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  1. +1 Dualmaster Also consider that the 34-3 has the ability to favourably trade 1v1 with heavy tanks (or anything non td its own tier) with the 390 peekaboom alpha. Can't really get a feel for the armour till it goes live. Test gold spam :/
  2. OP watched Anfield's latest M60 clam wars video and thought it was legit?
  3. This is ridiculous. Drive a E100 and with 235 pen you can still hurt tier 10s. It's just about hitting weak spots. Please don't whine about your 250 pen at tier 8...You've just been spoilt till now :/ The tank will perform as good as ever except at tier 9/10 where it shouldn't be on par.
  4. When should we expect the new Chinese prem? 8.7? I'm looking at picking up a fun prem to play with some decent money making potential in the near future.
  5. It's not really a nerf. But moving the turret is kinda annoying...
  6. Deus, you seem to have a decent grasp on the game. What are your thoughts on WoWP? Do you find it as enjoyable as tanks? How different is the learning curve? Have you tried War Thunder? How does it compare, if so?
  7. Troll? If serious, free xp 15cm and load HEAT. Proceed to brawl, angle your tank and turret, hide your lower glacis and side-scrap when you can. Hull down is not a bad option either. Not purple unicorn, but creditials are 58% win rate, just under 2400 avg dpg, 350+ games in it.
  8. All good mate, any chance you know any thing about French TDs?
  9. G'day Guys, Just wondering what equipment I should be running on this TD? I'm only really beginning to delve into TDs after testing the Foch155 on the test and loving it. I like to play my 1946 fairly aggressively. Most commonly, I find myself as a top tier tank and the only 1300+ eff on the team and therefore going to have to pull most of the team's weight. Otherwise, if not top tiered, I'll play the traditional TD role. I am wondering if I should be more focused on vision: Binos + camo or more focused on pure DPM. I currently run Rammer/GLD/Optics. However, I'm
  10. Current goal is to get above 1500 overall WIN7 & Efficiency by 4k battles, and to keep my 60 day stats consistently purple by focusing on earning earning 800+ xp per game and maximising my damage. Maybe also to get my win rate in the solid 53% range.
  11. Is this legit? Can you copy the part where it mentions this out of patch notes?
  12. Definitely going to give this tank a try. Allurai or someone mind linking a game showcasing the T49? And how it should be played.
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