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    waga100 reacted to SaintLaurentius in WoTLabs now uses XVM's WN8 Expected Values   
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    waga100 reacted to brumbarr in The maths of aiming mechanics explored.   
    After a thread on the forums about  aimtime and how it works. I decided I wanted to figure it out exactly. All we know for now is that aim time is the time it take to reduce the aimcircle to 40% its size, dispersion is something that  say show much the circle gets bigger and accuracy is the size of the aimingcircle when fully aimed. However, we do not know  the exact relations between these 2 and how exactly they  influence the size of the aiming circle at all times.
    So thats what I set out to do, finding a mathmatical description of the size of the aimingcircle. The method is simple: measure the size of the aimingcircle for different tanks and speeds in a trainingroom.   Thanks for uglycousin for giving me a second person to set up the trainingroom.
    To measure the size of the circle, first I  did the test driving in the room. Then I watched the replays and paused at certain moments. I then took a screenshot of  my whole screen, makign sure I was always in 8x zoom. Then I took those screenshots into paint and measured the circle diameter in pixels.
    I will now describe the process and results of my investigation. But if you dont want to read that, scroll down tot he conclusion on the bottom.
    Disclaimer: the following formulas are NOT what WG uses, I made a linear  model that describes the size of the aimingcircle as close as possible. 
    Aiming circle bloom

    I assumed there where 3 variables that had an influence on bloom: speed, dispersion and accuray. I tried to do test in which I held 2 variables constant to  see the influence of 1.

     I started  with gathering data of 2 different dispersion numbers for which I picked 4 tanks with different accuracy and measured the size at each speedincrease of 10 untill 50 kph.
    These are the raw results:


    From that I made a graph of the dispersion in function of speed , and calculated the gradient  of the graph assuming linear increase.  Then obviously  the  aiming circle size = C*v+accuracy.

    With V=speed and C being the gradient, which consist of unknown  factors. To check the linear approach was decent I plotted the model and experiment:

    As you can see the linear approach to the speed factor isnt perfect but not massivly different, only in the middle it differs.  I am happy enough with this.

    Now we need to determine what the C factor consist off. Since there are only 2 variables left, it has to consist dispersion or/and accuracy components.

    As you can see in the data, with the same dispersion numbers, the aiming circle fort he same speed is bigger when the accuracy is bigger.  So there has to be an accuracy factor in C,  which is proportional to accuracy.   
    Here you can see accuracy vs circle size:

    As you can see, the increase isnt marginal. We can now rewrite our formula as:


    With D an unknown factor containing dispersion in some form.  As we can see, size of aiming circle is directly proportional to accuracy. So an increase in accuracy of 25% will results in 25% better gun handling.  This is why the E50/E50M have such amazing gun handling , their dispersion isnt great , but good, but due to the very good accuracy their gun handling is much better than at first glance.  The WZ-132-1 has the exact same dispersion values, so you would think the gun handling would bet he same, but no, since it has 33% worse accuracy is will have 33% worse gun handling, which is massive! Thats more than a vstab! 

    Next task is determining the factor D. The only  variable left is dispersion, so I tested different tanks with differnt dispersion at the same speed, their accuracy was different, but thats fine, sicne we can normalise for that.    These numbers showed that the factor D was proportional to the dispersion values, so D=c*dispersion, with c an unknow constant.

    Now the formula looks like this:


    Determining c was done by plottign the experminetal result and  trying some numbers until the model best fits the experiment. I took c=0.68.

    The influence of dispersion can be see in this graph:

    Now we have a formula that gives a perfect description of aiming circle size in function of all variables.  Next up is determing a  the time it takes fort he circle to shrink, or the actuall aiming time for the tank.

    Aiming time:

    We know aiming time is the time it takes fort he circle to shrink by 60% its startign size.

     So we can write:
    S1=S2*(4/10)^(t/T) with T=aiming time, S1 size after time t, S2= starting size.

    Solving this for t we get: t=T*(log(S1/S2)/log(4/10)).

      We can now determine the time it take from any speed to reach any size we want.

    To determe the time it takes to fully aim, jsut replace S1 by the accuracy of the gun. Note this time is independant of accuracy! ( which is logical, since it needs to go to  a smaller circle but also does it faster, these 2 cancel out)
    Plotting this for 3 different tank in fucntion of time comming to a stop from a speed of 50 (40 for conway) we get:

    Influence of equipment/skills etc.

    Now that we have every formula we need we can quantify the influence of equipment/skills/directives/modules. To do so simply multiply the variable that gets influenced by (1-0,01*improvement in %). Dispersion values only get influenced by vstabs and the smooth ride skill.Other equipment only influences the accuracy value.

     Note that the same improvement to acc or dispersion results in a bigger improvement in size for what improves acc than what improves dispersion. Vstabs for example do not make the size of the circle shrink by 20%, they make the increase in size  less by 20%.
    Lets take a look at a common dillema:vstabs vs gun laying drive, lets try this on 2 different tanks:

    We can clearly see what the difference in vstab and gld is, vstab makes the circle smaller, so you start smaller but the decrease is still the same, gld starts at a bigger size but then starts to decrease faster, catching up tot the vstabs. In the BCs case, the time to fully aim is actually lower when equiping gld than when equiping vstabs.

    Mathmaticly, gld decrease the total time to aim by 10%,  whereas vstabs decrease the total time to aim by subtracting 20% *initial size. To know wether vstabs or gld is better depends on the tank and how much you want to aim, you can determine this by pluggin in the numbers and plotting it for each vehicle, sicne i twill be different for each.
    As general rules however, these apply:

    ·      - Bad dispersion + bad aimtime:

     Vstab better, unless you  fully aim from full speed.
    ·     -  Bad dispersion + good aimtime

    :Vstab better, unless at high speed when fully aiming.
    ·       -Good dispersion + bad aimtime

    :Vstabs always superior
    ·       -Good aimtime + good dispersion

    :Vstabs always superior


    Conclusion and TLDR:

    ·      - Accuracy has a massive  influence on aiming circle size on the move, they are proportional.

    ·      - Aiming circle size is proportional to speed/dispersion.

    ·       -To determine what gun has better actual gun handling: multply accuracy with dispersion, the lower the numbers the better the gun handling.

    ·     -  Size of aiming circle= Acc(0.68*d*v+1)

    ·      - Time to fully aim = Aiming time*(-log(0.68*d*v+1)/log(4/10))

    ·      - Vstabs is superior to gld in most situations.

    ·     -  Influencing accuracy gives a better boost than influencing dispersion values.

    Whats next?

    Next up I need to investigate how turning the turret and hull   effect dipsersion and work with the above formulas.

     I wil also try to combine this with  my previous thread where I determined shot distribution in the aiming circle, then I can plot change to hit a target vs time and determine the optimal time to shoot.

    I hope you enjoyed the read and that i twill help you  determinign how a tank will perform. I hope that youtubers do become aware that accuracy has a massive influence over dispersion, as  currently reviews are misleading since they dont know what actually effects gun handling. Spread the word!
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    waga100 reacted to Fulcrous in AW coming to Steam   
    Tanks has the potential to be largely popular in North America.
    The only things in the way of its potential are:
    Advertisements. They're shit. Seriously. I'm not even interested and it looks nothing like the gameplay (if it even shows it at all in some ads) Poorly received/shit e-sports scene. Basically from what I know, ESL has been pocketing quite a bit of change and have basically been producing WGL on minimal funds. The early game itself and the perpetual credit sink. This is pretty much self-explanatory when you look at population retention over time. RNG. Notice how the best/most popular games (barring TCGs, they don't count!) have little to no RNG involved and even if they do, it can be dealt with. Game balance. Self explanatory. 5A/Super Conq/High Alpha TDs. I personally think arty itself is a good and rather unique mechanic but ultimately fails because of things like XVM/Tunnel-vision. Tweaks can obviously be made. Map Design. Self explanatory. Devs don't even play the game much less at a respectable level. Pay to win content. EVERYONE hates it. Even more so in North America. Self explanatory again. Marketing - see e-sports/additional thoughts. A playerbase that absolutely hates the 1%. This can be argued both WG and 1%'s fault due to a lack of succinct punishment. Lenient rules - any example of griefing is relevant here. Whatever else I missed. Which is admittedly a lot of things.
    I feel like the e-sports (more like competitive hobby for tanks) scene and marketing are the real kicker.
    World of Tanks fails to use e-sports properly to introduce existing and new prospects into the game.
    First you actually need to have a league that has been standardized. Virtually every WGL format that I am aware of has had some variation to the format and has failed to be consistent for more than the annual seasons. Not only does this turn off the public because the format is constantly changing but also professional teams (see virtus pro / mouse esports / fnatic / etc). If you cannot have a professional team interested, the game will most likely not be successful. There are niche games that do not have any professional teams (i.e. Runescape's Deadman Invitational) that still manages to bring in a metric shit ton of viewers and prospects to the game.
    Second, league format has to resemble public game format. If it doesn't match in any way shape or form, then the general populace is unable to formulate a general understanding of what is going on. Look at CSGO/LoL/DoTA/OW/SC/etc. Every successful competitive game has exactly the same format - although there may be minute variations - i.e. banning).
    Third... you know what. I'm going to just stop this little rant xd.
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    waga100 got a reaction from Archaic_One in Dragon Ridge Map   
    I'm still waiting for Paris to fuck off and die
    Dragonridge was such a long time ago i can't really remember how it played but it was never that bad and some vintage maps could be really nice (except never ever old redshire).
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    waga100 got a reaction from Tarski in Dragon Ridge Map   
    I'm still waiting for Paris to fuck off and die
    Dragonridge was such a long time ago i can't really remember how it played but it was never that bad and some vintage maps could be really nice (except never ever old redshire).
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    waga100 got a reaction from Inciatus in Dragon Ridge Map   
    I'm still waiting for Paris to fuck off and die
    Dragonridge was such a long time ago i can't really remember how it played but it was never that bad and some vintage maps could be really nice (except never ever old redshire).
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    waga100 got a reaction from nabucodonsor in Dragon Ridge Map   
    I'm still waiting for Paris to fuck off and die
    Dragonridge was such a long time ago i can't really remember how it played but it was never that bad and some vintage maps could be really nice (except never ever old redshire).
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    waga100 got a reaction from monjardin in Dragon Ridge Map   
    I'm still waiting for Paris to fuck off and die
    Dragonridge was such a long time ago i can't really remember how it played but it was never that bad and some vintage maps could be really nice (except never ever old redshire).
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    waga100 reacted to HowitzerBlitzer in New to the forums here (WoT forums refugee)   
    At least colour him purple, he makes us look like a bunch of permagreens!
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    waga100 got a reaction from canadiantrex in Any thoughts on the TD line?   
    off topic but i don't think i can think of a single time that the wot meta hasn't been cancer
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    waga100 reacted to Never in Absence and going forward   
    Hi everyone,
    So it's been a few months since I pretty much disappeared from WoTLabs, only coming back every once in a while to give a quick update to the WN8 expected stats or something like that.
    In this time I've basically had to shift almost all my focus to real life. In early 2017 I graduated from University and got my diploma. With that finally out of the way I could start working on getting my condo in "home" condition. If you've been here long enough, you might remember when I got the keys to my new (at the time) condo. Thing is, since I put everything I had saved into just getting it, since then I've been living in makeshift conditions, with cheap furniture and old appliances I got from family members in order to pay for my degree.
    Now that it's finally over with, I got my renovation project underway and after months of literal blood and sweat, it's finally nearing completion. In the meantime I've played some games but nothing that stuck. WoT is somewhat in the past for me now, haven't played it in months and still haven't felt like playing it again. Maybe in the future...
    Which leads me to WoTLabs...
    Now, WoTLabs is gonna be online and updated for as long as it pays for itself. Even if I disappear, I'm still keeping it up, adding new tanks. I want to get the new v31 expected values thing up and running (if someone can give me a hand I appreciate it). So don't worry, WoTLabs will be here, even if I'm not.
    That's all for now, thanks everyone for the support!
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    waga100 got a reaction from BlackAdder in So im not funny   
    now this is shitposting

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    waga100 reacted to HS5 in Tracking of average server winrate over time   
    In other words, in every game there are 15 players that win, and 15 players that lose, unless it's a draw when 30 players lose. There are probably more players during weekends, and probably also less active players play mostly on weekend, so it might be that general player quality goes down a bit. But that does not have any effect on server win rate. If you mean average win rate of players playing at certain time, then yes that could be lower during the weekends. But to be honest huge majority of players are so bad that I don't see any difference. And by all logic you should be winning more, not less, if there are more bad players around.
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    waga100 reacted to Vampiresbane in For the Emperor!   
    I don't know if "sound decision" and Wargaming should be used in the same sentence or paragraph.  If they keep these WH tanks on Blitz, that's fine.  I dread the day anything of that ilk comes to WoT itself.  That'll be the final nail in the coffin for me.  That or when Camelot Unchained finally comes out. 
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    waga100 reacted to OttoT in WOTlabs TS or how to be lonely with other people online   
    So I use the WOTlabs TS with some frequency.  I have seen any number of people who I have never met. Kind of like a dating game where no one wants to mingle.
    I know every one shows up with the date or the date is meeting them later.  However please feel free to stop by while i am in the general chat/looking for platoon channel. I am ever so lonely waiting for my steady platoon mates. I do not bite unless paid. I also shower often and Im not all bad.
    How ever if you do invite me to a toon and force me into tier 6 the jokes on you I use a 3 inch howitzer on the Cromwell.
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    waga100 reacted to monjardin in I hope this is the right place to ask. How do I play my E-75 on Fiery Salient and Maliknova   
    That thread has the exact same question. OP was even specifically asking about the E75.
    Other related threads:
    As for Maliknova, hug the edge and get to the top of the hill.
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    waga100 reacted to SmyleeRage in What do I do with my losing streak   
    Just from a quick look at your overall stats I can tell quite a few things that would overall improve your performance.
    1. Take a break or switch servers when losing 3-4 games in a row because once the losing streak has started it's easier to keep it rolling than stopping it by continuously playing in hopes of winning continuously mostly due to the fact your state of mind has darkened from those loses you will start thinking differently or even lose focus/sight of things you would easily read in a calming state. 
    2. Their are two tanks you have a positive winrate in with more than 200 battles Rudy & T26E4 why is that do you play these tanks any differently maybe like them more than your others?
    3.  Tank choice! This is really important considering you are still quite new to the game the fact that you choose the TVP as your first tier 10 was probably are really big mistake, This tank requires quite a lot of skill/experince to play even decent let alone amazingly, It has no armor and is top tier in a meta of super heavies and you're still new so all of this combined together really equals your winrate in a nutshell after looking through and thinking about everything it really makes sense why your win rate is so low.
    #3 is not to insult you I'm just stating facts I've been coaching people in this game for almost 3 years now and tbh all this looks like to me is wrong line choices you are going down the E100/Type 5 lines and just finished your TVP line all three of these lines IMO are not good for beginners at this game I recommend something like the Russian/American Medium/Heavy lines would be better these lines are better at flexing have a enough armor to work with and good guns unlike the lines you have been grinding two of them E100/Type 5 can't flex which means if you make a mistake deploying in the beginning of the match you've already personally lost and the TVP is a high ceiling glass cannon that even I still haven't Mastered fully Please rethink your tank lines and maybe not play your tvp until you have actually played more tier 8-9 games I don't recommend people even touch their tier 10s as much as you had under 10k battles unless they're highly gifted at this game Tier 10 is really hard and it takes quite sometime to get into pace yourself or else you will end up quitting  out of frustration like so many others not understanding that 5K battles in this game is nothing compared to the average 30k people have now a days.
    Sorry don't have time for grammar I'm quite busy just looked at this post and felt I needed to put my 0.02 in
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    waga100 reacted to hall0 in Waffenträger auf E 100 (P): OHH MY GOOOD   

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    waga100 got a reaction from monjardin in bluenicum that has plateaued since 2013 100% MOE's a hipster tier 7 tank   
    overall had 1570 dpg and 400 spotting, 64% wr mostly solo overall. Such a relaxing tank you just use 10 degrees of gun depression to play as a second line med and farm tier 7 pubs. Plays pretty similar no matter the tier as well because you never want to get shot anybody and american god apcr
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    waga100 got a reaction from Archaic_One in bluenicum that has plateaued since 2013 100% MOE's a hipster tier 7 tank   
    overall had 1570 dpg and 400 spotting, 64% wr mostly solo overall. Such a relaxing tank you just use 10 degrees of gun depression to play as a second line med and farm tier 7 pubs. Plays pretty similar no matter the tier as well because you never want to get shot anybody and american god apcr
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    waga100 got a reaction from BlackAdder in M.O.E on Test Server   
    was it the amx 30b
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    waga100 reacted to RC_Tank in 9.19.1 - The Great Russian Rebalance^TM   
    Maus got buffed?

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    waga100 reacted to xWulffx in Trump crushed it   
    Best speech I've seen since Reagan and watching Nancy Pelosi squirm with that look on her face like somebody dropped a house on her sister was priceless!

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    waga100 reacted to KenadianCSJ in Trump crushed it   
    K. How bout that no politics thing though
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