem to do a good job at self policing themselves. But what about when it happens in CW. A player would be instantly dealt with from what I have seen for being an ass in pubs let alone in CW. But outright cheating, thats another ball game entirely. Should the clan be punished for its members actions during clan wars if caught cheating? My thoughts are that I think the clan should be punished for the games that the player involved played in. What that punishment should be however, I have no idea. Enough to get their attention to cut out the funny business and make sure its members comply, but not the collegiate death penalty either. I hope none think this is against -G-. Or any clan in particular, the incident with Sela just brought out the subject itself. As we (HARM) had a player get a forum ban for a posted video as well. So, should Clans get punished if a member is caught cheating in CW? And if so, how?
  9. Good deal, you can also make the island on windstorm, just have not put it up yet. Yours is a good spot.
  10. Updated couple maps. Small safety spot on Erlenburg added for the river crossing above the the southern bridge. Multiple new spots on Arctic added, some of these are potentially useful, though tanks need to be about 60 kph to make it up the slope.
  11. So far kinda surprised, though I guess I shouldn't be that there isn't more training. As many have likely platooned, or played on teams together in one fashion or another for quite a while maybe they are beyond it. As a mostly mixed bag clan, our climb is a bit steeper. We have a couple purples and blues, but mostly shades of green and some yellows. Our training involves group movements, concentrated fire, following orders (oddly one of the harder ones) among others. On non CW nights is when we train. On CW nights its landings for the most battles we can get in. Sometimes we get the land, sometimes not. When we do get it, sometimes we hold it for a bit, sometimes not. Seems like we are on the right track, just need to keep plugging away at it. Of course getting individuals to get better would help out, which is being worked on as well. And callers are probably the most important part and hardest to find. As a good caller that can both read the game and clearly call commands is the most important player on the field.
  12. After reading and watching the -G- write up on Rocketbrainsurgeon, along with other previous experiences, I started to think about the how's and why's more in depth. So after reading about -G-, what about the others? Removing the fact that the top clans have better players. That part is a given. But the teamwork involved is impressive. How did it get that way, as TC's in higher tiers are pretty rare barring some event from WG or a clan issues some kind of community wide challenge. Not to mention the points restrictions do not simulate clan wars very well. How often if every do they practice against other clans in training rooms like mock clan wars? How often if ever, and how do they train group movement, concentrated fire and other group elements? When plans are done, are they complete knowing exactly which fire lanes are overlapping for the most guns on target as possible etc? Or do they work exclusively through CW and TC in trials by fire?
  13. Current core, pretty old but functional. AMD X2 220 2.8 ghz 8 gb ram Nvidia GTX 650 2 gb Good deal on old should still work. Would suck to have to decide to upgrage and continue or move on.
  14. Will the new HAVOK engine run decently on older systems or low buck ones? Handle the current one ok, but am concerned about going back to 6-8 FPS in the magic forest again with the upcoming patch. What would be the minimum playable computer standards? Ran fine with onboard gfx, not even sure what it is when I fired started playing. Bought a vid card later and made things better, though the most recent patch dropped my FPS some. Personally over 20 fps is livable, currently in the 40's.
  15. Might consider a percentage rather than a set number, covers if the amount is less or more than expected as well. And a gift card rather than a computer to newegg or some other reputable pc supplier that accepts pp and ships worldwide. Cards save on shipping cost and allows the future owner to design their set up.
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