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  1. Legitimately try wot blitz on the windows store. I came back to wot and did a couple of hundred games and got over it but 2k battle into blitz. No arty, 7v7 so you can carry, people talk much less because you can't keep driving while you type, the economy so so much more forgiving, crews don't transfer and skills are universal but don't really matter, no arty, prem ammo does 20% less damage It's basically a microcosm of 1 flank on wot pz. So its pretty easy to dominate the game if you have a solid tank and because theres no arty/vision is far less relevant i think I've had single d
  2. the North American world of tanks forum is absolute grim. Which makes sense since its almost all middle aged Americans.
  3. lads

    after 300 games back on world of tanks and 500 on wot blitz i can safely say blitz is actually much better

    1. Kymrel


      I've never tried Blitz. Care to tell us why?

    2. waga100


      no arty, basically no random deaths or 0 battle games and the economy is functional when you're ftp.

      Basically play insanely aggressively and farm pubs

      downsides are bushes essentially don't do a thing and everybody gets an exact armour penetration model in sniper mode

    3. RC_Tank


      i miss the old meta of winning by attrition

  4. big brain strats intentionally not getting brothers in arms so your stats look more solo pubbed 

    1. Ham_


      I don't accept out of spite

    2. kolni


      I used to suicide to avoid getting it (dropping off cliffs/drowning at last second of game) when RN said that the BIA would be taken into consideration for WN9. 

      On my reroll I had 5k games and maybe 200 of them platooned, 0 BiAs but 8 CCs :doge: 

  5. Why is WG SO bad at modelling terrain. Literally lost a 7k damage game because a patton gunning the engine apparently slides backwards on a 20 degree slope.

  6. Wonder why the bothered making it a medium. Heavy tank armour, Heavy tank gun, heavium mobility.
  7. yeah it uses survival rate and damage blocked as their own stat so it still means fuck all
  8. I'm still waiting for Paris to fuck off and die Dragonridge was such a long time ago i can't really remember how it played but it was never that bad and some vintage maps could be really nice (except never ever old redshire).
  9. if you wan a seesion/day stats thing wotlabs probably isn't the best. I think VBaddict does a thing where you download it and it looks at all your replays in a session and gives you lots of stats and shit on it. Theres also mods which do it in your garage but i havent used them for years.
  10. off topic but i don't think i can think of a single time that the wot meta hasn't been cancer
  11. oh yeah and every low roll to not kill somebody you high roll to get another overall. doing the exact same damage every shot would be more weird than good to be honest but my point was when you low roll and don't kill somebody it feels like you got screwed over a lot more than you accually were.
  12. if somebody is on 400 hp and you have a 400 damage gun theres a half chance that you'll have damage roll that is below average, rolling above average is irreverent because they don't have extra hp and will die to anything 400 and above. When i say low roll i mean literally anything under your average damage. On the graph each side has 50%. You can just guesstimate from there in an actual game. I guess you should always play as if you'll roll low because you'll need a backup plan if you do and its something that seems way more unlucky than it accually is. If somebody is on your average damage p
  13. you just gotta take into account that if somebody is on your average roll in hp theres a 50% chance he'll eat a shot
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