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  1. Is a house really a home if all your loved ones are gone?
  2. Closing in on 201 Moe's. Yeah, i know i'm pretty damn good just wanted everyone to notice.

  3. You played 79 games in 12 hours averaging 4K?

    Edit: Dammit I screwed up replying to a status update.

  4. Ah... The illusive new pokemon...

    12 hours into our hunt and no sight of 3 mark batchat.

    Will report later with updates



  5. Why is the tvp so hard.. and other tanks so easy.

    20 games in the TVP.. then I switch to 50b

    TVP is gay.PNG

  6. UGLc74Y.jpg

    3 marked the 140 :D



  7. 3 Marked Is7 :D


  8. 3 marked the M48 Patton. :D

    1. Va1heru


      I loved 3 Marking mine, now I cant seem to perform in it. I just feel like a pubbie in it

  9. Spending 2 hours getting off tilt.

    First game back gets tked by our arty. Like what the fuck can I do to not hate this game.


    1. DeltaVolt


      I've found the best thing to do to not hate the game is not to play it :popcorn:

      Just watch others stream it, that way you still get your fix but you get to laught when they get one-shotted by arty. 

    2. Fulcrous


      Platoon with someone fun!

  10. Hello purple posters of Wotlabs! It's been a minute since I've posted here... so sorry to disappoint everyone with a new post. I want to talk about Miracle sessions and improvement. As a player, I only feel like I'm performing well when I'm in a groove/rhythm. I don't know how I get in good rhythms but every now and then it happens. My question is do all players who pull around 3300 Wn8 have these extremely good sessions? I feel fully capable at playing at/near this level all the time and I have no idea if it's external factors such as tilt/frustration which prevent them or If I'm just playing poorly in general. Anyways to all those who've surpassed my plateau whats your key to consistency? To all those who are where I am, do you experience similar "miracle sessions"? Is tank selection the reason I'm performing extraordinarily well? Thank for your time. Here is an example of the sessions I'm talking about.
  11. I mean to be fair eClipse did win the whole thing. That would increase anyone's ego. I think anyone who read CW's recruitment thread on the forums would agree with him though.
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